It is always great to spend time outdoors, especially when the weather is perfect. Just sitting and watching your Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020garden live and breathe within its own ecosystem, relaxing while the children play, enjoying a summer brunch or some drinks with good company, or just sunbathing or catching up on some ‘me time’ are all amazing ways to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

While being outdoors, whether on the patio, in the garden, on the porch, the backyard, or wherever you may be, you need a place to relax and sit comfortably. A perfect seating arrangement makes a world of difference to your special time. That is where patio sets come in.

There are different types and styles of patio sets for people to choose from. The main function of a good quality patio set is to allow you to take a break from your everyday chaos, rest a while or read and enjoy a non-strenuous day outside.

Besides this though the kind of furniture you lounge on also makes a lot of difference. With time, furniture designs have evolved and there are a ton of changes in patio furniture too. One of the most popular designs is the 5-piece patio set, which is ideal for a small and large family alike.

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Advantages of 5 piece Patio Set

There are many advantages to having a 5-piece patio set. Here are a few:Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020


The 5 piece patio sets can seat four people comfortably. An average patio chair can hold about 260 pounds depending on the make, style, type and manufacturer. The table can fit light snacks or drinks for all four seated or enough space for a board- or card game, books, newspapers etc.


The 5-piece patio set is a perfect show-stopping piece that divides off a portion of your patio into a cozy seating area. A 5-piece set usually comes with a comfortable seating arrangement for four people and a coffee table. Put together it looks beautiful and improves the aesthetics of you outdoors.

Low Maintenance

As patio furniture is out and exposed to the elements most times, it is designed and engineered to look as good as new with little effort. All you have to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth or wash with a mild detergent if necessary and you are good to go. For added care, a touch of wax or water resistant paint (depending on the material) will make it look new for much longer periods of time.


Since the five piece set, barring probably two are separate, you can place them in various formations and settings to suit your style. You may even get different colored covers to change the entire look of the set up, allowing you the luxury of completely different looks in various combinations.

DurableTop 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020

Outdoor patio furniture is made to last. It is sturdy, hardy and last for years without waning. Many manufacturers offer quality products and back their products with warranties to support it. All patio furniture can go the extra mile when taken care of. If you look after your furniture well, it could last a minimum of 10 years or more.

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Types of 5 piece Patio Set

5 piece patio furniture sets come in a variety of types with their own separate advantages. Some of the types are:


The patio furniture in plastic form is the more affordable forms available and the most versatile in terms of color and style. The furniture is light and easily moveable to different areas in the garden or patio and separate pieces move easily to change design as well. They are also hardy so won’t be damaged easily. It does tend to scruff and collect visible dirt more easily though, so you need to clean it from time to time. Depending on the quality, some may not be able to handle too much weight, so always opt for the best quality.


Different types of wood have different results outdoors. Make sure you choose a durable one that does not weather easily. Wooden furniture looks very classy, elegant and pairs well a green lawn, tiled or wooden flooring. Certain woods crack in harsh weather, as they do not have the space to expand or contract, so be very careful when choosing the wood. Also, heavier woods are more difficult to move so if you constantly re-arrange your patio, heavy wood may not be apt for you.Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020


Metals like aluminum are mainly used for outdoor patio furniture as they are non ferrous and will not rust. Other great metals used are high quality steel or wrought iron. It is a great addition to any backyard or patio with its flowing design and classy medieval look. This material is highly durable, but prone to discoloration, peeling or moss and can be heavy. It is best to paste wax it to make it water resistant and increase its shelf life.

Wicker / Rattan

Wicker and rattan are often confused as the same thing, but they are quite different from each other. Rattan comes from a palm, while wicker is made from various natural materials (rattan included) like cane, bamboo, etc. Rattan is known to be a strong material whereas wicker will differ depending on the material used. Both make beautiful furniture pieces, but it is best to paint it with a weatherproof coat in order to increase its shelf life.

Features of 5 piece Patio Set

Five piece patio sets are not just about beauty and esthetics, but they encompass a variety of features and functionality. Some of the top features are:


Being outdoors most of the time, your patio furniture is meant to brave rain and shine. Most indoor furniture fades in the sunlight or rots away in the rain. A good quality patio set is engineered and designed to be fade-proof, UV resistant and waterproof as well.Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020

Heat Retention

Besides being waterproof, it is important that your 5-piece patio set is heat resistant as well. You would hate for your family or guests to sit on something that is a scorching temperature. That is exactly what happens when some things are left out in the sun too long. Hence, many manufacturers are coming up with heat resistant materials that do not soak up the entire energy of the sun in one place!

FAQs of 5 piece Patio Set

Is it okay to leave my 5-piece patio furniture set out in any weather?

Great patio furniture sets are designed to take on sun, rain or snow. Depending on the make you buy, check for the weather condition warnings and store your furniture accordingly. In some cases, you may have to store the cushions indoors, but the frames can remain outdoors. Most can take on any weather in its stride and good quality heavy-duty furniture will not fly off in the wind.

Is wicker or rattan a better idea?

Rattan has a stronger core and hence is a bit better than wicker. You need to be careful what material wicker is made from. Rattan is also available in a variety of natural colors and is more versatile and durable than general wicker.

How do I choose the best material for my 5-piece patio set?

There are a few things notes to check and questions to answer when looking for patio furniture. What is the weather Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets - Guide & Reviews for 2020like where you live? In what area do you want to put the patio furniture? Is it a covered space? Is it a garden? Is it tiled? Is it an open terrace? Based on the answers to these questions, you will know whether to focus on sun, snow, rain, due, mildew, bugs, wind, etc. and also the style of the set, in order to make an informed decision.

Can I cover my patio furniture?

Yes you can. Patio furniture is meant to last a long time, but with additional care, it can last a lot longer. Regular tarp can allow moisture to build under it and ruin your furniture though. Make sure you use mildew resistant tarps or allow for ventilation whenever or wherever feasible.

Is patio furniture uncomfortable?

Depending on your design, not at all. Besides, you can add some beautiful back cushions, throws and other soft elements to make it even more comfortable and cozier. The design aspects can be totally changed and amped up to your discretion.

Top 15 Five Piece Patio Sets in 2022

Picture Name Features Rating
Picture Name Features Rating
Wisteria Lane 1. Wisteria Lane
Water Resistant Cushions 4.8
Tuoze 2. Tuoze
Height Adjustable Screws 4.7
Alexandra by Mainstays 3. Alexandra by Mainstays
Easy On / Off Sling Back Clip 4.7
The Traditions Dining Collection by Hanover 4. The Traditions Dining Collection by Hanover
Easy Assembly 4.6
Complementary Socket Wrench 4.6
Devoko 6. Devoko
Multi Sectional Sofa Set 4.5
Best Choice Products 7. Best Choice Products
No Assembly Required 4.5
Wood finish for a sleek look 4.4
Vongrasig 9. Vongrasig
Washable and spill resistant material 4.3
Green4ever 10. Green4ever
Weather resistant rattan 4.3
B Baijiawei 11. B Baijiawei
UV Resistant 4.2
Lokatse Home 12. Lokatse Home
Strong and durable frame 4.1
Sophia & William 13. Sophia & William
7 Level Backrest Tilt 4.0
Waleaf 14. Waleaf
Removable Tempered Glass 4.0
Walsunny 15. Walsunny
Machine Washable Covers 3.9

1. Wisteria Lane

This beautiful 5-piece patio set is a beautiful petite décor statement that would work great on a patio, garden, terrace, Wisteria Laneetc. Wisteria Lane concentrates on high quality products and this 5-piece patio set is no different and is the perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Style and Design

The chairs are wide and deep with ergonomic armrests and seat backs that allow for relaxed and comfortable seating.

The slight bend on each side of the table allows for a little more legroom. This allows you to sit closer to the table to reach your drinks and snacks more easily. The small shelf under the table is perfect for storing the latest magazines, the day’s newspaper, some books or even board- or card games to play. This is perfect if you are looking for a family space, like your living room, but outdoors.

The tempered glass is easy to clean, and provides a smooth surface to rest plates, glasses or centerpieces and vases, for a touch of beauty.

Material & Comfort

The frame is made from strong galvanized steel that is further covered with hand woven PE rattan that is weather resistant. The fabric used is rattan and features a beautiful design of two dark greys, interweaved, while the cushions compliment with a contrast lighter grey.


The galvanized steel does not rust and the commercial grade rattan is fray and peel resistant.

The sofa has a thick, higher cushion that is sponge padded and water resistant. The cushions have removable covers and the weather resistant rattan wicker and tempered glass is easy to clean and dry off with a cloth.

Additional Information

Instructions are provided for easy assembly. If there are any problems, a professional customer service team will be available to help you in any way possible.

Product Highlights

2. Tuoze

Tuoze is one of the well-known names in high quality outdoor furniture. They feature a lot of beautiful design that Tuozeare pleasing on the eye yet sturdy. This wonderfully thought out design changes your space completely whenever guests come over, to produce different seating arrangements according to the group and activities.

Style and Design

The set comes with 2 corner chairs, 1 armless chair, 1 ottoman, 1 coffee table, and 1 tempered glass to fit on top of the coffee table, 9 cushions and two small throw pillows.

The four separate seats can be placed in different combinations. The sofa has height adjustable screws that balance them and secures it on uneven ground. The assembly is easy and can be put together at home.

The coffee table is simple, petite and compact and compliments the entire set beautifully.

Material & Comfort

High quality PE rattan wicker (dark brown) is used on a strong metal frame structure for amazing stability. Both are really strong, water resistant and highly durable for outdoors weather conditions.

The seat cushions and back cushions are made with a thick, high density foam sponge for added comfort while the cushion covers are made of a washable fabric that is also durable.


The suction cups allow for space to easily pull the glass top in order to clean the underside. The pieces of the set are light enough to move around and set up in different positions.

The coffee table has a tempered glass that can be removed. It is kept in place with four rubber suction cups at each corner of the table. Besides a perfect anti slide function, it also provides a buffer between the glass and the table that increases bearing capacity.

Additional Information

The patio set is a quality product and if you are not satisfied with it or have any issues, there will either be a free replacement or a complete refund within 30 days. Certain parts that need to be replaced can be replaced within 6 months. All you have to do is get in touch with the company and they will respond as soon as possible.

Product Highlights

3. Alexandra by Mainstays

The Alexandra by Mainstays is a simple and minimalistic design that can be used by four people for breakfast, lunch,Alexandra by Mainstays tea, dinners or drinks outdoors.

Style and Design

This 5-piece patio set from Alexandra by Mainstays has four separate chairs with a taller, square dining table with a tempered glass table – top. This 5-piece set also has four tall armchairs for each side of the table with grey leaves on the cushions. The cushions are printed for outdoor use and fit perfectly into the arch of your back for superior comfort and back strengthening. The seat cushions are soft yet firm and comfortable to sit on for hours.

Material & Comfort

The entire set has a powder coated steel frame. This allows for it to be weatherproof, avoids chips and rust and looks as good as new for years.

The cushions are filled with 100 percent polyester. Alexandra by Mainstays is highly durable and great quality. The chair back is a sling – back made of polyester with a polyvinyl coating, faux wicker. It is comfortable as it is stretched and very cooling with tiny air vents. The back is a woven faux wicker.


The Alexandra 5 piece patio set by Mainstays is easy to care for and can be cleaned with a simple solution of mild soap and water. Excess moisture can be wiped off with a dry towel. After that, the dampness can air dry. Do not use bleach or other strong solvents, as they will damage the material. The sling back can be cleaned easily as it comes with an easy on or off clip.

Additional information

The product comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Product Highlights

4. The Traditions Dining Collection by Hanover

This collection from Hanover uses elegant design and craftsmanship to turn your space into a grand, artistic relaxingThe Traditions Dining Collection by Hanover area with a touch of warm rustic charm.

Style and Design

The 5-piece set has four heavy-duty cast aluminum chairs in brushed bronze and a 48-inch heavy duty cast aluminum dining table in a round shape.

Each chair can take a weight capacity of about 250 lbs.

These pieces work well in various settings as each piece can be moved around individually. They also pair well with a variety of other outdoor patio furniture in this series. There are other tables that seat 12 or a beautiful fireplace piece or more chairs (including stationary chairs) that can also be purchased separately to add to this design.

The table has a full cast top while all the chairs have open cast swirl accents across the backrests to give you an opulent medieval look to any space you set it in. You can add a top to the table if needed so that it can have better stability for drinks, etc. It would be ideal to add a see – through top so that the beautiful design is not hidden.

Material & Comfort

The cushions come in three colors that accentuate the piece well in different seasons: Autumn Berry, Blue and Natural Oat. The chairs swivel a full 360 degrees and gently rock as well for that amazing unique comfort, relaxation and ease in movement when talking to people in other directions.

The cushions have soft padding to complete the entire comfortable design.


Aluminum is non ferrous and hence does not rust. The frames are also UV protected and polished with a weatherproof material that wards off moisture. Sets like these last years with no major issues. The entire combination makes it weather proof for all year use. The entire set is easy to clean with water. And the cushions dry very quickly.

Additional Information

Hanover has a customer service center with a team that will respond in 24 hours to any queries or problems you may have for replacement parts, etc.

Product Highlights

5. U-MAX

The U-MAX 5 piece patio set is perfect for the poolside or garden area, to just get comfortable, relax, read, or sip on U-MAXyour favourite drink. It comes with two ottomans that can be used as footrests or small stool to sit on.

Style and Design

This 5 piece patio set from U-MAX comes with 2 armchairs, 2 ottomans, 1 small coffee table with a 0.2 inch tempered glass, seat cushions and backrests, an instruction manual and a socket wrench. It is ideal for two people, but can seat four comfortably.

The look is clean and modern, but comfortable enough to look like a cozy armchair in your living room.

The chairs can take a weight capacity of about 320 lbs. The armchairs have a slightly tilted backrest. This ergonomic design provides a comfortable curve to your back.

The side table is raised to an optimal height near the armchairs, so that you can easily reach things kept on it.

Material & Comfort

The material used for the chairs and table is high quality, hand woven, weather resistant PE rattan with a powder coated natural rattan looking steel frame that is rust resistant.

The upright cotton cushions are resilient, breathable and comfortable on the armchairs and the ottomans. The rattan is a dark brown color while the cushions are tan.


Since the cushions are spill-proof covers with zippers, and the glass top can be removed from the suction cups, making it much easier to clean.

The 4-inch, padded cushions are upright cotton and dry quickly. They also have fade and water resistant cushion covers, but it is advisable to move the cushions indoors during heavy rain. It is spill-proof though and a light liquid will not soak through, while the colors stay vibrant for years.

Additional information

The set is easy to assemble and can be put together in 20 – 40 minutes with the required two people.

Product Highlights

6. Devoko

The Devoko can change any outdoor space to a beautiful sit-out with comfort and style. It is suitable for lounge onDevoko and rest after a swim or enjoying a sunny day outdoors. Devoko provides a quality product that can seat up to 5 people comfortably, depending on the set.

Style and Design

The Devoko can be split and moved around to arrange all four sections into various combinations of sit-outs, depending on the company or the activity involved. The set contains 2 corner chairs, 1 chair with a backrest, 1 ottoman, 1 coffee table with a glass top, 9 cushions, 2 throw pillows, an installation book and installation tools.

The set is very easy to install, directly outdoors.

Material & Comfort

The Devoko 5 piece patio set has a solid, protected steel frame, a high quality woven dark brown PE rattan wicker, tempered glass and thick, soft, washable cushions with high density foam that can take on all weather conditions in its stride.

The foam cushions are soft and firm, perfect for lounging on pleasant days with a book or a pet.


The tempered glass rests with a buffer of four rubber suction cups. This allows the glass to be removed smoothly and cleaned properly.

Although weatherproof, it is best to store the patio set indoors or cover it up, properly ventilated when not in use for long periods of time so as to increase the shelf life of the product.

Additional Information

Installation tools, an instructional manual and the five pieces come in two separate boxes. If in case only one box arrives, the other should be on its way and can be tracked online. If you have any issues, you can feel free to call them and they will be very helpful.

Product Highlights

7. Best Choice Products

This patio set from Best Choice Products is a conversational set to sit, talk or read with someone. It comes with a side Best Choice Productstable for books, drinks, etc.

Style and Design

This 5-piece patio set from Best Choice Products has a set of two armchairs, two ottomans, a table, two seat cushions and two ottoman cushions.

The chairs can hold a weight capacity of 250 lbs while the weight capacity of the ottoman is 100 lbs. The top of the table detaches to form a serving tray. In doing so, it opens up a part of the table that can be used for outdoor patio storage.

The Ottomans fit directly under the chairs when not in use. This gives it a cleaner look and saves space as well. You can either use the ottomans to stretch and relax, keep them in when dining or talking or use them by themselves as seating arrangements when more people need the space to sit.

Material & Comfort

The wicker is made from polyester and can brave any weather. The cushions are available in two colors, red and brown.


The cushions are weather resistant and UV resistant as well. This will make sure that the color will stay bright and new for years. Since polyester is a very light and low maintenance product. It can be carried around easily and withstand rain or snow

There is no assembly required whatsoever with this product. It can be removed from the box and used directly, as is.

This product is shipped in two boxes that may come at different times. So if you receive one box, just check the tracking number for the other.

Additional Information

This product may expose you to certain chemicals like Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP). By the state of California, it is known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive problems. Always make sure that you are informed. More information can be found on:

Product Highlights


This dining set is a beautifully designed metal piece with either a square or prismatic grid designed back. It worksPHIVILLA well indoors, as well as outdoors, is sturdy and has an easy swivel mechanism. It is perfect for people either at breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea or dinner.

Style and Design

The PHIVILLA 5 piece patio set comes with four chairs and a square table and an umbrella hole in the table.

All four chairs swivel at 360 degrees, allowing you to talk easily while also giving to access to turn your attention to something or someone else, very easily, when needed. They also have curved armrests for that added design detail.

There is a hole in the middle of the table, which is a very well thought out feature. This allows you to add a patio umbrella for those times you do not want the sun beating down too hard on you. This hole has a nice black cover that compliments the color of the design and plug the hole when not in use. The dimensions of the hole in the table are 1.57 inches (D), which is standard for most umbrella poles.

Material & Comfort

The table has a brown wood colored finish, the metal frames of both the table and the chairs is black and the cushions are a lighter brown. The swivel chairs have high-density cushions for a comfortable feel and long lasting shape control.

The beauty of this design is that this set can be used outdoors as well as indoor to show off beautiful metal design. It would go really well in a mediaeval kitchen set up.


The table and chairs have a strong powder coated steel frame. This makes it rust resistant and chip resistant. The powder coated metal and the PVC tabletop is easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance.

Additional Information

The product may come in two or three separate packages. These packages may not necessarily come on the same day. If you receive only one, please use your tracking number to check the status of the rest. If there are any issues, you can contact the many directly and they will help in sorting out any issues you may face.

Product Highlights

9. Vongrasig

The sectional Vongrasig can be used in different combinations on a patio, near the poolside, in a backyard garden,Vongrasig etc.

Style and Design

The set contains 2 corner chairs, 1 armless chair, 1 ottoman, 1 coffee table, 1 tempered glass, 9 cushions and 2 throw pillows. The chairs are wide and low, perfect for lounging and relaxing with loved ones, friends, neighbors, etc.

The cushions cannot handle heavy rain, so it is advisable to remove the cushions when it rains. The wicker can be covered in the scorching sun in order to increase the shelf life of the set.

The coffee table is compact with a tempered glass and is the perfect size to add in the middle of- or part of the set as well.

Material & Comfort

The cushions are 4 inch thick and padded with sponge for a comfortable seat, the wicker is waterproof and the coffee table has a removable tempered glass on four silicon suction cups.

The cushion covers are fade resistant, spill repellent and washable. The rattan is dark coffee brown, the cushions are beige and the two throw pillows are red.


This sofa sets has a powder coated steel frame that protects it from rust and chipping and is perfect for outdoor use. The PE wicker is hand woven resin with a high tensile strength, is long lasting and can take on all weather conditions.

The tempered glass can be easily removed for cleaning. The cushion covers are zippered and can be removed very easily and washed. Each piece is easily moveable to change the style and look of the set.

Additional Information

Assembly is very simple once received. The four pieces of the Vongrasig patio set can each be removed separately and put into various combinations to suit the type and number of company and the activity involved.

The Vongrasig comes in three boxes and may be delivered separately. Watch the tracker in order to confirm. Besides, you can always contact the after – sales team for any issues pertaining to the set.

Product Highlights

10. Green4ever

This 5-piece patio set from Green4ever is in a classic grey color. It is great for the poolside or the garden, patio, etc. Green4everfor up to five people, depending on the set up.

Style and Design

The set includes two corner chairs, one armless chair, one ottoman, one table, one tempered glass and 9 cushions that are completely separate from each other and can be moved around to create a combination of different seating arrangements.

The table is longer than most and has a 0.2 inch thick glass with silicon suction cups for each corner.

Material & Comfort

The cushions are made from 250g polyester fabric, They are made from three inches thick sponge padded, fade and water resistant and cream in color.

The frame is made of strong powder coated steel. This makes sure that the frame is resilient to weathering and stays rust free and chip free. Although heavy duty, it is lightweight. The wicker is PE, weather resistant rattan, which can handle all weather and is long lasting.


The Green4ever set is low maintenance. Its mixed grey and cream wicker is easy to clean with a towel. In order to wash the cushion covers you have to just unzip the covers for easy cleaning. The removable glass makes it easier when cleaning the table for any spills.

It is best to take the cushions indoors when it rains and to store the entire set away when not used for long periods of time as this increases the shelf life of the set.

Additional Information

The set is shipped in 2 boxes. If one comes earlier than the others, just track them to make sure that they are on the way. If there are any problems they will respond within 24 hours to sort out the issue.

The assembly is simple and should take around 60 minutes from start to end. The set also comes with instructions and a portable tool. Installation problems, damage and any missing parts will be replaced within a year and a full replacement or refund will be given within a month.

Product Highlights

11. B Baijiawei

The B Baijiawei looks great against the setting of a green lawn in the garden or a patio deck. It is bound to be theB Baijiawei showstopper and conversation starter among your friends.

Style and Design

The chairs are fully welded and stackable. The rose domed back of the chairs to contour your back and the smooth sloping arm rests as well; make the chairs a comfortable spot to sit. You can even add cushions if you want, but they will have to be bought separately.

The square table has a 2.3-inch diameter hole to fix in a patio umbrella so that you can make your days outdoors, even more enjoyable during warm summer days.

The chairs have a weight capacity of 350 lbs while the table has a weight capacity of 165 lbs. The entire design of the set is beautifully carved with a lot of detail.

Material & Comfort

The four armchairs and the dining table are made from heavy-duty solid cast aluminum. Since aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, it is not prone to rusting, is durable and super easy to clean.

The chairs and the table have an elegant lattice – weave design and a charcoal black finish or an antique bronze finish. The entire look resembles a rich and opulent yet subtle medieval design that does not scream for attention.


The entire set can be washed with water and towel dried with a dry towel. There is hardly any maintenance required. If there are any problems, the company can be contacted directly and they will help out with any problem you may have.

The dining table surface is coated with a non-toxic seal powder that will keep your set as good as new for years to come.

Product Highlights

12. Lokatse Home

The 5-piece patio set from LOKATSE HOME is perfect for a patio, porch, terrace or poolside and can be used whenLokatse Home with friends, or even to read, lounge in or have a snack or some drinks with the family.

Style and Design

The LOKATSE HOME is made up of two armchairs, two ottomans (with four blue cushions to fit) and a side metal table with tempered glass. Two people can use the chairs and use the ottomans to prop their feet up or the ottomans can be used as additional seating options for extra people.

All four pieces of this furniture set can be moved about and placed in a variety of settings, depending on the company or the activity.

The set is very sleek, minimalistic and modern.

Material & Comfort

The set is made from PE wicker and has thick padded, polyester foam cushions. When raining, make sure to keep the dry and indoor. The rest of the set can just be wiped down with a dry towel.

Both cushions of the seats as well as the ottomans are very comfortable to use even for longer periods of time due to their thick padding.


The frame is strong, sturdy and durable powder coated steel. This protects the frame against rust and chipping. The PE wicker used on the seats is fade resistant and UV protected. Both these weatherproof properties allow the product to last a long time.

Additional Information

LOKATSE HOME is offering a full replacement or full refund if any problems occur in 30 days. Their service team is always ready to help if directly contacted as well.

The set is easily installable through instructions that can be downloaded from the Product Information page online.

Product Highlights

13. Sophia & William

Sophia & William manufactures many indoor and outdoor furniture. All their sets, including this one are high quality Sophia & Williamand long lasting.

Style and Design

The backrest of the armchairs can be adjusted to 7 levels, from 100 degrees in the sitting position (usually for the table side), up to 135 degrees (for lying down). You can pick from the various angles depending on the activity you choose.

The chair load capacity is about 250 lbs.

The table is square, at the perfect height for dining and has an empty space at the bottom so you can stretch your legs comfortably.

The look is minimalistic and sleek even when it is put away. The black color gives it a sophisticated feel and can be paired with different colored throw pillows or in various spaces.

Material & Comfort

The frame of the chairs are made from lightweight, powder coated aluminum tubes. The material stretched over the sling chair frame is a high quality, breathable Textilene fabric. The table is also made from a powder coated metal.

The material is firm but gives a little when rested on. It is perfect to power nap on when paired with a comforter.


Aluminum is non ferrous and therefore does not rust. The powder coating will also protect it from chipping and all weather. The fabric does not wear easily, is UV protected, corrosion resistant, oil resistant, and water resistant and has a strong tensile force.

Additional Information

The sling chairs are lightweight due to the aluminum tubes and can easily be moved around by children and the elderly, as they are foldable as well.

The chairs save a ton of space when being stored or shipped, as they are foldable. They are sent in in three separate boxes that may be delivered at different times. Make sure to track your order when one comes.

Product Highlights

14. Waleaf

The 5-piece Waleaf patio set is beautiful, elegant and would fit perfectly in a garden, on the terrace, by the poolsideWaleaf or on a patio. It is the perfect set – up for a book, a nap, lunch or a relaxing time outdoors with friends and drinks.

Style and Design

The set has 2 corner chairs, 1 armless chair, 1 ottoman, 1 coffee table with glass, 4 seat cushions and 3 back cushions. These can be placed in various combinations to make different seating styles that change the look of the area according to the number of people present or the activity. The set when placed in one unit can seat 5 people comfortably. The feet at the base of the set keep the furniture more stable.

Material & Comfort

The frame is a solid, high quality steel structure and the rest is covered with durable, high quality, high tensile strength, and water resistant PE rattan wicker. The contrast of the tiffany blue colored cushions on the black rattan give this piece an elegant yet bright look that will stand out as a statement piece in your space.

The cushions are made with a material that is environmentally protective and fade resistant. It is perfect for chilling with a cool drink or a community board game with friends and family.


The cushions are very easy to clean. You have to just unzip the covers and wash it in the washing machine. A quick wash will make them look brand new. The glass table – top and the waterproof rattan are also easily cleanable with a damp or dry towel. Besides, the tempered glass can be removed and cleaned.

Waleaf backs the quality of their product with a 1-year warranty for free exchange of parts, installation issues, damage or any missing pieces.

Additional Information

The set is easy to assemble with the tools and instructions available.

The set arrives in two boxes that may deliver at separate times. Keep an eye on the courier tracker when one arrives.

Product Highlights

15. Walsunny

This 5 piece outdoor patio set from Walsunny is stylish and highly functional. It can be used in the garden, terrace orWalsunny patio as a breakfast or lunch space. Walsunny is dedicated to great design, high quality and durability. This piece is no different.

Style and Design

The set has four comfortable chairs and a square dining table with a tempered glass top.

The table has a standard 1.57-inch hole that fits most umbrella stands and allows you to add a patio umbrella. This allows you to have an even more enjoyable time in the outdoors during the warm summers.

The chairs have an individual weight capacity of 250 lbs each.

The design is sleek and beautiful in most settings. The black works well in contrast or complimenting other colors it is paired with. You can add quirky or somber throw cushions to change the look.

Material & Comfort

The frame is made of rust resistant powder-coated cast aluminum, and covered in PE faux wicker. The rattan is black in color while the cushions are grey. This is a beautifully muted and elegant combination.

The cushions use 250 g polyester fabric, padded with sponge for comfortable seating for long periods of time.


They are designed to withstand all weather conditions, throughout the year. The cushions come with removable covers that allow you to just pull them off and put them in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle, tumble drying on cool. Do not bleach the fabric. This keeps them fresh for years. Just make sure not to keep the cushions out in the rain.

Additional Information

Assembly is easy with the provided instructions.

Walsunny backs the quality of its product by providing you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any further issues or problems, you can contact their customer service team who will respond in 24 hours.

Product Highlights


Ours homes have a story to tell. It is where we laugh, we love and we live. Our home is not just our shelter but it is also where we feel the most comfortable and free. The freedom comes from how we feel but the comfort is added by small pieces of furniture that give our homes a comforting touch. These 5 piece patio sets we discussed about are not just furniture items, they are witness and privy to all our good times when we relax with the family and unwind with our friends. So make sure to choose the right one for you and your family.