Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets – Detailed Guide & Reviews 2022

Most people tend to take the bath mat for granted – until the water from their body drips on the floor, making it Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020messy and slippery. Sounds like trouble, doesn’t it? Well, we do know that it does. You might simply be lazy to not get one even after being aware of the fact that you could avert this issue by using a bath mat in your bathroom. But for the folks who are looking to get one, this is the right spot on the Internet that you have arrived at.

So, why get a bath mat? It’s simple – If you do place it right beside your shower room or bathtub, then you can dry your feet/legs on it. Hence, the risk of slipping would get lowered even more. Furthermore, it can also prevent you from creating puddles and slipping on the floor.

However, to enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits, you will have to buy the best bath mat set in the market. But why spend any time researching for the best bath mat sets out there when we get the job done for you.

This guide goes through the types, advantages of premium bath sets, and reviews the top 15 in the market to date.

Advantages of premium bath mat setsTop 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020

When talking about bathroom safety, bath mats are a dire necessity for every home. Well, in truth, they do have a lot of benefits, to begin with. Do you want to know all about them? Then, be sure to keep reading.

Safety: A wet and slippery floor can spell danger. Hence, if you are not cautious enough, then you may slip when coming out of the shower. However, if you do own a cotton-made bath mat, then you will not have to worry about it at all. These products usually come with an anti-slipping surface, which makes it easier for you to maintain your footing. Moreover, you can also use them to dry your feet a little bit for more convenience.

Comfort: The floors, especially the ones available in the bathroom, tend to get cold during the winter season. Hence, when you are stepping out of your bathroom, your feet may feel a bit uncomfortable while walking on it. But the bath mats can prove to be a solution in this aspect as well. They are highly absorbent and soft. Therefore, if you do step on them, then you would not feel even a bit of discomfort at all. Moreover, it will provide a luxurious feeling to your bathroom as well.

Protection: Whether you do believe it or not, but water can cause decaying to your bathroom floor. However, if you have placed a bath mat on it, then it will soak up all the water from your feet. Moreover, it can also take care of the splashes of water, which usually occurs when you are taking a bath. Thus, aside from keeping you safe, these products can also protect your floor and save you from costly repairs.

Adds More Style: Well, in all honesty, the modern bath mats come with a wide variety of hues and designs. Therefore, if you want, then you can use them as a small yet functional rug as well. It, in turn, will both take care of your safety issues and add something extra to the overall designing of the bathroom. That’s not all. Owing to their convenient design and structure, these models can be used almost anywhere in your house for a quirky little display.Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020

While taking a bath, you probably have dropped the bottle of shampoo at least a few times. And, maybe, you have also seen it rocketing to another part of your bathroom. Well, if you had a bath mat in the room, then you would not have to deal with this issue at all. As mentioned before, the bath mats tend to feature a thicker texture at the top section. Hence, if something drops on it, then it will stay there until you pick it up.

Types of Bath Mat Sets

Depending on the material and overall design, the bath mat sets can be classified into five different categories:

Cotton: Among the different types of bath mat sets, cotton-made products are the most expensive ones. And there are some proper reasons behind it. For starters, the material offers a soft yet luxurious sensation, which feels quite comfortable when touched. Secondly, it also does not deteriorate after repeated usage. In addition, their absorbency level is pretty high as well. On top of that, cotton mats can be washed in washing machines. So, there is no need to worry about their maintenance at all.

Chenille: The chenille mats are, in essence, highly versatile. You can use them on both your front entrance as well as your bathroom. The material of these products is known to be highly absorbent and, thus, can collect both dust and water proficiently. Hence, it will be an ideal option for drying someone’s feet quickly. Aside from being multipurpose, these mats tend to be pretty soft and deluxe as well. Thus, they can add a touch of decency and lavishness to your rooms if placed in a proper manner.

Bamboo: Do you want to use a solid platform rather than using a softer one for your bathroom? Well, then, a bamboo-made bath mat should be ideal for you. These items tend to be resilient to water penetration, which, in turn, makes them an ideal option for wet environments. Furthermore, as you can already tell, the bamboo bath mats are Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020very sustainable and eco-friendly. Last yet not least, they also do not require much maintenance at all. You can literally keep them by swiping with a wet towel.

Memory Foam: When talking about softness among the different types of bath mat sets, the first name that comes to mind is memory foam. They feature an ergonomic top section, which offers an otherworldly feeling whenever you step on it. Moreover, they do have outstanding water absorbency as well. Aside from your bathroom, you can keep these mats in your kitchen as well. This way, you can stand on it while working without having to deal with pain. The memory foam-made products tend to be machine washable as well!

Microfiber: The microfiber models, too, are pretty much competitive with other options in several aspects. For example, they are a lot more affordable among the different types of mats. Furthermore, their overall absorbency level is pretty decent, as well. These products are also pretty soft and dry quicker than their counterparts. The only issue with them is that they do require frequent maintenance. But, other than that, it should be a decent alternative for you if you are thinking about buying something budget-friendly.

Features of Best Bath Mat Sets

In truth, most bath mat sets usually come with almost the same set of features. However, there are some options that do have a little bit more. But how are you going to differentiate them from others? Well, in that case, make sure to look for the following pointers.

Material: The choice of material will always depend on the function and comfort of the product. If you are looking for something more luxurious, then you can choose cotton-made products. On the other hand, the memory foam mat sets can be an ideal option for you if you want to opt for something more affordable. Depending on your style, you Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020can pick up classic bath mat designs or luxurious ones.

Safety Features: There are several options available out there in the market that feature a rubber backing. But how does it help you be safe? Well, for starters, it can help you avoid slipping. Moreover, it adds a bit of durability to the product as well. Besides, you may also choose an item, which comes with antibacterial addition for better hygiene.

Organic and Eco-friendly: Do you want to make your house eco-friendlier by adding an organic bath mat to your bathroom? Then, make sure to look for those options that are made from environment-friendly material. These products usually tend to be a bit low-priced. So, your budget is not going to be an issue in this aspect.

FAQs around the best Craftsman Vacuums

As of now, we have talked about the fundamentals of the bath mat sets. So, let’s take a look at some of the common questions that you may have in your mind.

  • What is the best type of bath mat set available in the market?

A: Well, in truth, choosing the best among different options is quite difficult, as each of them is unique on their own accord. But, if we were to choose from the many options, you should probably opt for the cotton-made ones. They are pretty soft, secure, and have a lot of different safety features. Moreover, they can offer a decent outlook to your bathroom as well.

However, if you do not have enough budget, then you can choose the microfiber models too. But, in the end, it all depends on your choice and preference.

  • Will bamboo-made mats work better in the bathroom?Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020

A: Yes, unlike the other softer options, the bamboo-made mats tend to work better in wet conditions, especially your bathroom. Moreover, they are also a lot easier to clean than the cotton items. You can simply wipe the dirt away with a piece of wet cloth.

  • How often should I wash the bath mats?

A: Well, as a fair point, the frequency of washing the bath mats usually depends on how much you do use them. But, in general, you should clean them at least once in three to five days. If the bathroom is shared by more than two people, then it will be better for you to wash it every two days.

  • Are all types of bath mats machine-washable?

A: No, not all the types of bath mats can be washable. For example, you cannot put bamboo-made products on your washing machine for cleaning them. You would have to use a wet cloth in that aspect. However, in other cases, you can use your washing machine to clean them.

  • Is there any difference between bath mats and bath rugs?

A: Well, in truth, the bath rags generally tend to be a bit more multipurpose than the bath mats. Moreover, each of these options is quite different from each other in terms of design and construction as well.

So, these are all the details that you needed to know about the bath mat sets. Hopefully, you have already perceived everything that you should know before making a purchase. Anyways, now, we will be moving on and evaluating some of the best bat mats available in the market. Are you ready? Then, let’s get started with it!

Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2022

Picture Name Features Rating
Picture Name Features Rating
Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat 1. Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat
Made with anti-bacterial 100% natural microfiber fabric 4.8
HOMEIDEAS Bathroom Rugs 2. HOMEIDEAS Bathroom Rugs
Extra plush shaggy rug 4.7
Admirable water absorbency 4.7
LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs 4. LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs
Anti-skid bottom 4.6
VERSAILTEX 2-Piece Bath Mat Set 5. VERSAILTEX 2-Piece Bath Mat Set
Machine-washable 4.6
ARICHOMY Store Bath Mat Set 6. ARICHOMY Store Bath Mat Set
Anti skid rough layer 4.5
Smiry Bathroom Rugs and Mats Set 7. Smiry Bathroom Rugs and Mats Set
Exquisite designing and texture 4.5
Walensee Shaggy 2-Piece Bath Rug Sets 8. Walensee Shaggy 2-Piece Bath Rug Sets
Slip- and skid-resistant 4.4
Pauwer Bath Rug Set 9. Pauwer Bath Rug Set
Micro fiber material 4.3
Zebrux Bathroom Rugs 10. Zebrux Bathroom Rugs
Machine-washable 4.3
FEELSO Memory Foam Bath Mat Set 11. FEELSO Memory Foam Bath Mat Set
Four different color options 4.2
BYSURE Bathroom Rug 12. BYSURE Bathroom Rug
Anti-slip backing feature 4.1
Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set 13. Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set
Durable yet comfortable 4.0
Zebrux Chenille Bathroom Rugs 14. Zebrux Chenille Bathroom Rugs
Thick yet lightweight 4.0
Pauwer 3-piece Bath Rug Set 15. Pauwer 3-piece Bath Rug Set
Feels quite soft and smooth 3.9

1. Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Mat

Do you want to buy an affordable yet efficient bath mat? If yes, the offering from Clara Clark should be an ideal Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Matoption for you. But why are we saying so? Well, for starters, it is durable and, thus, lasts for a prolonged period. Furthermore, it comes with 19 different color options, as well. Hence, it will be easier for you to find out the mat that perfectly complements the color theme of your washroom.


The Clara Clark Bath Mat is made with microfiber material. Therefore, they feel pretty soft and comfortable when you step upon them. Aside from that, the fabric of the model is anti-bacterial as well. So, there is no need to worry about hygiene either. Due to the same reason, the mat is capable of removing mildew or mold from your bathroom too.


Unlike most other microfiber-made items in the market, this one comes with a heavy-duty design. Hence, if you do take proper care of it, then the product will last for a prolonged period. Another remarkable thing about the model is that it does not weigh too much at all. So, if you want, then you can replace or relocate it anywhere in your house without any issues.

Other Features:

Aside from all these, this bath mat set comes with various features as well. For starters, it is anti-allergenic. Hence, it will not cause any sensitivity issues at all. Secondly, it is machine-washable and, therefore, can be washed on a washing machine. Make sure to use a mild detergent for more convenience. In addition, its memory foam technology helps it to get dried pretty quickly.

The product can be bought as a set of three in the following sizes: one smaller mat: 17×24 inches, one contour mat: 24×19 inches, and one larger mat: 20×32 inches.


  • The product is quite affordable
  • Its overall durability is top-notch
  • It is considerably soft and dries very quickly
  • Several color options available
  • It is non-slip and has the capability of absorbing a higher amount of water droplets

2. HOMEIDEAS Bathroom Rugs

Are you looking for a more affordable model other than Clara Clark Bath Mats? Well, then, the HOMEIDEAS 3-Piece HOMEIDEAS Bathroom RugsBathroom rug can be a decent option for you. Owing to its excellent construction, the rugs seem to be pretty durable. In addition, they are currently available in 25 different colors. So, you can always choose one that suits the vibe of your house décor. Also, as the name suggests, the package comes with three pieces of rugs. So, it would be ideal for even the bigger bathrooms as well.


To manufacture its offering, HOMEIDEAS has used robust yet plush chenille material. Therefore, you will feel quite soft and comfortable when you put your feet on it. Aside from that, the product also boasts of exclusive fiber-locking technology. Thus, you will not experience any fiber dripping issues with the model.


Like the previous model on our list, this one, too, comes with a non-slip design. It, in turn, makes the product completely slip-resistant. The rugs from HOMEIDEAS feel a bit thicker than usual. Hence, it might be a bit cumbersome for you to carry them from one room to another.

Other Features:

Owing to its construction and usage of plush chenille, the product showcases an amazing water absorbency capacity. Besides, unlike the rubber-made rug, it also does not peel off after getting washed a few times. So, if you want, then you can always machine wash these rugs. According to the manufacturers, the rugs are safe for pets. Sounds perfect, right?


  • The rugs of the set are pretty durable
  • Their overall water absorbency level is quite high
  • Feels soft, plushy, and offers a comfortable feeling
  • The PVC-made bottom section ensures that the users do not slip on it
  • The product is machine washable


Like the previous model on this list, this offering from H. VERSAILTEX, comes with the same plush chenille VERSAILTEX Bath Matsconstruction. Hence, you can expect it to be pretty soft and comfortable. Moreover, it might also feel a little bit thick, which should improve the comfort level even more. The price of the product is also pretty affordable. Nonetheless, unlike the other previously-mentioned products, this one features only a set of two rugs. But, if you have a smaller bathroom, then it is not going to be an issue for you.


As mentioned before, the H. VERSAILTEX Grey Bath Mats have been manufactured with plush chenille. Therefore, you surely would not be able to complain about it. On the other hand, the bottom section of the product is made with high-end PVC material. As per the manufacturers, it is slip-resistant. Hence, there is no need to worry about falling down, even if your bathroom has a slippery floor. Aside from the material, there is also hot-melt spray backing available in the model. It makes the product much more durable and long-lasting.


In essence, the design of the bath mat from H. VERSAILTEX does feel somewhat sleek and seamless. There are 11 different coloring options available for the same as well. Each of the mats in the set comes with a conventional rectangular shape, which makes it a bit more convenient to use. The thickness of the mats is measured at around 2000g/sm. Thus, although it is quite soft, it may still feel somewhat heavy when picking up.

Other Features:

The brand-new H. VERSAILTEX Grey Bath Mats are definitely an upgrade over its predecessors. It features an advanced technology called super absorbency which helps it soak up a decent amount of water within only a few seconds. Moreover, it is machine washable as well.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Its striped pattern makes it look much more unique and aesthetic
  • Available in 11 different color options
  • Thick and durable
  • Admirable water absorbency

4. LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs

Whether it is about luxury or comfort, the LuxUrux Bathroom Rugs have everything to make your bathroom feel LuxUrux Bathroom Rugscomfortable and look lavish. It is extremely soft and offers a remarkable water absorbency level as well. Aside from that, it can also soak up moisture and deter the growth of mildew quite proficiently. Last yet not least, the bathroom mats are pet friendly as well. So, if you do have a four-legged companion in your house, then he/she can use it as a place to slack off too.


LuxUrux has always been quite careful when it comes to choosing the manufacturing material. In this aspect, the brand has chosen microfiber, which is definitely a good idea, to say the least. Due to this reason, the rugs can absorb the water pretty quickly and have the ability to get dried almost instantly.

Conversely, at the bottom, LuxUrux has used the “same old same old” PVC material. It, in turn, averts the rugs from slipping in critical conditions. The size of each microfiber pile is measured around 1-inch. Thus, it will feel pretty soft and comfy when you put your legs on it.


The design of the product seems to be pretty unique as well. Each of the rugs comes with three layers for a better outlook towards the adversities. The top layer consists of soft microfiber foam while the second one is all about absorbing the water. Lastly, the third one adds stability to the product and makes it slip-resistant.

On top of that, there are 23 different colors and five different size variants, too, available for the model.

Other Features:

The chenille microfiber as well as the PVC layer of the product is machine washable. Its quick-drying facility makes it even more unique than others. However, unfortunately, it misses out on the coveted hot-melt backing system.


  • Versatile and, thus, can be used in bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.
  • The anti-skid bottom section seems to be pretty efficient
  • Offers excellent softness and comfort
  • Pet-friendly
  • Available in a lot of size and color variants

5. VERSAILTEX 2-Piece Bath Mat Set

In all honesty, there are several chenille-made bathroom mat variants available in the market. However, in terms of VERSAILTEX 2-Piece Bath Mat Setsoftness, none of them can win against the H. VERSAILTEX 2-Piece Bath Mat Set. However, that’s not all. In addition to this, the product has also been made through hand-tufting. Thus, the overall finishing of the product would be pretty decent as well. The only issue with the model is that it comes with only two-bathroom mats. But, as it is quite affordable, we do not really have any complaints against it.


To craft its pocket-friendly masterpiece, H. VERSAILTEX has used the super-soft microfiber material. Hence, it will feel quite pliable and comfortable when you put your feet on it.

The overall durability of the product, too, seems to be quite top-notch. Therefore, aside from your bathroom, you can also place in front of your front door or any other place. Anyways, the bottom section of the model has been manufactured with slip-resistant SBE material. Hence, it will work perfectly on slippery surfaces. Furthermore, it also makes the product a lot more long-lasting than usual.


Unlike the previously-mentioned products, the bath mat set from VERSAILTEX comes with only seven color variants. However, the usage of texture and color scheme makes it one of the best products in the market regarding appearance. The design of the mats seems to be pretty convenient as well. You can place one of them in front of your bathroom while the other one can fit near your commode. Aside from it, the product is quite lightweight as well. So, you will not encounter any issues while relocating it.

Other Features:

For starters, the product comes with the hot-melt spray backing, which makes improves the anti-skidding capability of it even more. Moreover, it is machine washable; just make sure to avoid non-chlorine bleach products as much as possible.


  • Exquisite texture and design
  • Durable
  • Does not cause skidding
  • Machine-washable
  • Remarkable water absorbency

6. ARICHOMY Store Bath Mat Set

Are you considering going for an offering of the world-famous ARICHOMY? Then, we would suggest you opt for thisARICHOMY Store Bath Mat Set one. Well, there are several reasons behind the choice. For starters, this product is extremely soft and elegant. It also features some other great features, which make it an ideal option for both bigger and smaller bathroom owners. Last yet not least, the set has been priced in an affordable manner as well. Therefore, you can save your pocket too.


The material that has been used to create this product is soft chenille. Hence, it will be a little bit softer than some of the previously-reviewed products. Conversely, the back section of the model is made with anti-slip SBE material. Thus, it will long-lasting and convenient in that aspect as well.


Design-wise, the set of bathroom mats can be considered as one of the best in the market. Both of the rugs come with a lightweight and eye-catching design. So, you can place it almost anywhere in your bathroom.

Additionally, the product comes in five different color options. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose the product that fits best with the décor. Like most other sets mentioned here, this one, too, comes with a U-shaped mat. You can place it near your commode to protect the floor from splashes or other issues.

Other Features:

One of the best features of the mats is its hot-melt adhesive backing, which has been implemented in the back section of it. It helps in bolstering the anti-skidding persona of the product even more. There are a lot of short microfiber rods, too, available in the mat that are capable of soaking up a lot of water.


  • The mats of the set are quite soft and plushy
  • Its water absorbency level is impressive
  • Features an anti-slip backing technology
  • It can be washed by both hands and machine
  • Five color options available

7. Smiry Bathroom Rugs and Mats Set

The bath mats from Smiry are pretty robust and, therefore, can last for a prolonged period. Moreover, the overall Smiry Bathroom Rugs and Mats Setaesthetics of the products, too, look pretty sublime and magnificent. Besides, the mats are also available in three different size options. Thus, you can always choose them as per your requirements. Sounds perfect, right? We bet it does!


To begin with, the bathroom rugs from Smiry feature a chenille fiber-made construction. Hence, it will offer a rather cloud-like feeling when you step on it. The foam that is available inside will relieve the pressure from your feet and help you avoid the coldness of the floor. The bottom section of the product has been manufactured with PVC material. Therefore, it will not let you slip at all. However, we do think that the quality of the same could have been better.


The overall design of the product might seem a bit less stylish at first. And that’s what makes it a perfect match for stylish homes. Owing to its rectangular design and almost matte-like color finish, the mats can fit with almost any home décor. So, you may use it on the other parts of the area as well. There are currently nine different color options available for the product. So, hopefully, you will definitely find something that suits your purpose.

Other Features:

Unlike most other models, this one fails a little bit in the section of having additional features. However, due to its material, the mats of the set are quite easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, they tend to dry up pretty quickly too. In addition, the top layer of the product features 1.18-inch highly dense microfibers. Thus, they can quicken the water absorbency procedure as well.


  • Has an affordable price tag
  • Boasts a high level of water absorbency
  • Comes in nine color alternatives and three size options
  • Exquisite designing and texture
  • Can be washed in a washing machine


8. Walensee Shaggy 2-Piece Bath Rug Sets

When talking about the best 2-piece bath mat sets in the market, the first name that comes to mind is the Walensee Walensee Shaggy 2-Piece Bath Rug SetsShaggy Bath Rug Sets. But why are we saying so? Well, for starters, the mats of the set are considerably resilient and long-lasting. They do have various decent color options and, thus, can fit into any setup. Aside from that, the bath rugs feature a solid pattern, which looks quite magical as well. So, if you are thinking about buying something affordable yet versatile, then this one should be perfect for you.


The mats of the Walensee Shaggy Bath Rug Sets feature a convenient microfiber construction. It is durable and can dry out pretty quickly as well. Moreover, as per the average customer experience, the top section of the same feels pretty soft as well.

On the other hand, the bottom section of the product has been built with a TP rubber. It seems to be quite ergonomic and can prevent slipping or skidding as well. Nonetheless, its overall durability does not really seem to be awe-striking at all.


The overall design of the products does appear to be decent. One of the mats of the set comes with a traditional rectangular shape while the other one features the exclusive U-shape design.

Additionally, there are 18 different color options available for the model, which makes it even easier for the buyers to choose their best option. It also comes with three size options for more convenience and effectiveness.

Other Features:

The TPR backing is, indeed, one of the most notable features found in the Walensee Shaggy Bath Rug Sets. It makes the mats much more durable and slip-resistant than usual. They are machine-washable as well. So, maintaining them is not going to be a challenge for you.


  • Decent design and outlook
  • Does not have an expensive price tag
  • Has three size and eighteen color options
  • It is machine washable
  • Slip- and skid-resistant

9. Pauwer Bath Rug Set

If you are considering something affordable, then the Pauwer Bath Rug Set can be yet another decent option for you. Pauwer Bath Rug SetIt is one of the most budget-friendly products in the market. The aesthetics of the products, too, appear to be pretty decent, to say the least. Last yet not least, most customers have also found the set to be highly durable and long-lasting. Do you want to know more about the bath mat set? Then, make sure to keep reading.


The bath rug set from Pauwer has been constructed with high-end microfiber material. Therefore, it will feel a lot softer than usual. Moreover, its overall water absorbency level would be pretty decent as well. Nonetheless, the warmth provided by the product is not good enough.

The bottom section of the same comes with TPR latex backing, which is both durable and waterproof. Therefore, there is no need to maintain dry flooring at all. Besides saving you from slipping, it can also help you to save the floor as well.


The design of the Pauwer Bath Rug Set appears to be quite exquisite as well. The whole body of the same features an eloquent grey hue. And, to make it look even more beautiful, the brand has used white-colored patterns on it as well. However, the only issue in this aspect is that it does not feature any other color option.

Other Features:

Like many other mats mentioned here, this one, too, comes with an anti-slipping backing technology. It will nullify the issues regarding awkward slipping or skidding. The rugs can be washed in a machine as well.


  • The pattern of the rugs looks pretty amazing
  • Can be used on both bathroom and near the commode
  • Owing to the micro fiber material, the product feels very soft
  • Comes with an affordable price tag

10. Zebrux Bathroom Rugs

Since its inception, Zebrux has launched a lot of budget products in the market. If we were to choose only one amongZebrux Bathroom Rugs them, then we would opt for the Zebrux Non-slip Shaggy Chenille Bathroom Rugs. The mats of the set come with a decent style and have the capability of fitting almost everywhere. Aside from that, the overall water soaking power of the product seems to be decent as well. So, even though the set is somewhat cheaper than others, it does not really fall off too much regarding features or efficiency.


The Zebrux non-slip Shaggy Bathroom Rugs comes with a thick chenille material. Thus, it can produce a decent amount of warmth for your feet. Moreover, the softness of the product, too, is pretty admirable. But its overall durability is a bit questionable.

The bottom section of the model does not really come with any kind of rubber backing at all. Thus, it might get a bit slippery on quite wet surfaces. But, in other cases, it does get the job done pretty decently.


The design and usage of color schemes of the product are, in essence, top-notch. It comes with pop-style patterns, which look quite bold and beautiful in almost every aspect. Moreover, the rectangular design of the same fits almost everywhere in your room. There are also 11 color options available for the product. So, you can choose any one of them as per your home décor.

Other Features:

The offering from Zebrux is machine-washable. Just make sure to wash it with cold water and mild detergent to get the best results.


  • The water absorbency level of the product is pretty high
  • It is quite versatile and can be placed anywhere in the house
  • It is soft and offers a sense of coziness
  • The striped design of the product looks really excellent
  • 11 color options available

11. FEELSO Memory Foam Bath Mat Set

When talking about the best bath mat manufacturers in the market, the first name that comes to mind is FEELSO. FEELSO Memory Foam Bath Mat SetWell, to begin with, the pricing of the set is quite affordable and would not cause a hole in your pocket. Secondly, its overall appearance, too, looks pretty decent and well-mannered. In addition, there are various color options, too, available with it. So, hopefully, it will be a decent option for you!


The product from FEELSO comes with an excellent memory foam construction. It feels pretty soft and cozy. Hence, in a way, it can make your feet comfortable and relieve the excessive stress from it. Moreover, it will also go back to its normal shape after you have walked away from it.

The bottom section of the product has been manufactured with PVC material, which offers a decent grip on your flooring. However, you would still have to make sure that you have placed it in a dry place.


The design of the FEELSO bath mat looks to be quite simplistic yet elegant. It comes in four different color options and, thus, does not offer too many options to you. But the hues of the product are quite adaptable and can suit almost any home décor.

Other Features:

Regarding the special features, there is an anti-skidding backing system available in the product, which bolsters its grip even more. Moreover, it is machine washable as well, which is a bonus point.


  • Comes in four different color options
  • The mats are highly durable and can last for a prolonged period
  • Its top surface is pretty soft and feels comfortable
  • Memory foam construction makes it easier for the mat to return to its previous shape
  • Proficient water absorbency

12. BYSURE Bathroom Rug

In all honesty, the BYSURE Light Grey Bathroom Rugs are one of the most simplistic products available in the BYSURE Bathroom Rugmarket. However, they still offer quite a bit of versatility and efficiency in almost every aspect. For example, there are three different rugs available in the set, which can be used at the front door, bathroom, commode, and some other places. Furthermore, their design also appears to be quite seamless and, thus, can fit almost anywhere. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


With regards to material, the product comes with the “same old, same old” chenille construction. Hence, it will be pretty softer than usual. Moreover, it might offer a little bit of warmth to your feet as well. However, it will not be as good as the memory foam.

Additionally, like most other products mentioned here, this one, too, comes with an anti-slip design. There is also a PVC layer available at the bottom of the rugs, which improves the previously-mentioned ability even more.


As you have already read, the set comes with three different bath mats. Two of them feature a rectangular shape, while the last one comes with a U-shape design. It also features ten different color variants. So, you can choose any of the most suitable ones among them. Nonetheless, the set, unfortunately, does not come with any sizing alternatives at all.

Other Features:

The top section of the bath mats of BYSURE has been strengthened with shaggy microfiber. Therefore, its overall water absorbency will be almost top-notch. That’s not all. They also get dried pretty quickly. Also, the products are machine-washable and, thus, easy to clean.


  • Comes as a three-bath mat set
  • Has anti-slip backing feature
  • Decent water absorbency
  • The top section of the product feels very soft and comfortable
  • The pricing of the product is considerably affordable

13. Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set

If you are all about looks and comfort, then the Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set should be an ideal optionBuganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set for you. Its exquisite construction, eye-catching texture, and excellent color options make it perfect for both offices as well as home settings. Also, there are several color and sizing options available, too, to make your choosing task a little bit easier. So, in essence, it can, indeed, be an excellent alternative for you if you want to buy an all-in-one bath mat at an affordable price.


Regarding material, the Buganda Memory Foam Bathroom Rug Set seems to be a bit different than others. It is made with memory foam material, which is known to be very soft, comfortable, and smooth.

Moreover, after you walk away from the mat, it will return to its normal shape in no time. However, they may need a little bit more time than usual to get dried after cleaning. There is a thick PVC layer available at the bottom of the bath mat set, which provides a firm grip on the floor. It does not slip or skid in any way.


Both of the products available in the set come with a rectangular shape. Hence, you cannot use any of them with your commode. However, they can be an ideal option for the other sections of your house. There are currently six colors and three size options available for the model. So, hopefully, you will be able to find out a convenient product as per your choice.

Other Features:

The foam fabric available in the product is known to be pretty efficient in soaking up water quickly. Moreover, due to the snug construction, they can also provide a decent amount of warmth to your feet. It can be machine-washed as well.


  • Durable yet comfortable
  • Can absorb water pretty quickly and efficiently
  • Comes within an affordable price range
  • Its anti-slipping capability seems to be pretty efficient
  • Features six different color variants

14. Zebrux Chenille Bathroom Rugs

Are you thinking about opting for a more expensive bathroom rug from Zebrux? Then, this option from the brand Zebrux Bathroom Rugsshould be ideal for you. Well, yes, there are only two mats available in the set. But they are, indeed, a lot more durable than the previous option. That’s not all. They do seem to be better in terms of design as well. Both of the mats come with a rectangular shape. So, you will not get the chance of using anything in front of the commode.


As the name suggests – the bathroom rugs from Zebrux showcase the traces of chenille construction. Thus, it will be a little bit thicker than the previous material from the same brand. It will be much softer as well. The rugs are lightweight and, thus, can be carried from one place to another pretty easily.

However, the rubber-made bottom section of the products might not be up-to-the-mark. Even the manufacturers of the same have notified the users to keep the product on a dry surface. Otherwise, it might slip off.


The overall design of the product feels a bit conventional. It looks decent on most surfaces. But, aesthetic-wise, we do think that it could have been a lot better. You will get to choose from 11 different color options for the product. Thus, in a way, you will get to choose something that suits your choice as well as your home décor. But there are no size options available for it.

Other Features:

In terms of special features, the product comes with the backing of hot-melt technology. However, as we have already seen, it is not as efficient as it should be. But the good news is that the product can be machine-washed.


  • Decent designing and construction
  • 11 color options available
  • Offer a smooth and cozy feeling when stepped
  • Its overall water absorbency level is pretty high
  • Thick yet lightweight

15. Pauwer 3-piece Bath Rug Set

Yes, you have seen it right. We are, indeed, going to finish off our list of the best bath mat sets with yet another Pauwer 3-piece Bath Rug SetPauwer product. But, trust us, it is going to be an excellent option for you if you are thinking about going for something budget-friendly. Unlike most other mat sets available on our list, this one comes with three different products, which is a definitive upgrade. Each of the products does seem pretty good, in terms of both design and durability. Aside from that, they are quite versatile as well.


The material that has been used to create the Pauwer 3-piece Bath Rug Set is polypropylene. In essence, it is not really soft like microfiber or chenille. But it, indeed, offers a lot of comfort and gets the job done.

In addition, the bottom section of the same features a rubber backing, which seems to be anti-slip as well. However, there is a hitch. The durability of it is not really top-notch. But it is somewhat decent.


As mentioned before, there are three different bath mats available in this particular set of Pauwer. It comes as a rectangular, U-shaped, and circle-shaped set. Each of them features a matte-like color finish and does look really amazing on almost any background. The pattern of the products does seem to be quite decent as well. So, in short, design-wise, the bath set is definitely likable.

Other Features:

Owing to the manufacturing technique, the mat set seems to be quite elastic. The polyester fabric available in it helps soak water more quickly and profoundly. Furthermore, the mats are also machine-washable, which, in turn, makes their overall maintenance procedure much easier. They tend to get dried pretty swiftly as well.


  • One of the most affordable bath mat sets in the market
  • Comes with an exquisite outlook
  • Comes with the capability of soaking up a lot of water
  • It feels quite soft and smooth
  • Available in seven different color options


In essence, if you want to make the environment of your bathroom safer and more stylish, then using a bath mat set Top 15 Best Bath Mat Sets in 2020would be ideal for you. They are soft, comfortable, and help you to avoid slipping-related injuries. Moreover, owing to their modish design and construction, you can use them almost anywhere in your house. Sounds convenient, right?

Nevertheless, buying the best bathroom mat set in today’s market is quite hectic and challenging. Thus, you should never opt for a product just because it belongs to a famous brand. Aside from that, you would also have to check its salient features and evaluate them to check if it is ideal for you or not.

This is where our listicle comes to your rescue. In the write-up, we have already provided information about everything that you need to buy the best bath mat from the market. Furthermore, hopefully, our product reviews are going to help you out in this aspect as well. Just make sure to follow everything in a proper manner and make the best decision in accordance with it. Happy shopping!