Your lawn needs regular watering and fertilizer, just like it needs frequent trimming of grass. Keeping the lawn clean Top 15 Best Cordless Lawn mowers in 2020of weeds is important for keeping it and the plants in good health. You will need a lawnmower to do the job and a cordless unit seems to be an ideal choice if you want to keep things light and quiet.

A cordless, battery-powered lawnmower is small and starts with the push of a button. It is a more environmental-friendly and less expensive than a gas-powered mower.

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Cordless vs. Corded Electric Lawnmowers

Both types are electric lawnmowers and people love them for their lightweight structure, quiet operation, no tailpipe emissions, and inexpensive maintenance. The choice ultimately narrows into two categories – corded and cordless. Let’s see how they differ from each other:

Operational Time

Both types draw power from an electrical outlet. But, you need to keep the corded unit plugged into an electrical outlet while the cordless one reserves that power into a built-in battery. For this reason, the corded machines have an unlimited runtime as long as the electricity supply is there. The cordless mowers can run for 20 to 90 minutes on a single charge. As their power is limited by the battery capacity, they are suitable for mowing smaller lawns.Top 15 Best Cordless Lawn mowers in 2021

Coverage Limit

Distance limit does not hold the functionality of a cordless lawnmower in check. Once charged, you can take it wherever you want and cut grass until the battery drains out.

But, the corded mowers can cover a specific distance (usually 100 feet) from the electrical outlet. You can use an extension cord to extend the coverage area but it is not recommended. The extension cable can have a voltage drop due to electrical resistance, causing the machine to overheat and slow down.


Electrical mowers have less weight than the gas-powered machines but the cordless units are the heavier of the two types. It is because they have to carry the extra weight of the battery, which can add up to 30 more pounds than its corded counterpart.


You need to perform the basic upkeep for both cordless and corded units like keeping them clean, sharpening the blades, fixing if any component is worn out. But, a cordless unit needs extra care because of having a battery. You have to recharge it after every mowing session. The battery will eventually wear out after 5 to 7 years and you have to replace it then.


Cordless units are the expensive ones because of having the battery. The price difference is significant but it seems to be worth it because of their unique benefits.

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Advantages of Cordless Lawnmowers

Cordless lawnmowers are usually expensive and require extra care and maintenance. But, they are still popular because there are some advantages that the corded units can’t offer:

Cordless Operation

The most coveted benefit of purchasing a cordless mower is that there is no need to drag an extension cord around the yard. Its lead-acid or lithium-ion battery conserves energy that you can later convert into mechanical power.Top 15 Best Cordless Lawn mowers in 2021


Dragging an electrical cord around the yard is potentially dangerous. There are risks of shocks and electrocution if the cable is frayed or damaged. Also, you can trip over on the cord while cutting the grass. The cordless mowers don’t have any of these problems.

Easy to Use

The user interface of a cordless mower is quite simple to operate. There is no need to refill gas in a tank or plug into an electrical outlet. They start just with the press of a button and running the device is so easy that even a kid can operate it.

Quiet Operation

All types of electric mowers operate quietly. You can mow the grass without disturbing the neighbors and people in your home.

No Restriction of Movements

You can take a cordless mower anywhere you want to cut the grass as long as it has a fully charged battery. There is nothing to worry about finding a power source nearby.


If you care about the environment, a cordless mower is a great choice. The gas-powered mowers burn gas and spew out pollutants every time you use them. Also, they fill the air with fumes. The cordless units are free of these problems and they run on emission-free power.

Convenient Storage

You have to be cautious when storing a gas or corded mower. There could be oil spillage from a gas unit if you store it at a wrong angle. The cord of a corded unit also creates a mess. But, a cordless device can be stored at any angle to maximize the available space.

Disadvantages of Cordless Lawn Mowers

No electrical appliance is free of flaws. The cordless mowers also have their downsides:

Characteristics of Best-Quality Lawn Mowers

There is a broad range of cordless mowers available in the market. If you are a new user, all the options will appear to be pretty overwhelming. Look out for these characteristics as they will help you determine the worth of your chosen model.

Design & Features

A cordless lawnmower has to well-designed that is made of durable materials, has the adequate height, options for cutting power adjustment, and an energy-efficient motor.

It could be either a push-style or a self-propelled device. The first one requires powering up in forward and reverse while the second one comes with powered rear wheels that run the device in a forward or reverse direction. In the case of a self-propelled unit, the user does not need to do anything except for controlling the speed and direction.

The cordless mowers used to be sleeker and narrower than the gas-powered units. But, plenty of wider models available these days and you can find them in the 20″ to 22″ range. The width indicates the deck size of the mower. The wider the deck the bigger the cutting swath will be, which means you will need fewer passes to cut a lawn. Options for adjusting the deck height are a nice addition since different types of grass need to be mowed at different heights.

Also, don’t forget to check for other features like the simplicity of adjusting the cutting blade’s heights and position of the handle, the easiness of removing and inserting the battery, and a few more bells and whistles.

Power & Performance

The power of a cordless unit solely depends on the battery. The devices have batteries from 20V to 120V and a powerful cell can tackle tough mowing jobs. However, you may not want to purchase a mower with a high-voltage battery because more power means a large battery and a large battery means extra weight and higher cost.

A highly powerful battery can be overkill sometimes. People use cordless mowers for trimming small yards and a Top 15 Best Cordless Lawn mowers in 2021battery within the 40V-56V range is enough for normal use.

Another battery feature to focus is whether the battery is removable or not. A built-in battery will hold more charge than a removable cell but the latter has some unique plus points. You can increase the runtime of the mower by changing the removable battery with a freshly recharged one. Also, a removable cell is easier to replace when the default one dies out.

Most cordless units come with the option of mulching the grass clippings until they are finely diced. This is called mulching and it helps with decomposing. There is an option for bagging the clippings too but most cordless mowers don’t do a good job with bagging.

Other Features

A mower has to be safe so that there is no risk of an accident even if you are not very careful. Safety features like preventing the device from running when not engaged and a locking mechanism that keeps the battery in place.

The handle is likely to have a safety bar on it that has to be in a certain place for the mower to run. You should be able to hold the bar easily in the place. Otherwise, things could be tiring if it requires a tight grip. Also, the handle should ergonomic and possibly with a padding to facilitate easy gripping.

Also, many mowers come with a folding option for easy storage. If you have a small space for storing the device, find out its size after it folds up.

What are the best cordless lawnmowers on the market? We’ve rounded up a list of 15 products covering everything from super-functional to budget-buy.


Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, GLM801601 1. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, GLM801601 Smart Cut(TM) Load sensing technology $$$ 4.8
EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower 2. EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower
20 in. cut capacity $$$ 4.8
Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Lawnmower Kit 3. Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Lawnmower Kit
21″ Steel mowing deck with 3-in-1 design – mulch $$$ 4.7
Greenworks 21-Inch Cordless Mower, MO40L2512 4. Greenworks 21-Inch Cordless Mower, MO40L2512
 Cutting Heights: 7 Position $$$ 4.6
BLACK+DECKER CM2040 Cordless Mower 5. BLACK+DECKER CM2040 Cordless Mower
Adjustment from 1-1/2 inch to 4 Inch high $$$ 4.6
Makita XML02Z Cordless 17″ Lawn Mower 6. Makita XML02Z Cordless 17″ Lawn Mower
3, 600 RPM for faster and powerful cutting $$$ 4.5
Worx WG779 Cordless 14″ Lawn Mower 7. Worx WG779 Cordless 14″ Lawn Mower
Uses two (2) 20V 4.0Ah batteries $$$ 4.5
BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless 3-in-1 Mower 8. BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless 3-in-1 Mower
Cutting heights: 1.6 – 2.4 inch $$$ 4.5
Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Push Lawn Mower 9. Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Push Lawn Mower

ETL approved

$$$ 4.4
Greenworks 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40L410 10. Greenworks 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40L410
Durable 20” Steel Deck $$$ 4.3
Sun Joe iON16LM 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower 11. Sun Joe iON16LM 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower
6-position height adjustment $$$ 4.2
Greenworks 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40B01 12. Greenworks 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40B01
17” deck is versatile and light weight $$$ 4.1
Earthwise 60420 20-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 13. Earthwise 60420 20-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
Single lever height adjustment 1.5″ to 4″ $$$ 4.0
Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower 14. Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower
3-in-1 functionality $$$ 4.0
15. Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill
Built-in push-button LED Battery level indicator $$$ 3.9

1. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, GLM801601

Among all the products, the Greenworks PRO-21 GLM801601 secured the top spot in this list because it is almost as Greenworks PRO 21-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, GLM801601powerful as a gas mower. Only a few mowers come with 80V or more powerful engine. With that much power, the PRO-21 works like a gas mower but in a quieter and cleaner fashion.

Design & Features

Unlike cheap lawnmowers that use plastic parts, the PRO-21 comes with a steel deck. It does not get damaged when bumping into every rock and other hard things in the yard.

Operating the PRO-21 is a piece of cake. Just push the start button and pull the bail switch, and it will start running in no time. The 10-inch back wheels facilitate maneuverability and the nearly 80 lbs weight keeps it firmly grounded during mowing and working in tighter spaces.

The 80V 5Ah Li-Ion battery takes 30 minutes for a full charge and runs the mower up to 60 minutes given that you cut only thin grass and mow low. There is a charger too and chargers from other Greenworks mowers are compatible with the PRO-21.

The seven height settings – from 1 ¼ to 3 ⅝ inches – are enough for cutting the grass in your yard. A higher position will be better for handling thick grass but an electric lawnmower is not designed for that kind of mowing.

Power & Performance

The PRO-21 is as powerful as a 160cc gas-powered mower. The brushless motor technology produces more torque without heating up the engine and draining the battery. The ‘smart cut’ feature saves more energy as it automatically increases the speed for taller, thicker grass and reduces it for shorter, thinner grass. The mower is not self-propelled but you don’t need to struggle much for a smooth mowing job.

Many electric mowers struggle with mulching and bagging the grass, but not the PRO-21. It neatly bags the clippings and chews them up properly for mulching. You can also side-discharge them without any issue.

Other Features              

The handle’s foam cover is annoying because it moves and curls when you lift and turn the mower. However, storage is a breeze since you can turn the handle and lower the handlebar. It is possible to store it both vertically and horizontally, with the first option is more space-saving.

There is a safety lockout button that eliminates the risk of turning the device accidentally. You have to push the safety button to pull the bail switch towards the rear handle and then release the button to start the mower. When needed, just release the bail switch to cease the motor operation.

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty for the mower while it is two years for the battery and charger.



2. EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

With a surprising amount of cutting power and quiet operation, the EGO Power+ LM2001 lawnmower is a popular EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Moweroption for lighter mowing tasks. The mower has several user-friendly features. It also looks stylish, making you look smart when you are doing the yard duty.

Design & Features

Looks don’t matter when it’s a lawnmower but you have to appreciate the streamlined, futuristic appearance of the LM2001. It has a push-button starter, a foldable handle, a 20-inch cutting deck, and a 56V Li-Ion battery. It does not take more than 30 minutes for a full charge with the fan-cooled rapid charger and runs up to 55 minutes for a moderate use.

The 56.2 lbs weight is heavy but much lighter than any standard 20-inch mower. Pushing the device is easy and does not tire your hands after 5 minutes.

The rear-facing panel accommodates a 15-gallon nylon clippings bag. You leave it off and use the mulching insert and side discharge chute instead.

Power & Performance

You can expect the battery to run between 40 to 55 minutes on a single charge, which is enough to trim one or two moderately-thick small lawns. It performs smoothly when the grass size is less than 2 inches. There are 5 height adjustments between 1.2 to 3.5 inches.

Set the deck height to the third position and it will show an impressive performance in mowing an ultra-thick Zoysia lawngrass too. However, the lowest setting is not suitable for thick grass.

At $500+ price range, the LM2001 does not come cheap and an extra battery will cost a few hundred dollars more. But, it gives a stellar performance as a high-quality cordless mower. Also, the batteries are compatible with other EGO Power+ tools.

Other Features

Handling the mower is safe since you have to pull back the bail lever and press the start button to run it. Releasing the bail lever will stop the motor function immediately. There are LED headlights on both sides of the battery cover for mowing in the afternoon.

You can store the device in a vertical position as the handle folds down flat to the deck. Also, the 5-year warranty gives the consumers the peace of mind.



3. Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Lawnmower Kit

In the XD SXDWM82K, you will find an impressive mowing device from Snapper. It is a powerful machine that isSnapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Lawnmower Kit equipped with abundant cutting power. It handles uneven ground and has enough battery power to tackle your front and back yards.

Design & Features

The XD SXDWM82K is a brawny, rugged mower that weighs a hefty 90 lbs. The heavy structure makes it a tad challenging to push the mower but gives it stability and strength. The 21-inch steel deck can take all the pressure that the 8-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels put on it.

The bulkiness may seem uncomfortable but remember that the extra pounds (due to the steel frame and power motor) are tradeoffs for effortless rolling ability and impressive cutting power. Also, running the motor is a cushy job since it needs nothing more than pushing a button on the handle.

There are 7 settings for the height adjustment. Given to the length of the grass on your lawn, you can raise or lower the deck heights. There are also options for bagging clippings, mulching, and side-discharging.

Power & Performance

Speaking of power, the two 82V Briggs & Stratton 2.0Ah lithium-ion batteries. Can run the mower like a stallion. Each battery runs up to 45 minutes and takes 30 minutes for a full charge. Changing the batteries is a matter of pressing a push-style button.

Like the Greenworks PRO-21, it also has the load-sensing technology that revs up the cutting power when the grass is thicker and curbs it when the turf is thinner. The feature ensures the best utilization of the available power. Also, it helps with having a smoothly manicured lawn where all the grass clippings are cut to the same height.

Other Features

The handle easily folds down and saves 70% of storage space. So, there is nothing to worry even if you have a small toolshed. It is better to remove the battery when not in use. But, no need to do that if you are a frequent user.

For safe operation, you will need to depress the bailing lever for kicking the machine off and release the lever for the shutdown.



4. Greenworks 21-Inch Cordless Mower, MO40L2512

The Greenworks MO40L2512 is a smaller, slightly less power, and obviously less expensive version of the PRO-21.Greenworks 21-Inch Cordless Mower, MO40L2512 The machine is powerful enough to keep you worry-free even if you let the lawngrass growing thicker than you should. The quiet, smoke-free mower is handy for light trimming tasks.

Design & Features

The MO40L2512 boasts of a strong 21-inch steel deck that ensures smooth rolling over rough surfaces. Also, there won’t be much wear and tear even if your yard is littered with small rocks, pinecones, tree roots, and other things.

It includes two 40V, 2.5Ah Li-Ion batteries that charge quickly and are compatible with other Greenworks tools. There are options for bagging, mulching, and side-discharging, allowing you to mow the yards the way you want.

The device requires no regular maintenance. Although, you can remove the batteries when you are not going to use the mower for a long time. The blades may also require sharpening once a year.

Power & Performance

The dual battery system is great as you can recharge the one while the other is in use. When charged up, one battery can offer up to 60 minutes of runtime. With the power of the two batteries combined, you can tackle any small to medium-size lawn. The battery life is better than average considering other lawn mowers of the same price range.

The ‘smart cut’ technology ensures the optimal battery usage by increasing the speed and then throttling it back depending on the size and density of the grass.

The MO40L2512 has options for bagging grass clipping, mulching, and side-discharging. However, the discharging chute does not throw clippings very far. Also, it does not perform well on grounds filled with wet, dense leaves, leading to clogging the motor function.

Other Features

The mower is a breeze to store and you can keep it in both vertical and horizontal positions. It does not have any headlights for twilight mowing but it is more of a gimmick because people hardly use the feature.

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty for the mower and 2 years for the battery.



5. BLACK+DECKER CM2040 Cordless Mower

The Black+Decker CM2040 is a nice solution for keeping your yards clean in a quiet, eco-friendly manner. The 20-BLACK+DECKER CM2040 Cordless Mowerinch mower is available at an affordable price range. It could use more power, though, because the 40V MAX Li-Ion battery might not be enough for a moderately-sized lawn.

Design & Features

With a streamlined structure and black/orange housing, the CM2040 is a looker. The 20-inch cutting deck is strong enough to handle the constant use and abuse. At 43.5 lbs, it is way lighter than most 20-inch gas lawnmowers.

It comes with two 40V MAX lithium-ion batteries, a 20-inch cutting deck, six height adjustments, and a huge 15-gallon grass bag. There is also an option for mulching and a chute for side discharge.

Operating the mower is a doddle as you just have to press the start button and pull back the bail lever.

Power & Performance

The CM2040 comes with two batteries and each one provides 30 minutes of runtime. The timing seems perfect for mowing a small lawn with medium thick grass or a medium lawn with thin layers of grass. It takes two hours to fully recharge a completely drained battery.

However, the AutoSense Technology saves energy since it changes the motor speeds depending on the thickness of the grass. As a result, you can have an extended runtime. There is a button at the top of the battery. Pressing it will show you the percentage of the remaining charge.

Another impressive feature is the EDHEMAX design that ensures maximum cutting around the corners and that there is no patch left around the edges.

The CM2040 offers the mulching and bagging of the clippings. It also leaves a good amount of clippings on the ground.

Other Features                                     

The handle folds neatly to help with tight storage space. It has a safety key and the motor shuts down immediately upon the release of a bail handle. Another nice addition is a covered storage section for the second battery.

Black+Decker offers a three-year warranty for this product.



6. Makita XML02Z Cordless 17″ Lawn Mower

If you are tired of the fume-belching, gas-guzzling gas mowers and fed-up of dealing with their gummed up Makita XML02Z Cordless 17″ Lawn Mowercarburetors, try the Makita XML02Z. The cordless electric mower will neatly trim your lawn without emitting smoke or leaking oil. The quiet operation is a bonus. However, the price point (just shy of $350) seems a bit ambitious considering the flimsy plastic body and the brittle blade.

Design & Features

It is true that the body casing of Makita XML02Z is plastic and the two 18V LXT 5Ah batteries don’t run more than 30 minutes. Consider these frustrating performance features as trade-offs for some fantastic add-ons.

The plastic body keeps the weight within 45 lbs, which makes it easier to push the mower without tiring the hands. The rubberized soft-grip handle makes the experience even more comfortable.

The push-button start feature and LED power indicators enhance the user experience. The jolt-suppressing start system prolongs the motor’s lifespan.

Power & Performance

The XML02Z has a powerful motor that offers 3,600 RPM for quick neat cutting. The 17-inch cutting deck, 13 quick-adjustment cutting heights, and a 13-gallon grass collector bag further enhance the motor performance.

Pairing up such a dynamic motor with a frail blade and plastic body comes as a surprise. A few pounds would be great as the extra weight would increase maneuverability over knotty, uneven ground.

With the 13-setting height adjustment options, the XML02Z will surprise you with its cutting power. You will get a neatly trimmed lawn with no disheveled or rough patches left behind. Also, it shows a high resistance against water and dust because of having the Extreme Protection Technology (XPT).

The mower does not have any option for mulching and side discharging. The 13-gallon catcher bag seems to be the redemption as you don’t need to interrupt mowing for disposing of the clippings.

Other Features

Shutting down the machine is a cinch as you just need to release the bailing lever. What’s better is it will halt the function without killing the motor.

Makita offers a 3-year limited warranty for the product but thoroughly read the terms and conditions. Otherwise, you can unwittingly void the warranty.



7. Worx WG779 Cordless 14″ Lawn Mower

The Worx WG779 is a popular lawnmower. The less than $250 price tag seems affordable while the integration of a Worx WG779 Cordless 14″ Lawn Mowerfew innovative features makes it a good buy within a budget. Without flaunting anything extravagant, it is perfect for taking care of your yards, lawns, and gardens.

Design & Features

The WG779 uses two 20V, 4Ah Li-Ion batteries that offer a moderate cutting power and generous runtime. It also comes with a dual-port charger so you can charge the batteries at the same time. There is an easy-to-see battery power level indicator on the top of the device.

The mower is only 33 lbs and the foam-padded handle makes it even easier to push the device. Although, the light body could feel bumpy while rolling over rough tracks.

There are three cutting heights and you can select them with a single lever. The 30-liter (almost 8 gallons) grass box is not super big but seems adequate considering the size of the mower. However, there’s no level indicator to see how full the box is.

Power & Performance

The two batteries can keep the WG779 alive until it finishes trimming a 5,000 square/feet yard. The patented IntelliCut technology helps to save the power in an intelligent way. The eco mode will run the blades slowly when the grass is short and thin, saving battery power. Similarly, there is a faster turbo mode for cutting long, thick grass. The three cutting heights will allow you to cut grass of different sizes.

The deck has been designed in a way that the machine can get close to the edge. There is less possibility that you will leave some untrimmed patches around the edges. Also, the WG779 trims grass neatly due to having a metal blade. Metal blades are sharper and work faster than the plastic blades. Also, they wear out at a slow rate, leaving you with zero maintenance work except for sharpening it once in a while.

Other Features

The WG779 fits in a small storage space because the mower is small and the handle folds away nicely. Worx covers the batteries with a one-year warranty.



8. BLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless 3-in-1 Mower

The Black+Decker MTC220 is a compact, limited-power cordless lawnmower. It is ideal for people who have a smallBLACK+DECKER MTC220 Cordless 3-in-1 Mower yard with not much grass on it. The tiny device fits easily in garage corner or tight storage space. The inexpensive price tag is a relief for those who have a limited budget.

Design & Features

The 12-inch mower is merely 10 lbs, making it extremely easy to maneuver. The small footprint is ideal for small lawns and gardens. It keeps your outdoor clean with its three different functions (mowing, trimming, and edging) and limited strength.

The machine is lightweight, thanks to the plastic deck and 12-inch cutting swath. A heavier structure would be great for better handling and rollover on uneven terrain. However, it still works fine when you are mowing a small yard.

Converting it to a trimmer/edge from the mower is easy-peasy because the mower deck is detachable and releasing the trimmer needs just the push of a button. There is a trigger on the handle that needs depressing for the motor to run. It can make your thumb sore and the wrist tired.

There are only two height positions – at 1.6 and 2.4 inches. More options would be better but the heights are still fine when you are cutting a small amount of grass.

Power & Performance

The MTC220 can be aptly described as a trimmer with a mowing deck because its cutting swath is only 12 inches wide. It comes with two 20V MAX Li-Ion batteries and each one lasts up to 30 minutes. But, the runtime may still be inadequate for trimming a normal suburban lawn because of the small cutting deck. It is unlikely to be an issue, though, because the mower I intended for small grounds.

A big-size mower is not the right option for cutting grass around the tight corners and along pavement edges. It also does not work well for chopping weeds and trimming overgrown shrubs. Doing all these things with the MTC220 is a piece of cake since you can turn it into an edger/trimmer by detaching the main unit from the cradle.

The highest deck setting of the MTC220 is 2.4 inches, which is still pretty low for a thick, lush yard.

Other Features

Cleaning the cutting is easy because you can detach the deck. The wall hanger option works like a charm for making the most use of a tight storage space.



9. Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Push Lawn Mower

If there is an award for looking good, the Sun Joe MJ401C will definitely get it for its cute, toy car-like look. Apart Sun Joe MJ401C Cordless Push Lawn Mowerfrom the cuteness, the mowing unit is an excellent choice for small lawns and yards. The decent performance and affordable price have made it popular among budget shoppers.

Design & Features

With a 14-inch cutting swath and 29 lbs weight, the compact machine is a great choice for elderly people. Almost the entire body is made of plastic, making it possible for anybody to push easily.

A 28V Li-Ion battery keeps the machine running for 20 to 25 minutes. You can select between three cutting heights – from 1.2 to 2.5 inches – according to the size of the grass. The built-in battery is a huge disadvantage, though. You have to carry the machine to the garage for the recharge. There is also no scope for buying an extra battery and use it as a backup.

The MJ401C is not a workhorse but it will get the job done as long as the ground is not wet and the grass is not too thick or tall. The wheels are durable and the blade is made of steel, so the mower will smoothly roll over any terrain and provide a nice trim.

The 10.6-gallon clipping bag is sufficient for a mower this size and power. You can also attach a side discharge but the chute is sold separately.

Power & Performance

With 3 different cutting heights and maximum 25 minutes of battery life, the MJ401C does a decent job in mowing a small lawn or garden. Add the grass collection box and the side discharge chute to the unit, and it becomes a complete cordless lawnmower to take care of the grass problem.

The battery may last less than 25 minutes if the patches of grass are thicker or the ground is wet. Unfortunately, you cannot use an extra battery due to the built-in design and it will take 4 hours to fully recharge once drained. There is an LED indicator to tell you how much charge is left.

It is equipped with an electrical speed control feature that kicks in upon sensing taller, thicker grass. It’s a neat function that saves energy but it takes one or two seconds to start and that may leave a patch of uncut grass behind.

Other Features

The MJ401C is easy to start and there is a safety switch to prevent the accidental running of the motor. The handle folds up nicely for space-saving storage.

The machine is ETL-approved and has a 2-year warranty.



10. Greenworks 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40L410

Greenworks is a renowned brand for producing energy-efficient cordless lawnmowers. The MO40L410 is a smart Greenworks 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40L410addition to that line. The mower is equipped with a powerful battery and useful features that help cutting your lawn with ease. The $300+ price tag seems reasonable for a good-quality mower that comes with a battery.

Design & Features

The MO40L410 has a steel deck with 20-inch cutting swath. The strong body along with the 60 lbs weight gives it enough stability to conquer any terrain. The MAX 40V 4Ah Li-Ion battery runs up to 45 minutes. You can increase the runtime by purchasing an extra battery.

The dual battery ports keep one battery stored and another one is powering up the mower. It means there is no need to take breaks from mowing for the charging purpose.

Removing the battery from its compartment is tough. Depressing the battery latch does not open the door very far. It does not even open to 90 degrees while you need it to be 120 degrees for a good grip of the battery to take it out.

The large wheels take you over the bumps and uneven grounds with ease. You can bag the grass blades, mulch them over the lawn, or choose to side-discharge.

Power & Performance

The battery runs for 45 minutes if you operate it on dry grounds with thin layers of grass. There is a storage for an extra battery (separately sold), so there is nothing to worry even if you have to tackle a big yard or cut thick patches of taller grass.

The machine is equipped with the Smart Cut technology that increases the blade speed automatically when mowing a thick grass patch. The speed goes back to normal when the grass is thinner. The feature not only saves battery energy but also provides better speed when you need it.

There are seven height adjustments ranging from 1.25 to 3.5 inches, allowing you to set the mowing height at your comfort level. The options of bagging, mulching, and side-discharging allow you to have more control over how you want to manicure your lawn and yard.

Other Features

A simple power button starts the machine without the hassle of pulling any extra cord. Storing is a cinch too as you can fold the handle and keep the machine in a vertical position.

Greenworks offers a 4-year warranty for the product.



11. Sun Joe iON16LM 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower

If you prefer to be green but cannot stand the mess in your lawn, a cordless electric mower is the best option. The Sun Joe iON16LM 16-Inch Cordless Lawn MoweriON16LM from Sun Joe is an affordable budget-friendly option. It offers clean operation along with some advanced features to enhance the user experience.

Design & Features

A giant gas mower seems to be an overkill for a small yard. The small footprint of the iON16LM is the right choice for such tasks. The mower seems to be a well thought out and designed package that keeps a handful of useful features in a neat, compact shell.

The machine is lightweight (only 33 lbs) because it is mostly plastic and does not have the mulching option.

The 15-inch cutting deck, six height adjustments, and two cutting options – bagging and side-discharging, which make the mower a good option for small to mid-sized lawns.

Power & Performance

The iON16LM has a powerful 600W brushless motor that increases the efficiency of the 40V EcoSharp battery. It keeps running got up to 40 minutes and you can recharge the battery within a short time to resume the operation.

The steel blade and powerful motor keep the grass-cutting quality to the excellent level. It even handles tall grass well without showing the annoying stalling problem.

There are six height adjustments, allowing cutting grass from 1.18 to 3.15 inches. The 9.25-gallon grass bag is enough for such a small mower. There is an indicator window to let you know how full the bag is. There is a small gap between the bag and the rear part of the mower, causing the shooting of grass blades upwards. It does not happen when the bag is at least full by 1/4th portion.

Other Features

The iON16LM has a safety key that eliminates the chance of an accidental start. Sun Joe offers a 2-year warranty for the product.



12. Greenworks 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40B01

The MO40B01 is a small lawnmower with decent power. All Greenworks cordless mowers are equipped with some Greenworks 17-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower, MO40B01useful features that greatly enhance the user experience. This particular unit is not an exception.

Design & Features                                                        

The compact mower wears a stylish look with its green/black body, makes you look smart when you are cutting grass in your lawn. The 17-inch deck and steel blade cut grass with the utmost precision.

The machine does not come with a 40V 4Ah Li-Ion battery but it does not come with one. Purchasing the battery and the charger will cost more than a hundred bucks.

The MO40B01 weighs almost 41 lbs, which is lighter than most other Greenworks mowers in this list. However, it still has enough load to smoothly maneuver on the ground. The 7-inch front wheels and 8-inch rear wheels roll over any terrain like a charm.

Power & Performance

The MO40B01 is a small mower that is suitable for mowing medium to small yards and gardens. The battery runs for 60 minutes on smooth grounds with thin grass. The quick-recharging time makes machine an absolute pleasure to do the mowing job.

The 17-inch cutting deck and lightweight feature help it to keep a compact structure. Even the elderly people can easily push it. Also, it runs well through tall wet grass and patches of weeds.

There are five height adjustment options ranging from 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch. You can choose the cutting height that suits your lawn the best. One good thing is the adjustment lever lower or raises all the wheels at once. You don’t need to waste time on fixing them separately.

Apart from mowing, the MO40B01 also has bagging and mulching features.

Other Features

The handle of the mower folds nicely for easy storage.



13. Earthwise 60420 20-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The 60420 cordless mower from Earthwise is a great choice for taking care of all of your mowing needs. It is a solid Earthwise 60420 20-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mowerunit that can take lots of abuse and stay strong no matter how much mowing and cutting you throw at it. With a $300+ price tag, the mower is not cheap but it is highly reliable and going to last for years to come.

Design & Features

With a metal body, steel deck, and large wheels, the machine weighs a whopping 53 lbs. It is heavy and shoving it around the lawn quickly becomes a tiresome chore. You should be physically strong to be able to operate the mower.

However, the extra weight helps with precise and neat trimming of grass and smooth maneuverability. Also, the ergonomic handle with the cushioned cover helps to have a comfortable, firm grip.

It comes with two 40V (one is 4Ah and the other is 2Ah) Li-Ion batteries. You can easily remove them for charging separately. There is an LED monitor that displays the remaining energy percentage of the battery.

Power & Performance

Each of the batteries provides up to 45 minutes of runtime. With the power of the two batteries combined, you will have more than one hour of mowing time, which is enough for any small to medium-sized yard. A full recharge does not take more than two hours.

The convenient 7-position height settings, ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches, do an excellent job in tailoring the turf to just the right height. A single lever does all the lowering and lifting, so you don’t need to stop every time the height needs to be adjusted.

The three options for bagging, mulching, and side-discharging the clippings seem nice. You can choose whatever options you like. But, remember that if you want to bag the clippings, it will add to the weight of the already heavy machine. Hauling it around then could be a real burden.

Other Features

The 60420 has safety features to prevent accidental kick off. You have to start it by using a safety key and pushing a button. Also, pressing a bailing lever is required to keep the motor running.

Earthwise offers a 2-year limited warranty for the product.



14. Worx WG775 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The tiny Worx WG775 has everything going for it when compared to many bigger cordless mowers. It’s perfect for Worx WG775 24V 14" Cordless Electric Lawn Mowerthe small grassy patch in front of your house or the weed-covered backyard. Priced at just shy of $200, the mower relieves you from the worry of filters, leaking oil, and smoke.

Design & Features

The WG775 is easily manageable because it weighs only 33 lbs – thanks to the plastic body and compact size. It starts by pushing a button and there is no need to pull cords.

The lightweight nature facilitates smooth maneuverability and lets you cut wherever you need it. Even the elderly and physically-challenged people can push it. You can push it up slopes with no problem if your small yard happens to have slopes.

The mower runs on a powerful 24V removable battery. It offers 30-minute runtime that is enough for a small yard. There is a level indicator to show the remaining charge. When it runs low, just remove the battery from its slot and recharge it. You can also charge it without removing from the mower.

The WG775 offers all the cutting options – mowing, bagging, mulching, and rear-discharging. The grass bag capacity is nearly 8 gallons.

Power & Performance

The WG775 has enough power to trim a 6,000 square/feet surface on a single charge. But, the battery won’t run for 30 minutes when the ground is wet or the grass is tall and thick. Also, the mower won’t roll smoothly over that kind of surfaces due to small wheels.

The charger does not shut off automatically when the battery is fully charged. Overcharging can heat up the cell and cause permanent damage. So, be alert and unplug the battery when the charge is full.

There are six height adjustments that range between 1.8 and 3.3 inches. The lever is on the left side of the mower but changing the positions is a bit awkward because the lever does not move smoothly. Adjusting the lawn grass at various heights could be inconvenient because of this issue.

You can choose among three functions about what to do with the trimmed grass blades. The mulching option will cut and blend them nicely across the yard and the rear-discharging will leave them behind when you mow. Choose the bagging option if you want to dispose of them.

Other Features

There is no chance to accidentally start the mower because it comes with a safety key. Have the peace of mind that your kids will stay safe around it.

Worx offers a 30-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty for the product.



15. Blackstone 3-in-1 Kabob Charcoal Grill

If you have a tiny lawn and want an easy-to-maneuver cordless mower for the trimming, the MJ401C-XR-SJB from Sun Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Mow Joe Cordless Lawn MowerSun Joe is a nice option. It packs a decent battery inside a small, lightweight shell. The mower will do a neat job on keeping your yard manicured.

Design & Features

The MJ401C-XR-SJB is suitable for cutting short, fine grass on smaller lawns and gardens. Don’t use it on wet, rough, and weed-filled surfaces because the motor is likely to get jammed. Also, the small wheels won’t have the agility to roll over thick, tall grass.

The 29 lbs weight gives you no sweat. Anyone can push it with ease, which is a relief for senior people. Also, kicking off the machine is super easy. You just have to insert a key, push the safety switch, and press the trigger.

A 28V 5Ah Li-Ion battery powers up the mower. It can trim a 12,000 square/feet surface on a single charge. There is a built-in indicator that shows the remaining battery charge.

Power & Performance

The powerful battery provides incessant mowing power to trim up to a quarter acre of land. The built-in battery is a bummer because you have to carry the entire unit to the garage for charging. There is no separate charger and you have to recharge the battery by plugging a cord into it.

The 14-inch cutting deck coupled with the sharp steel blade cut the grass precisely in a single pass. The three-position height adjustment feature allows you to shape the lawn to the right height of the grass.

However, it is a small mower with a tiny motor. So, there will be a visible struggle when you try to cut thick and tall grass. Also, don’t run it on wet turfs and field full of pebbles and small rocks.

The 10.6-gallon grass bag is a bummer because it fills pretty fast and you have to take frequent breaks for disposing of the clippings. A side-discharge chute could be a solution but you have to purchase it separately.

Other Features

The mower is completely safe around children. There is no possibility to start it accidentally unless you use the safety key.

Sun Joe offers a 2-year warranty for the ETL approved machine.