Are you looking for an enhanced and up-to-date security system for your business or home?Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks – Guide & Reviews 2020

In today’s age where technology is growing by leaps and bounds every minute, an electronic door lock offers many advantages over normal door locks.

In addition to eliminating the need for a traditional key, these smart locks are built to include a plethora of different features. These digital locks are made to suit the needs of a variety of users – from novice to super-savvy, from simple features to highly customized ones, and from basic to top-notch security modules built into them.

Why upgrade to an electronic door lock?

The advantages of premium electronic lock cannot be undermined. They make the best investments for one’s house/office in the long run.

These are the most important reasons people love these smart devices so much.

ConvenienceTop 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020

There is no denying the fact that electronic locks are smarter and more convenient in comparison to mechanical locks. Smart locks come with the option to auto lock the door with every exit or entry thus adding ease to your daily life.

With its automatic keyless entry system, all you need to do is enter a simple pin, and you’re immediately granted access.

Safe and secure

Electronic locks offer you an advanced and high-level layer of security. Mechanical key-based locks are easily prone to picking, and electronic locks are safer in this regard. They are designed to be pick-proof and make you less prone to worry.

Smart locks usually come with the auto-lock feature (which can be turned on or off), to allow for added security upon every entry or exit. A variety of alarm and smart monitoring features add to the security of electronic locks.

Can’t find keys? No worry

Smart locks come with a secure code-based input system thus providing an alternative easy entry/exit option for individuals on the go. This means that you need not carry your keys everywhere, especially when in a hurry.

Hence, even if you happen to forget or misplace your keys, your smart lock’s keypad is always at your rescue.

Safety for children

Smart locks provide a very high level of safety and security. Thus, they are perfect choices if you happen to leave your children at home for a while

Usually, electronic locks can be operated remotely, thus ensuring you full control of lock operation, regardless of Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020where you are. Also, if you are concerned about your kids losing their keys often, you may give them an access code and get instantly notified of when they enter or leave the house in your absence.

Manage access control

These days, electronic locks are highly customizable. They can be programmed to store different access codes allotted to specific people based on their access levels.

You can set temporary access codes for guests, friends, workers or relatives for a scheduled period of time or on a one-time basis. These codes are wiped out from the system automatically as soon as they expire.

Hi-Tec features

Electronic locks manufactured these days come with several different functions and hi-Tec features. From touch-screen keypads and to a variety of modes and settings, these devices seem to have it all.

Electronic locks can vary vastly depending on the kinds of features they offer and it is important to choose a product with high-priority features for your needs.

Home Wi-Fi connectivity

Most smart locks in the present day come with an option to connect to your existing home network, making them easily operable remotely.

Adding an electronic lock to your home network ensures the required syncing and lots of convenience. It also helps one integrate it with a bigger home security system as well.

Voice recognitionTop 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020

Many electronic locks are voice-recognition ready and perform well with Alexa and other similar modules. Thus, you may lock your door or manage settings with just voice inputs and your smart lock will handle the rest for you.

Types of electronic door locks

Though electronic door locks have a vast range of features associated with them, here is a major classification on the 4 main types of electronic door locks.

Combination/ keypad smart locks

Keypad smart locks may have manual or touchscreen keypads and require you to input a security code to provide access/exit. They have different customization options that help you to program your lock, schedule entries and grant/deny access to guest users.

Also, another popular option is the combination lock. Combination locks include in their design a dual-way mode of locking/unlocking. One is through the keypad as discussed above and the second one maybe by means of a key and uses a handle or deadbolt.

Wireless smart locks

These smart locks are usually connected to your home network over a Wi-Fi connection or are Bluetooth operated. They are easily operable using a mobile app or a remote control.

These are also one of the most popular kinds of smart locks opted by individuals from all over the world.

RFID locks

RFID locks are great options for your business/office space. These operate by means of a card that is programmed to Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020unlock doors based on the access levels programmed into it. The card is tapped onto the sensor of your smart lock to unlock it.

Biometric locks

Another highly secure model is the biometric lock which relies on unique data like a fingerprint or eye-scan to grant/deny access. These are great options in an office where a high level of security is desired.

Features of premium electronic door locks

Premium electronic locks have certain features that make them to stand out from the rest. These include:


Durability is an important factor to consider when you are looking to buy electronic door locks.

Consider the kind of weather or temperatures the lock will be exposed to (especially if it is exposed to heat/sunlight/open to natural elements). If so, a heat or water resistant smart lock can make a world of a difference in ensuring that the lock stays in good shape all through the seasons.

Ease of installation

Electronic door locks must be easy to install and be a good fit for your door type. Before you decide on the type of electronic door lock to buy, assess your door dimensions and see if they are a match to the specifications on the lock you have chosen.

Installation and setup must be simple and should not take up a lot of your time. Do look out for a well-detailed information manual that helps you set this unit up in a jiffy.Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020

Ease of use

Another great factor to look out for is the design of your electronic door lock. Is your smart lock easy to operate and understand? Are all the users of your family tech-savvy and can take to operating complex features of the device in no time?

An intelligent, simple design that is the least confusing one is probably your best pick when it comes to a reliable door lock.


A lot of people may want their smart lock to seamlessly integrate and interact with smart home systems like Google Homes, Alexa or Smart Things. They may also want to integrate the electronic lock with home security systems.

Looking into whether or not the smart lock of your choice has this capability is another item you need to check off of your checklist.

Low battery indicator

A low battery indicator is probably one quintessential feature you must look out for while buying an electronic lock. Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks - Guide & Reviews 2020An indicator when the battery runs low helps you to make arrangements to replace or recharge batteries before they completely die down.

This also gives you enough time to order/buy replacement batteries and not deal with chaos/non-functionality in the lack of such a warning.


Another essential item to consider is the warranty period associated with the smart lock. Many manufacturers offer a good warranty period on electronic smart locks, and it is always wise to choose a product with a good warranty.

After taking all the abovementioned features into account, we carefully selected, reviewed and rated the top 15 electronic door locks in the market to date.

Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks in 2022

Picture Name Features Rating
Picture Name Features Rating
Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadbolt 1. Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadbolt
Voice recognition and Alexa-compatible 4.8
Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro 2. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro
Easy lock/unlock using your phone 4.7
Hornbill Smart lock 3. Hornbill Smart lock
Auto-lock after 5 incorrect entries 4.7
Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt 4. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt
Easy and quick installation procedure 4.6
SmartCode 917 by Kwikset 5. SmartCode 917 by Kwikset
24-hour temporary codes 4.6
Honeywell Keypad entry lock 6. Honeywell Keypad entry lock
Combinational design for easy use 4.5
Schlage Keypad Accent Lever 7. Schlage Keypad Accent Lever
6-digit code and 2 4-digit code preset 4.5
8. Tacklife EKPL1A
Sleek and attractive frame and design 4.4
Kwikset Contemporary Powerbolt 2.0 9. Kwikset Contemporary Powerbolt 2.0
ANSI/BHMA grade 3 certified 4.3
Hornbill Keyless Smart lock 10. Hornbill Keyless Smart lock
Easy keyless access 4.3
Kwikset 905 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt 11. Kwikset 905 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt
9V battery backup available 4.2
12. Schlage Connect
Z-wave technology for remote connectivity 4.1
OrangeIOT digital lock 13. OrangeIOT digital lock
Up to 20 user codes for additional access 4.0
MiLocks D Series 14. MiLocks D Series
Back-lit keypad for night operation 4.0
Hugolog JU01 Keyless entry 15. Hugolog JU01 Keyless entry
IP54 water-resistance 3.9


1. Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadbolt

Enjoy absolute freedom and security with the intuitive Schlage lock – operable from anywhere, at any time! With Schlage Encode Smart WIFI Deadboltthis intuitive lock, you can provide a secure and safe access for everyone at home in an easy and hassle-free way!


The Schlage electronic lock has a well-rounded and basic construction, and is made to fit on standard doors. It comes in a classic Camelot design with a smooth Satin Nickel finish. The lock is light in weight (2.8 pounds) and thus is easy to handle. The material that makes up the Schalge lock is fingerprint resistant and also has a capacitive touchscreen with an accurate and easy one-touch locking mechanism. This electronic lock is easy to install as well, and only requires a screwdriver. It comes with Schlage’s unique Snap n’ Stay technology that helps you easily snap the deadbolt on to the door.

Security features

This fancy electronic lock has a range of different features that add maximum convenience and security to its use. The device is designed to be paired with the Schlage home app or the “Key by Amazon” app to remotely operate it from anywhere. It is configured to securely store and work with 100 access codes, so you can easily grant permanent or temporary access to trusted individuals in your circle. Another great security feature that stands out is the built-in alarm technology, which senses possible security breaches and video recording (using the Key app).

Ease of use

The Schlage Camelot lock is truly one of a kind. This smart deadbolt is ingeniously designed to bring you maximum freedom and mobility with security. Wi-Fi enabled, the device is configured to instantly connect to your home network without the need for extra adapters or hubs. It also has an in-built voice control module that works smoothly when you pair it with an Alexa device. This unique feature is programmed to notify you whenever the battery on your lock is running low or when your lock needs a battery replacement (with its smart reorder function).


2. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

Embrace strong and secure technology in a seamless fashion! Invest in the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Smart lock and say Ultraloq U-Bolt Prohello to a life that is safer, easier and more comfortable!


The Ultraloq smart lock has a solid and durable construction. Weighing about 3.08 pounds, it has an intelligent and functional design. The smart lock requires 4 AA batteries and is black in color with a stylish Satin Nickel finish. The deadbolt is intelligently designed to offer maximum security and convenience with a variety of locking and unlocking options. The front panel of the smart lock has a central fingerprint area which is surrounded by easy-press buttons for mechanical entry. U-Bolt Pro has a simple and sophisticated design that blends well with all doors, and adds a chic and contemporary appearance.

Security features

The U-Bolt Pro smart lock comes with a 6-in-1 lock/unlock feature set. Its super-responsive fingerprint sensor allows you to gain keyless access into your house. This 360-degree fingerprint detection module can store and offer entry to up to 120 unique fingerprints. An attractive feature of the Ultraloq device is its anti-peep keypad. The intelligent keypad is configured to allow you to gain access with a random string of digits as long as your security code is embedded somewhere in this string. This works to protect your code from prying eyes, and puts you at ease about someone gaining unlawful access to your code. The lock can also be operated via a smart phone, an auto unlock feature, a mechanical key, and a unique shake-to-open setting that is configured into the device.

Ease of use

With the 360-degree fingerprint technology, you do not need a key or a phone to gain access into your house. This means that you may choose to stay hands-free and still unlock your door in the easiest and safest way. Its auto lock/unlock feature is configured to automatically lock and unlock your door as you leave or arrive and saves you precious time and energy. The device can be programmed to grant unique access for your friends and family members (using any of the access methods) by creating different profiles for them. The lock can be easily programmed to grant access for specific dates and periods of time and also add/remove profiles using your smart phone. You may access log records on your phone for information on who locked/unlocked the door and at what time/date. It also has a micro-USB slot to temporarily use the lock in case the batteries run out.


3. Hornbill Smart lock

Bring ease and comfort to your daily life with this simple and effective smart lock from Hornbill. Intelligent, efficient Hornbill Smart lockand basic, the electronic lock has a minimal and highly functional design.


This Hornbill lock has a simple, well-rounded construction that blends well with almost all types of doors. The lock features an oil- rubber bronze finish and imparts an elegant and sophisticated vibe to your décor. Its intuitive and sleek OLED display and solid zinc-alloy body makes it an ideal choice for an electronic security device. Weighing about 3 pounds, it has a solid, strong and durable frame. The construction and design of the lock makes it well-suited for homes, companies, hotels, apartments, vacation rentals and Airbnbs. The smart lock is well-suited for doors with thickness dimensions between 1.5 inches and 1.875 inches and runs on 4 AA batteries. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth mode.

Security features

The Hornbill lock can be easily operated using your smart phone – from anywhere. It has a simple touch keypad that allows you to enter in your secret key. This lock like the one discussed above also has an anti-peep system built into it, which allows you to embed your secret code into a random group of digits. The device offers excellent security allowing you to edit, add and remove access profiles, or even customize passcodes for different profiles just by using your smartphone. It is programmed to automatically lock for 5 minutes on 5 incorrect keypad entries – another handy security feature.

Ease of use

This smart lock has simple and easy to understand assembly instructions. It can be used with a hands-free remote control device using an additional Wi-Fi gateway module by Hornbill (not available with this device). The device is configured for easy and real-time access of logs, incorrect entries and wrong passcodes using your smartphone too. The Hornbill lock comes with a lifetime technical assistance and a 12-month warranty period. It can also be voice operated and is compatible with Alexa for easier and hands-free operation. The smart lock is constructed for durability in harsh environments and features a waterproof level of IP65 – withstanding accidental spills or splashes.


4. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

If you’d like to stay a little old-school and prefer a smart lock with a keyhole, here’s a brilliant choice for you. The Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen DeadboltYale Assure lock has an integrated keyhole-keypad unit, allowing you to switch between mechanical (key-based) and electronic (secret code) entry whenever you desire.


The Yale Assure lock has an intelligent and well-executed design. The integrated panel has a keyhole as well as a touchscreen keypad built into one smart and compact unit. The device has a neat Satin Nickel finish and is built to fit on standard doors with a thickness between 1.75 inches and 2.25 inches (lesser than this would require a thin door gasket). The set-up also requires an 8.125 inch face bore-hole and 2.4 inch/2.75 inch backset.

Security features

This smart lock includes a blend of modern and traditional key functionalities. In addition to the mechanical key-based entry, the touchscreen keypad locks/unlocks with a 4 to 8 digit pin. The device can be programmed for auto-locking behind you. Yale Assure grants you the option of creating temporary, permanent or scheduled codes to grant access to other individuals. There is also a nice option to upgrade your device to connect it to your smart home network using the Yale network module (which is sold separately by the company). Upgrading your Yale Assure lock enables you to enjoy Bluetooth-based operation and voice-guided assistance.

Ease of use

This intelligent lock has a highly functional and handy design. It is made for individuals who would like an option for traditional key-based entry, while also giving them the freedom of a touchscreen entry whenever they need to. This means that you have an additional way of locking/unlocking your door in case you do not have your keys or a way to grant additional access to roommates, family or friends without the need for an extra key. The installation and set-up mechanism of the Yale Assure lock is simple and quick.


5. SmartCode 917 by Kwikset

Are you looking for a simple and reliable smart lock without a lot of fancy features that do no more than drain your SmartCode 917 by Kwiksetbattery? Here is a nice smart lock that blends in traditional functions with just the right amount of smart electronic features.


The SmartCode 917 from Kwikset is a great mix of traditional and modern look and design. The unit features a strong, solid and highly durable frame that integrates a well-made door handle, and a mechanical keypad for code entry. The device features an electronic lever module that runs on a 9V battery that is included in the box. The SmartCode 917 has a simple and clean Satin Nickel finish and is a great choice for home offices, garage doors, closets and more.

Security features

Designed with the right choice of functions, this Kwikset smart lock adds strength, safety and security to your daily life. It mainly operates on three security modes. The first one is the “Auto Lock” feature that automatically locks your door on every exit and entry and is a great choice for garage doors, storage sheds and side/back doors. The second mode is the “Passage mode” which allows you to program your door to stay open/unlocked allowing access any time. The third mode – “Disable Passage mode” performs an auto-lock every time and is best for temporary entrants like workers and caretakers that may forget to lock the door upon entry or exit.

Ease of use

The Kwikset SmartCode 917 features a Halifax lever that is fully reversible. It is thus a great fit for both left-handed and right-handed doors. The system offers an easy way to program temporary accesses too. Its one-time code system is a great way to provide a one-time access to an individual. This one-time code is active only for 24 hours and is automatically erased from the memory once used. An added convenience feature is the Smart Key Security which offers a key-based option as a backup. The 9-Volt battery that is included has a battery life of three years.


6. Honeywell Keypad entry lock

Protect your home with the best security solutions from Honeywell. With features such as a convenient combinationHoneywell Keypad entry lock design, auto-lock and the vacation mode, the security of you and your loved ones is in safe hands.


The construction of the Honeywell electronic deadbolt is a simple and unassuming one. The design is a combination of a keypad based system as well as a key-based hardware unit. The finish of the electronic lock is smooth oil rubbed bronze that adds a sophisticated and elegant finish to the door and décor in the installed space. The package includes a mounting kit, an adjustable latch, a drilling template as well as instructions. The keypad comprises of manual entry buttons that are spaced conveniently. Overall, the design and construction of this Honeywell electronic lock is simple and uncluttered.

Security features

The Honeywell electronic deadbolt sports a few smart features that make it simple, reliable and easy to understand and use. The smart lock is designed to unlock with a 4 to 8-digit user code. The lock can be programmed to store up to 50 user codes which can be customized as required. There is also a special mode called the vacation mode that allows you to put your lock in a low-power mode. This mode disables all buttons and functions, thus helping you save on energy and cost until reactivation is desired. There is also an auto-lock function that can be set on this Honeywell smart lock if needed.

Ease of use

Due to its combination design, the Honeywell electronic deadbolt can be operated both by means of a key as well as keypad-based entry. This makes it a super-convenient and easy design to operate. The customization of the access codes is simple to carry out and the device is designed intelligently for quick understanding. Installation of the Honeywell electronic deadbolt is quick and takes just a couple of minutes to be set up with minimal requirements. The smart lock just requires a door with pre-drilled holes and a screwdriver.


7. Schlage Keypad Accent Lever

This traditional key or code combination smart lock is what you need to offer user-friendly security and access to Schlage Keypad Accent Levereveryone at home. The well-rounded construction and design of this Schlage unit is sure to blend in with your decor perfectly and with style.


The Schlage Keypad Accent Lever with a traditional Camelot trim design sports an accent lever and a smooth and aged bronze finish. The lock has a premium metal construction for a durable and well-rounded look. The unit is perfect for home offices, garage entry doors, utility rooms, computer rooms etc. and has been manufactured in China. The Schlage Keypad Accent Lever is a good fit for most standard door types and operates on 4 AA batteries. The handle on the smart lock is a great addition which offers extra convenience and usability to the device.

Security features

This Schlage lock has simple features which offer a basic yet strong level of security to you and your family. This lock uses a 6-digit secret code and a pair of 4-digit codes that are preset when shipped. The device is also programmed so as to include or exclude extra codes as and when required for temporary access. The Schlage Keypad Accent Lever also offers the option of switching between unlock and auto-relock. The grading of the security rating of this smart lock is an impressive “Grade 2 Higher Residential Security Rating”.

Ease of use

The Schlage Keypad Accent Lever has a simple and easy to understand construction. The installation and setup of this smart lock device is quick, easy and can be done with the help of a single tool. It has a handy low-battery indicator that intimates you when the batteries are about to run out, thus giving you enough time to replace them. The special backlit keypad is a savior when it comes to night time usage, especially during power outages. The two access codes that come preset with the device are included for quick and immediate use.


8. Tacklife EKPL1A

Bring modern security home with this sleek and wonderful little key-less smart lock from Tacklife. With its Tacklife EKPL1Abeautifully modern construction, it also offers the highest level of security to protect your house and your family.


The Tacklife EKPL1A is a sleek and beautiful electronic keyless lock designed to offer maximum convenience to today’s home owners. It has a crisp and clean appearance and a rich-looking Satin-Nickel finish. This creates a lovely visual impression while its sophisticated arctic silver scheme adds a modern touch and sophisticated vibe. The Tacklife EKPL1A has a compact and minimal construction and is perfect for apartments, homes and offices. The enhanced styling of the device makes it look classy, and blends in smoothly with your home and décor.

Security features

This beautiful looking smart lock has a great deal of features to make life easier for the user. The EKPL1A lock offers a high level of security i.e. the lock is ANSI Grade 3 Certified. This means that you need not worry again about how safe your child is, and if you can leave him alone at home. The device is designed for programming 6 user codes which can be between 4 and 10 digits long. You can also use one-time codes for granting temporary access to occasional visitors such as friends, relatives or guests.

Ease of use

The Tacklife EKPL1A is designed for easy understanding, handling and usage by today’s user. It installs very easily in a couple of minutes and requires only a screwdriver to set it up. The highest level of convenience comes from the fact that the Tacklife EKPL1A offers you easy keyless access.  This means that you need not be paranoid about carrying your keys, losing them or hiding them at any point. This lock can also be programmed for easy auto-locking after a few seconds if needed. The low-battery indicator, one-touch lock, back-lit keypad and auto-lock make sure that you enjoy the highest level of convenience and security.


9. Kwikset Contemporary Powerbolt 2.0

Embrace security and convenience with the ingenious design of the Kwikset Powerbolt 2.0. With this smart lock, you Kwikset Contemporary Powerbolt 2.0can control and be in charge of the security of your home and family with zero hassles and absolute peace of mind.


The Kwikset Contemporay Powerbolt 2.0 is a simple yet effective smart lock that is easy to use, handle and maintain. The module consists of a key hole as well as a set of mechanical keys to enter the access code. This lock is designed to work on all standard doors and runs on 4 AA batteries. The unit includes two standard keys and 4 AA batteries as well. The Kwikset lock features a smooth and polished appearance and its Satin Nickel finish adds a sophisticated and modern charm to its look and feel.

Security features

This smart lock is designed for both key-in as well as keyless operation. It offers a very high level of security and is ANSI/BHMA grade 3 certified. The Kwikset smart lock is programmed to automatically lock the door after 30 seconds of unlocking the door. The lock features Smart key security which helps protect your home/office from advanced break-in techniques. The user codes are easily customizable and you may program up to 6 codes for friends, family and occasional guests. With this Kwikset lock, the door can either be opened using the code/key from the outside, or via a handle that exists on the inside.

Ease of use

The Kwikset Powerbolt 2.0 is designed for easy and comfortable use. Your secret codes can be easily configured for customized access to multiple individuals. The installation is simple and straightforward and just requires a couple of minutes and a screwdriver. The combination design of the Powerbolt 2.0 is great for individuals who like the idea of retaining a key-based access while also having the flexibility and freedom to enter using an access code at other times. This feature is great for today’s fast paced lifestyle and modern life that is always on the go.


10. Hornbill Keyless Smart lock

The Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock is a classy and sophisticated solution to all your security needs. A luxurious, safe Hornbill Keyless Smart lockand enjoyable experience awaits you and your family with this intelligently designed lock.


This modern and stylish digital lock is compatible with all exterior doors made of wood and all standard wood doors with thicknesses between 1.49 and 1.88 inches. The smart lock is easily operable via a touch screen keypad, and also comes with a key if a keyed entry is preferred. The Hornbill Smart Lock is perfect for harsh environmental conditions and comes with a waterproof level of IP65. The operating temperature range of this impressive smart lock is between 20 degrees to 50 degrees Centigrade. It sports a durable Zinc-Alloy construction and a sturdy anti-impact frame for greater durability.

Security features

This keyless security system from Hornbill unlocks via a sophisticated touchscreen keypad. The system can be operated via your smart phone too, which also allows you to maintain a log of all entries and exits that happen via your door. An attractive feature of the Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock is the remote lock-unlock option using the Wi-Fi bridge from Hornbill (sold separately). This bridge also allows you to pair the smart lock with Alexa.

Ease of use

The Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock is designed for easy and simple entry via the smooth touch keypad panel on the unit. There is also a mechanical key that accompanies this device and maybe used to unlock the device if needed. You can easily create guess e-keys and passcodes/and even revoke them with equal ease for scheduled entry and exit for guests and friends. The feature that allows you to remotely operate the lock from anywhere in the world and its compatibility with voice-recognition devices adds to the ease of operation, but this requires an additional bridge to be installed with the device.


11. Kwikset 905 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

This compact piece of digital hardware provides absolute security to you and your family. The device only works via Kwikset 905 Electronic Keypad Deadboltaccess codes, and is designed to be pick and bump-proof.


The Kwikset 905 electronic lock has a very self-sufficient and minimal design. The unit is comprised of a keyway-less panel with only a couple of buttons to enter the security code. Designed to operate on 4 AA batteries, the Kwikset 905 comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. The device comes in three different finishes namely Satin nickel, Venetian Bronze and polished chrome. These three finishes are classy, sophisticated and add their own sophisticated charm and vibe to the surrounding space.

Security features

The Kwikset digital lock has an unassuming design but offers a high level of security. This smart lock is designed to meet Grade 3 security requirements and operates only via a security code. It is configured for easy and safe one-touch locking. Since there is no keyway, the lock is pick-free and bump-free, thus automatically adding an extra layer of security to the device. The lock is designed to store up to 4 user codes, which can be assigned to guests and family members. The device is also programmed for audible alerts when the batteries run low, another handy feature.

Ease of use

This Kwikset device is perfect for garage doors especially and also includes a 9V battery pack for when the batteries run out and you need a backup supply. The installation is easy, takes only a couple of minutes and needs minimal tools to set up. The keyway-less design ensures minimal worrying and more peace of mind. This device can also be connected via the Smart home connect system to Alexa and other similar devices to make daily life simpler.


12. Schlage Connect

The Schlage Connect lock is sophisticated, stylish and user-friendly. Here is a brief account of this impressive security unit.


This electronic Smart Lock from Schlage has a smart and sophisticated design with trendy looks. It has a compact construction with the touch screen panel as well as a keyhole way.  This combination design is very helpful for different individual preferences.  This electronic Smart Lock comes with the traditional Camelot design and is available in 4 different finishes. These include Satin Nickel finish, bright Chrome, bright brass and aged bronze. The Schlage smart Lock is compatible with doors with thicknesses between 1.37 to 1.75 inches.  It has a standard lock design which comfortably fits most residential one holed doors. 4 AA batteries are included in the box in which the smart lock device is shipped.

Security features

This intelligent smart lock from Schlage has a variety of Advanced security features for all round protection of your home or office. The device has a capacity to store up to 30 different user codes for individual access.  It also has a built-in alarm system which is configured with 3 alert settings.  The smart electronic lock meets high level security standards such as the Ansi grade-1 residential security standard.  The device is equipped with advanced Z-wave Technology for remote management and operation.

Ease of use

This Schlage electronic Smart Lock is specially easy to setup and install. It comes with a comprehensive user guide and installation manual which allows you to set up the device in a few minutes from the comfort of your house.  The Z-wave technology enables more convenient connection between the device and your home Wi-Fi system. The device is also easy to clean and comes with a durable touch resistive mat screen to prevent fingerprints and smudges on the lock.   The three alert modes namely- activity, tamper and forced entry, help add more flexibility and versatility in your security system.


13. OrangeIOT digital lock

The OrangeIOT is a refined and unique take on modern-day security systems. Read on to know what makes it so OrangeIOT digital lockspecial.


The OrangeIOT is designed to provide key-free access and has a combination design. It features a good, responsive keypad and also a mechanical key way option to serve as a backup. It has a premium metal construction with a vintage design and an oil-rubbed bronze finish. This construction could complement a variety of home decors from traditional and rustic to plush and modern spaces. The OrangeIOT digital lock is covered by a 1-year warranty period.

Security features

The passcode that is designed to be used with the OrangeIOT can be between 4 and 10 digits long and unlocked with just a few taps on the screen. This smart lock has the capacity to store up to 20 user codes for additional access for guests and friends. There is an option to auto lock the door in between 10 and 99 seconds of unlocking. The one-touch motorized locking feature of OrangeIOT could also be applied if you do not want to take risks. This helps auto-lock the door with just a tap on the screen.

Ease of use

This device from OrangeIOT is incredibly easy to install and comes with a detailed instructional video as well as manual. It requires absolutely no hard-wiring of any kind and runs via 4 AA batteries. The OrangeIOT device is designed for durability and smooth operation. Built for convenience, the main features of this device are its ability for smart unlocking, the IP54 standard build for weather resistance and durability, a low-battery indicator and anti-peep protection. Also, the premium metal construction and solid build also attests to its reliability and sturdiness.


14. MiLocks D Series

This is a combinational lock with a number of reliable and high-level security features. Its contemporary MiLocks D Seriesconstruction and dependable features make it a good option to consider.


The MiLocks D Series smart lock has a contemporary style that is a great way to modernize any home. It is a perfect fit for modern spaces and adds the right amount of sophistication to the surrounding décor. This deadbolt features a keypad entry panel with mechanical keys. The MiLocks smart lock can be used as a replacement on standard door designs and comes with a 25 year mechanical warranty, 1-year electrical and lifetime finish warranty.

Security features

The modern and up-to-date security features of the MiLocks digital lock are worth considering. The keyless key-pad system is programmed for entry of up to 6 user codes for access. The codes can be easily programmed into the device and customized to add or delete users in a matter of seconds. The MiLocks lock is thus a great option to consider if you wish to provide temporary access to service personnel, house guests or friends.

Ease of use

Installation of the MiLocks D Series smart lock is easy and takes little time. It installs with the same amount of ease on both left-handed as well as right-handed doors which are between 1 ¼ inches and 1 7/8 inches thick. The touchpad of the MiLocks digital lock is designed to switch on-off a backlit option which is especially handy during power cuts. It also features a low-battery alert that gives one enough time for battery replacements.


15. Hugolog JU01 Keyless entry

The Hugolog JU01 brings a new meaning to the world of keyless security and convenience. Make daily access Hugolog JU01 Keyless entryeffortless, quick and easy with this super-smart digital lock!


The Hugolog JU01 keyless lock comprises of a keypad-only design making keyless access a reality. The rigorously tested unit has a smooth, sleek and modern design which is coupled with a contemporary look and feel. The device is a perfect fit for homes, commercial spaces, businesses and offices and apartments. The design is fully pick-proof because of the absence of a key-way.

Security features

It allows you to program up to 20 different user codes as well as single-time use codes for temporary access to friends, guests or family members. The Hugulog smart lock also allows you to disable any code as and when you wish to. It is also configured for 1 single-use pass code. The Hugolog JU01 keyless lock can be configured for codes between 4 and 10 digits in length. The device can be set up to auto-lock in between 10 and 99 seconds of unlocking and also features a one-touch locking option.

Ease of use

The installation of the Hugolog JU01 is easy and takes minimal effort and tools. It fits both left and right handed doors and door thicknesses between 1.38 inches and 1.97 inches. The device is designed for low-battery consumption and is reliable and easy to program. It is IP54 water-resistant and functions in temperatures between -4°F and 131°F. Features like the vacation mode where all user codes are temporarily blocked and handy low-battery indicator are a welcome addition in the smart Hugolog lock.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have discussed in detail about how to choose an electronic lock that is perfect for your needs. Here are some frequently asked questions to deepen your understanding and cross some questions off your list.

1. What kinds of doors are compatible with an electronic door lock?Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks – Guide & Reviews 2020

Electronic door locks can be installed on doors made of timber, wood, UPVC, aluminum, glass and external doors.

2. Can I use an electronic lock with an existing door-lock fitting?

Yes, absolutely. You can use an electronic lock with an existing door lock fitting. These models have retrofit setups and are perfect for adding a layer of connectivity on top of your old hardware. Also, they are perfect for rented homes.

3. Are electronic door locks suitable only for indoor use?

No, electronic door locks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. But, it is important to assess your current environmental conditions and check if your smart lock is well-resistant to the natural elements. Choosing a good heat and water-resistant smart lock will go a long way in ensuring good health and durability for your smart door lock.

4. Do electronic door locks stop working during power outages?

No, electronic door locks work on batteries that last a considerable while (some ship with batteries, some without). Many models come with low-battery indicators that intimate you when the batteries are about to die, thus giving you enough time to replace them.

Maintenance tips for electronic door locks

Here are some maintenance and security tips to make sure that your smart lock stays durable and well taken care of Top 15 Best Electronic Door Locks – Guide & Reviews 2020throughout the year.