Top 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

When setting up a home theater, homeowners think of things like TV, sound system, headphones, and so on. With so Top 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2020 - Ultimate Guidemuch focus on technical aspects, most people miss out on one thing – a comfortable seating arrangement. Home theater chairs are an important part of the home theater setup for making sure you get a theater-like experience.

When you sit down to enjoy a movie or your favorite show, the last thing you want is to hurt the backside and pass the whole time in discomfort. That’s when home theatre chairs come into play.

Read our latest guide about the best leather reclining chairs.

What Types of Seating Do You Want?

Do you like to watch movies alone or with your partner? Do you have a family or like to host movie nights for a groupTop 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2019 of friends? There are several seating types for a home theater and the choices mostly depend on your requirements and personal taste.

For example, a loveseat or a single sofa is ideal for a couple. Bringing a recliner to the mix will make room for an occasional guest and give the option for spreading out when you both need some room and extra comfort.

A sectional is a right option for watching movies with families and friends. Featuring four to five reclining seats, it is ideal for a small group.

A recliner is the best option for a small home theater. If you have two or three family members, it is better to purchase separate recliners instead of a large sectional. We’ve mostly discussed recliners in this guide.

Types of Recliners

The chair gets its name from its reclining design. The backside of it reclines with the help of a lever or a remote. You can almost lie down on them and they provide excellent lumbar and neck support.

Depending on the design and reclining styles, a recliner can be divided into several categories.

Design-wise, you can separate them as wall-hugger, massage, lift chair, and rock recliners. The choice actually depends on personal needs and preferences. For example, a rocking recliner is ideal for relaxing and leaning back while watching a movie and a massage recliner is something that you would want after a long day at work.

Considering the reclining mechanism, these chairs could be either a power recliner or a manual recliner. As the names suggest, the powered version has an automatic mechanism, while the manual one needs to be reclined manually.

The Differences Between Power and Manual Recliners

Nothing can beat power recliners if you want the utmost comfort. They offer great support for the lumber, head, andTop 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2019 foot with features like a power-extended footrest and power-adjustable lumbar support and headrest. You can adjust and control all these features just with the push of some buttons. They provide unlimited seating positions so that everyone can find their comfort posture.

A manual recliner, on the other hand, offers three seating stances: upright, middle, and a completely reclined position. Of course, this version is less expensive than a powered model, which also requires a power supply from an external outlet.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home Theater Chair

With the guidelines below, you will be able to pick up the perfect home theater chair:

Design & Materials

Considering the dimensions of the chair is important, especially if you have a small media room or a living room with little space for an extra piece of furniture. Lift chairs are larger than a standard recliner. Keep in mind how much space the chair will take after re-positioning to a reclined state.

Weight capacity is another important factor to keep in mind. Most lifting models provide a weight capacity of nearly 300 pounds and they are likely to cost more than the lighter models.

Some high-quality theater chairs can accommodate even more weight, something between 310 to 340 pounds. Make sure that the chair can hold your weight. Otherwise, there could be a disaster if the chair breaks down.

Framework and upholstery materials are important as they determine the durability and longevity of the chair. Most theater chairs have a metal frame but some models may have some wooden features.

  1. Upholstery Materials

These could be of various types. The quality and type will determine the permanence and comfort.

A combination of nylon and polyesters, microfiber upholstery is soft and comfy. It is an excellent cheaper alternativeTop 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2019 to leather. Microfiber surface does not stain easily because the material repels liquid. Fabric is not common on recliners but you will find it in sofas and chaises. Chenille fabric is soft but you should go for velvet if comfort and luxury are your preferences. Vinyl is a dirt-cheap leather substitute that looks and feels like leather.

Leather is the most expensive and the best option if it is made of original leather. The breathable material provides the highest comfort by being cool in summer and warm in winter. The material lasts for years and its beauty enhances with aging. It is also easy to care for as wiping with a damp cloth is enough for removing stains and dirt.

The price of leather theater chairs varies depending on the grade and processing of the material. For example, top-grain leather costs way more than bonded and suede leather because it is original material. It looks elegant and lasts way longer than the other two types.

If saving money is the ultimate goal, a mixed material featuring a leather and vinyl combo is a good choice. In these chairs, the makers use top-grain leather in the areas that the body touches and the less visible parts are covered with matching vinyl. Another money-saving option is faux leather upholstery that is made of the underside of the animal’s skin. It has a smooth finish but does not feel like leather.

  1. Seating Materials

It is likely to be a foamy substance like memory foam or polyfill. There could be organic cotton stuffing too. Polyester fiberfill is a synthetic material that is soft and inexpensive.

But, when you are thinking of utmost comfort, memory foam is the right option. It contours around the body shape and provides proper support to the pressure points in the body. The quality of memory foam varies. The ones with high-resilience and cooling gel are better.


A recliner has several features to make the movie-watching experience as much convenient and comfortable as Top 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2019possible. Manual recliners offer some fixed reclining positions but the options are endless for the automatic version.

In addition, power recliners have some distinct features that make them more desirable than their automatic counterparts. They have power adjustable headrest for supporting the head and neck when you lie down on that chair. The power lumbar option enhances the lower back support while the footrest keeps the legs at the right height. Most of them have a lay-flat reclining option for complete relaxation or even sleeping. The memory button remembers your favorite reclining position.

In addition, theater chairs can have other features like cup holders, small storage pockets, storage option inside the armrest, and more. Some automated chairs have a battery-powered option so you can operate them without plugging into a power outlet.

Other features could be:

  • Accessory Dock

This is a fine add-on if you like to keep your gadgets and accessories close all the time. A dock is designed to hold your tablet, phone, and some have a swivel tray for drinks and popcorn. Fitting into the chair’s armrest, you can get these docks in various sizes.

  • USB Charging Port

Another great feature for gadget addicts. Ports are placed mostly on the outer side of the armrest. One USB port could have two to three slots to keep more than one device juiced up.

  • LED Lights

Another cool feature that increases the overall ambient aesthetic and reduces eye strain by adding a bit of extra light to the atmosphere. Fitted under the seats, the cool blue color emitting from the lights helps with the viewing experience.

A home theater chair is an expensive purchase. So, it would be better if you purchase from a company that offers a warranty. A one-year warranty is standard, but the longer the better.

We’ve rounded up short reviews of 15 best home theater chairs that might be helpful if you are not confident enough to make a purchase without some research.

Top 15 Best Home Theatre Chairs in 2022


Name Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Recliner
DIMENSIONS: 43″ H x 40″ D x 38″ W $$$$ 4.8
2. Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Recliner
two USB changing plugs $$$ 4.7
3. Esright Massage Recliner
2 cup holders and 4 storage bags $$$ 4.7
4. CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair
Seat Height – 20.5″ $$$ 4.6
Extra wide design $$$ 4.6
6. Homegear Recliner Chair
2 font storage pouches $$$ 4.5
7. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ludden Rocker Recliner
Seat height- 22.00 Inch $$$ 4.5
8. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair
9. Cup holders and storage pockets
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs $$$ 4.3
10. Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather Recliner
Black LeatherSoft Upholstery $$$ 4.3
11. Homall T-LR72P0 Single Recliner Chair
Material:High-quality PU leather $$$ 4.2
12. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Sofa
Maximum capacity: 265 lbs $$$ 4.1
FDW Recliner Chair 13. FDW Recliner Chair
14. Devoko Reclining Sofa
Dimensions:27″ (L) x 29″ (W) x 38″ (H) $$ 4.0
15. ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner
Sturdy hardwood frames and arm rests $$$ 3.9

1. Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Recliner

The Seatcraft Equinox home theater recliner offers excellence and luxury that can only a few other chairs in the Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Reclinermarket can match. At more than $1,000 price range, the recliner is expensive, but it gives no scope for complaining about comfort and amenities.

Design & Materials

Equinox is a beautiful recliner with automatic functions. The seamless design combined with black leather upholstery and visible seams makes it look flawless in any modern home.

The cowhide leather upholstery is nice and thick, displaying a premium feel and texture. Cool gel foam conforms to the body contours and keeps you cool at an even temperature. The surface is slippery and the tall seat makes it somewhat difficult for short people to sit on it as their legs on touch the ground.

The electric recline allows you to set it at any position you like. There are controls for several functions like adjusting the headrest, armrests, and a memory feature. The headrest supports the neck and the memory function remembers your favorite position. The armrests are for resting the arms, but they could be longer to support the whole arm, not just the elbow.

Having no owner’s manual is a real bummer as it is complicated to figure out the controls. It comes with only a one-sheet diagram that shows how to attach the back to the base.

Plus, Seatcraft does not offer any warranty for the chair and there is no instruction regarding how to get it repaired. These things should come standard for this price range.


No one likes to hold their drink or popcorn bowl while watching a movie! Seatcraft knows that! It offers enough storage so you can keep your snacks, gadgets, and drinks close to your hands. There’s no need to move your body every time you want to sip your drink or munch on some snacks.

The armrest storage is great for stashing some snacks. There is a cupholder on each of the arms. The swivel table is there for holding your popcorn bowl.

The blue LED lights create a visually nice display in the dark. But the light is so bright that it almost blinds everyone else in the room. Unless you are watching alone, don’t turn them on. Soundshaker is a cool feature that creates a bassy sound with the help of an amplifier.


  • Leather upholstery
  • Cool gel foam
  • Plenty of storage
  • A bunch of features
  • Power recline


  • Does not have an owner’s manual
  • No warranty
  • Short armrests

2. Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Recliner

The Pulaski Larson theater recliner offers all the comfort that one would expect from such a chair. The single-seat Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Reclinerunit exudes a premium feel with quality customized lines and visible stitch details. Available in four distinct colors, the Larson theater recliner can complement any contemporary decor.

Design & Materials

The recliner looks plush and sufficiently padded for a comfortable experience. The upholstery is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane. Despite being faux leather, it has a high-quality feel and is soft to touch. Cleaning is easy as wiping with a damp cloth is enough to remove stain and dirt.

The power recline feature responds with the touch of a button, offering several positions for a partial or full recline. Between a horizontal position for taking a nap and an upright posture for the better viewing experience, you can recline the seat to any point you want.

The chair is shipped almost assembled but with no instruction except for a schematic diagram. If you are not careful, it is easy to miss that you will need two separate electrical connections—one for the USB connection and the other for the reclining function.


The Larson theater recliner is equipped with plenty of bells and whistles. There is push-button storage in the arms and two large cup holders to hold cups of any size. The pull-out swivel tray can keep your laptop or snack plates. You can attach it to any of the arms and tuck it in the arm storage when not in use.

Two USB inputs and one AC adapter port is hidden in the arm storage. You can power up electronic devices and charge your phone or laptop without leaving the comfort of the seat.


  • Great design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Numerous reclining positions
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Two USB ports
  • Easy cleaning


  • PU leather upholstery
  • No proper instruction manual
  • Requires two electrical connections

3. Esright Massage Recliner

When choosing a reclining armchair, most people want the best deal at a reasonable price. The Esright massage Esright Massage Reclinerrecliner is comfortable, durable, and available at less than $300. It will make your movie nights enjoyable for years to come. You can easily gather two to three chairs to create the home theater seating arrangement because of the reasonable price and 33.1″(L) x 35.8″(W) dimensions.

Design & Materials

Available in a black PU leather, the plush recliner looks in a contemporary setting. It takes relaxation to the next level with reclining, massaging, heating, and vibrating features.

There is a remote controller to control these automatic functions, which is great for old and disabled people who would otherwise have struggled to play these features manually. The remote control function allows them to be independent and operate these chairs easily.

The massaging functions have five control modes with two intensity levels. However, it just vibrates rather than offering true massaging features. The experience will still be comfortable because of the soft PU leather upholstery and plush padding. The back cushion and armrests have an extra-thick sponge for extra comfort.

The back heater is an independent function that you can use without turning on the massaging function. Taking rest on it will be a relaxing experience because the manual recliner has 150-degree recline features while the chair rocks smoothly making no sound.

The footrest mechanism is disappointing because you have to push it in with your hands or legs.


The Esright massage recliner has plenty of storage options. There are two cup holders for holding drinks and four storage bags for holding remote controls, phones, tablets, and magazines. The 360-degree swivel tray is great for keeping a laptop or snacks bowl.

The rocking option and swivel recline are just perfect at this price range. The massaging feature is not up to the mark, but you can consider it as a bonus. Some people may consider the manual recline a downside, but the pull cord to recline is easy to access as it is located on the inside of the seat.

Color-coded plugs are good for elderly people. The back Velcro flap for accessing the plugs is a genius touch.


  • Suitable for a contemporary setting
  • Plush padding
  • Rocking, reclining, and massaging features
  • Storage pockets
  • Cup holders
  • Affordable price


  • Massaging function is almost nonexistent
  • Footrest needs a manual push

4. CANMOV Electric Power Recliner Chair

If you are looking for a no-nonsense power recliner that is easy to operate and fits most body sizes, this unit from CANMOV Electric Power Recliner ChairCANMOV is the one. Whether or not you want to watch a movie, the chair is just perfect to rest and unwind after a grueling day at work.

Design & Materials

The black recliner is padded, plush, and highly comfortable. The seat curves fit around your body contour and offer cradling comfort. Breathable bonded leather upholstery feels soft to touch and does not trap your body heat to make you feel hot.

The structurally sound chair has a wooden frame and high-quality steel backrest to provide enough support to accommodate up to 300 lbs of weight. With 37.8″W x 34.6″D x 40.6″H, even an overweight person can sit on it comfortably.

The power reclining function responds to just the push of a button. There are also backrest and footrest options for optimal comfort. It gently reclines to any angle from 110 to 145 degrees, which is great for reading, watching movies, napping, or relaxing. But if you have back problems, the lump in the back can hurt after a while.

Assembling the chair is hassle-free, and it comes with an easy-to-understand manual. You can also find some assembly videos on YouTube. It comes with a two-year warranty for material and workmanship defects.

Cleaning and polishing are necessary for maintaining the appearance of any leather product. The bonded leather gives no cleaning challenge. Just wipe with a wet cloth, no need to apply force or abrasive detergents.


If you are talking about storage, the recliner has it enough to keep your hands free. It has two cup holders, one on each of the armrests. There won’t be any inconvenience to get your drinks whether you are right- or left-handed.

Do you like to keep a magazine or book in hand while resting? This chair has a storage pocket on the right side to keep the magazine there when you feel sleepy.

The built-in USB port is another genius addition. Now, you don’t need to leave the chair to recharge your mobile or tablet.


  • Soft, plush seating option
  • Can accommodate 300 lbs
  • Built-in USB port
  • Two cup holders
  • Automatic reclining option
  • Easy to clean


  • Bonded leather upholstery
  • Hurt when you have back problems


Are you looking for an ergonomic recliner that is made of high-quality materials and feature multiple useful DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE CAM008 Recliner Chairfunctions? The Divano Roma Cam008 recliner chair could be the right choice for you. The price is also reasonable at less than $500.

Design & Materials

The nice sturdy chair available in a solid black color can complement any decor from mid-century modern to contemporary. The looks and style coupled with a decent construction make it a great purchase.

The build is made of fine grain woods and the upholstery is soft bonded leather. It may smell of chemicals for the first few days. Cleaning is hassle-free since you can just wipe pet hair and other dirt with a damp cloth. A faux leather treatment spray will further help with keeping the surface new for a long time.

Overstuffed padded seats and armrests keep you comfortable for an extended period. The seat cushion feels a bit springy, which you may or may not like depending on your personal taste.

However, the chair is small with 40″ x 38″ x 41″ (H x W x D) dimensions. Physically challenged and older people who struggle with getting out of a low chair should avoid this recliner because the smaller build makes your upper body lean forward. The backside could be a little higher for increased comfort.

Shipped in two pieces, the assembly of the chair does not require any tool. The base swivel is factory attached, which saves time and hassle.


The chair does not have any extra features but like cup holders or storage pockets. It has a manual reclining option, and the lever is located on the right side. The rocking recliner can keep you comfortable for hours.

Due to the rocking feature, the chair will be a great addition not only to the living room but also to the nursery room. You can rock it back and forth in sitting and completely reclined positions.


  • Plush and comfortable
  • Has a rocking option
  • Good for a nursery room too
  • Reclines to a sleeping position


  • Bonded leather may have a chemical smell
  • Few features

6. Homegear Recliner Chair

The recliner chair from Homegear brings comfort and style into a single package and at a decent price. With Homegear Recliner Chairdimensions of 34 x 37.5 x 42.5 inches, it will fit an adult quite comfortably. The weight capacity when not lifted with 485 lbs, which is good news for overweight people. This is one purchase that you will hardly regret.

Design & Materials

This unit is one fine chair that looks great with a stylish leatherette finish. The upholstery is not original leather, but the smooth texture makes it look great and quite fitting for a modern home. The chair is soft to touch and the padded cushioning all across the body makes your leisure time more enjoyable.

As the upholstery is a synthetic material, there could be a bit of chemical smell at the beginning. The material lasts for a long time if you take proper care and keep it clean.

A chair should have remote control functions if you are buying it for an elderly or disabled person. This recliner is perfect in this regard. You can control the massaging and heating options through the remote control.

The chair does not actually massage because there is no shiatsu feature or a massaging roller. But you will enjoy the vibrating feature as it has multiple modes. Coupled with the heating feature and the options to choose from high or low intensity massaging, the recliner can help you unravel at the end of a long day.

The chair recline option but you cannot do it without the leg rest up. The downside is pushing the leg rest down is quite difficult, especially for older and physically challenged people.


No more pausing the movie when you are getting your drinks. The two armrests have one cup holder each so there is no need to get up from the chair to get your wine, beer, or soft drinks.

The chair also has two side and two front storage pouches where you can keep phones, tablets, magazines, and small books.

You can swivel the chair to a full 360 degrees. So, you can just move it around without getting up and moving with your hands.


  • Complements the modern decor
  • Offers a soft, plush comfort
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Massaging and heating options
  • 360-degree swiveling feature


  • Pushing the footrest back is difficult
  • Upholstery is synthetic leather

7. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ludden Rocker Recliner

This Ludden rocker from Ashley Furniture will bring an extra element of style and comfort to your home. You can Ashley Furniture Signature Design Ludden Rocker Reclinerkeep it in your home theater, living room, or anywhere you want. Available at less than $300, the chair is designed to keep you relaxed and make your leisure periods more enjoyable.

Design & Materials

Ludden is a modern rocker recliner that brings a fresh element to any living or family room. The warm cocoa brown shade of ultra-soft polyester upholstery creates a bold impression and adds excitement to the color palette of a room.

The craftsmanship of this chair is impressive due to attention to details. The divided bustle design is complemented with pillow top armrests, corner-blocked frames, and metal reinforced seats and footrests. The puckered stitching offers longevity and creates a luxe style.

The chair is comfy with soft upholstery, high-resiliency foam cushions, and reclining feature. Measuring 40″ W x 43″ D x 43″ H, the generous size offers a roomy space to sit and relax.

The only downside is the footrest that does not have adequate padding on the edges. Also, it leans back to a further position with the footrest up.

The chair requires assembly. You can easily figure out the process with the help of the provided instruction manual. The assembly does not require any fancy tool except for a screwdriver.


The manual recliner is easy to handle with the help of a handle on the right side. Pushing the lever down is a bit hard. Elderly and physically challenger people are likely to struggle the most.

However, once you set it in a convenient position, the chair feels highly comfortable and supports the back. It reclines almost flat, inviting you to fall asleep on it.

Unfortunately, the recliner does not have any cup holder or pocket storage. You have to keep a coffee or side table close to keep your drinks, snacks, and gadgets.


  • Fluffy and comfortable
  • Rich color upholstery
  • Complements modern settings
  • Reclines to an almost flat position
  • Reasonable price


  • Not enough cushion in the footrest edges
  • Footrest destabilizes the reclining position
  • Pushing the lever is a bit hard
  • No cup holder or pocket storage

8. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair

Once you sit on this FWD Wingback chair, you will never want to get up. The luxurious comfort will tempt you to FDW Wingback Recliner Chairrelax on it for hours or take a nap. Crafted with the finest materials, the recliner is a super stylish chair that can compete with top-grade products in terms of comfort and endurance. At slightly over than $100 price range, the chair is surprisingly inexpensive.

Design & Materials

If you want to create a home theater with multiple seating rows without spending thousands of dollars, this is the chair to purchase. Theater chairs are insanely expensive, so this one will be a budget-friendly choice.

The black recliner features a sleek profile with a streamlined framework. The clean look goes well with minimalist decoration. Build-quality is good considering the price point. The legs and frame are solid hardwood.

PU upholstery is smooth and durable. Its waterproof quality makes cleaning a cinch. There is no need to be extra careful with your drinks around this chair because you can just wipe clean any kind of water spills.

The chairs don’t have any lever or button on the side. This space-saving design allows you to place them closely next to each other in a row. The 30 x 27 x 21 inches of dimensions are a downside, but a regular-size adult will fit into the seating space with no struggle.

Setup is a breeze. Unlike many other chairs on this list, this one is lighter with 58 pounds of weight. Just make sure that both sides are lined up and attached to the frame at the time of the assembly.


Wingback is a push back recliner so you don’t need to wrestle with a stubborn lever. Just push when you want to recline and it features a dual-function of reclining back and foot extension.

The backrest is a heavy-duty steel to ensure the best and stable support against heavy pressure and weight.

The chair does not have any cup holder or pocket storage.


  • Sleek, minimal design
  • Durable, stable framework
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Easy cleaning
  • Inexpensive


  • No storage or cup holder
  • Manual recline
  • Cannot accommodate large adults

9. Best Choice Products Executive Recliner

The Executive recliner from Best Choice provides amazing comfort and relaxation at a pretty affordable price point. Cup holders and storage pocketsYou will welcome the luxurious coziness of this chair after a long day at work. The massaging and heating functions will relieve muscle pain and relax the pressure points of the body.

Design & Materials

Cushy padding and soft PU leather upholstery offer a cozy seating spot for relaxing or leisure time. Despite the low price tag, the chair looks like a standard recliner that can be a part of a home theater setting.

Easy to clean, the PU material has the appeal of genuine leather. However, it could discharge a chemical smell during the first few days. In addition, the synthetic material is not as durable as original leather.

The Executive recliner is a massaging chair. But the function is more like vibration rather than massaging. Since the recliner has a fixed frame, you don’t have many choices. However, the five massaging modes will help you to de-stress after a tiresome day by providing mild massage to thighs, legs, and upper and lower back regions. You can set the massaging intensity and even turn on a heating option in the lumbar region, which helps with relieving muscle pain.

All you have to do to enjoy these functions is to plug the recliner into a power outlet. There is a remote control attached to the interior side of the left armrest. Even older people can operate it because the buttons are clearly labeled.


Each armrest has one built-in cup holder and there are four storage pockets at convenient points to store your accessories, newspapers, and magazines.

You can recline and extend the footrest by pulling a tab on the ride side of the recliner. A single pull will do both tasks, which is convenient for elderly people.

The chair also swivels but the function should be smoother because the abrupt movement can spill drinks in the cup holder.


  • Looks gorgeous
  • Blends with any color palette
  • Swivels and rocks
  • Cup holders and storage pockets
  • Great value for money


  • Basic massage functionality
  • Swiveling should be smoother

10. Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather Recliner

A recliner is the best way to enjoy a movie, read a book, or just relax during your leisure time. Your entertainment Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather Reclinertime becomes more enjoyable when you have this recliner from Flash Furniture. The budget-friendly unit is available at less than $300.

Design & Materials

The vintage style furniture piece comes as a set of recliner and ottoman. Both pieces have a lovely design featuring a padded surface and aesthetically exposed wood frames.

The chair’s features are basic but minimalist fans will love the simple look. The ball-bearing swiveling base helps with effortless spinning. The mahogany wooden base also adds to the visual beauty.

The upholstery is soft, but it is not genuine leather. However, the finishing is smooth and spot cleaning with a damp cloth is a breeze if you want to look at the bright sides. The padding is not thick and not too thin either.

You can recline the chair by pushing a lever on the right side. However, the armrests are not high enough to rest your arms comfortably when you lie flat on the chair. In particular, tall people will find that position uncomfortable.

The low height will be a problem if you are thinking of using it as a desk chair. A standard 28 to 30 inches high desk will be too high for it. There is no height adjustment feature to overcome this downside. However, the chair is a great choice for using in the lounge for relaxing.


The ergonomic design of the chair makes it highly comfortable. The seating area nicely contours around your body curve to ensure maximum comfort.

The limited reclining options is a downside. There are only a few postures to adjust to, which some people may dislike.


  • Beautiful, minimal design
  • Wooden base
  • Swiveling feature
  • Comes with an ottoman
  • Affordable price


  • Padding is not thick
  • Limited reclining options
  • Armrests could be higher

11. Homall T-LR72P0 Single Recliner Chair

Who does not want a good-looking home theater chair with comfort features? But you cannot go for the top-of-the-Homall T-LR72P0 Single Recliner Chairline products when the budget is a concern. Don’t worry. The T-LR72P0 recliner chair from Homall is here to put a smile on the face of budget shoppers. The chair looks good, feels good, and costs slightly more than $100.

Design & Materials

Homall T-LR72P0 recliner chair is a quality product at a low price. It becomes possible because the manufacturer sells the products directly to the consumers.

The recliner is small with 19.7″(W) x 22.1″(D) seat dimensions and the maximum weight capacity is 265 lbs. An adult can easily fit into this chair though large, overweight people may have to struggle.

The structure of this recliner is strong enough for surviving for years to come. The beautiful PU leather is soft and comfy to touch and gets cleaned without any hassle. Double stitching design further enhances its beauty. Sufficient padding all across the body makes it a necessity in the recreational area.

The recliner will never scratch the floor as four plastic feet that not only provide some elevation but also separate the chair’s bottom from the floor.

Offering both elegance and comfort, the chair could be an attractive addition to your living room, lounge, recreational area, and even the bedroom.


The chair reclines but there is not side lever or handle to initiate this function. You have to push back with some force to send the backside to a reclined position. The footrest will automatically stretch all the way up with the push.

The manual operation might be hard to perform for older people. There is no extra cushion on the back, which could be discomforting for small people with a back problem.


  • Sleek, modern, and minimalistic
  • Smooth, soft PU leather
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Inexpensive


  • Small seat dimensions
  • Manual operation

12. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Sofa

The fabric recliner from Jummico is another inexpensive theater chair in this list. At slightly more than $100, the JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Sofachair provides both style and comfort. Although the quality is not comparable to expensive top-grade products, this recliner stands out among chairs of the same price range.

Design & Materials

The Jummico recliner is perfect for sitting for a long time and watch TV or play video games. Do you want to sit for long hours without hurting your back? This chair is a comfortable option with its breathable fabric upholstery and adequate padding all across the body.

The steel framework adds stability to the structure of this recliner. The rubber feet protect the floor from scratches and the curved armrests offer a better fit around the contour of your arms.

The armrest height is disappointing. The low height does not give enough support when you recline all the way back to a flat position.

Jummico offers a 30-day replacement or refund policy for any kind of problem. You can claim a replacement for damaged or missing parts until six months from the purchase date.


You can manual recline the chair into three positions from 90 to 165 degrees. The positions are perfect for reading books, watching movies, and taking a nap. You have to push the backside with some force to send it to a reclined position. Coupled with the freely adjustable footrest angle, you can surely count on this chair for prolonged comfort.

Unlike many other theater chairs on this list, this recliner does not have any storage option, no pockets or cup holders. However, you can just overlook this downside considering the low price point.


  • Sleek design
  • Durable fabric upholstery
  • Curved armrests
  • Retractable footrest
  • Warranty is available


  • Low armrest height
  • No storage
  • Manual recline

13. FDW Recliner Chair

The FDW recliner chair is a good choice if you are searching for a stylish and smart seating unit for your small living FDW Recliner Chairor theater room. At slightly more than $100, the recliner is super budget-friendly. Expertly crafted for urbanity and fashion, the sleek unit can be the perfect accent for any modern setting.

Design & Materials

Streamlined, urbane, and modern. These three words perfectly describe the style of this chair. Made of brown PU leather and a wood frame, the beautiful chair offers stability for years. It can accentuate not only your home decor but also office settings and business places.

PU leather upholstery is smooth and waterproof. You can just wipe off any kind of water spill from the surface. The padding not plush but adequate to keep you relaxed for hours.

The solid wood frame, heavy-duty steel-reinforced backrest, and wood frame offer stability and support up to 300 pounds. The soft PU leather and high-density sponge padding make your movie-watching or nap time more comfortable.

The curved armrests further enhance coziness by cradling around your arm curves. But their height is not enough to provide proper support when you lie down in a completely flat position. Besides, 30.3 x 27.8 x 21.3 inches of dimensions indicate that the chair is not suitable for overweight or large people.

Installation of the recliner is a breeze, taking less than half an hour. You just have to place the back part onto the base and then screw the four plastic legs. You are done!


The ergonomic engineering of the FDW recliner chair offers great comfort to its users.

This push back recliner features a dual function reclining back and foot extension. When you push it to either a 120-degree or 160-degree position, the footrest protrudes automatically.

It does not have any storage option. So, keep a small table nearby for holding drinks and snacks.


  • Looks nice
  • Soft PU leather
  • Wooden and steel frame
  • Reclines to three positions
  • Inexpensive


  • Unsuitable for large people
  • Armrest height could be more
  • Manual recline

14. Devoko Reclining Sofa

Devoko recliner looks classy with a rich brown color and quality materials. It keeps you cozy and relaxed with Devoko Reclining Sofaadequate comfort features. If you want to create a mini home theater with rows of theater chairs, this one is a great option. Nothing can beat its less than $100 price tag.

Design & Materials

The recliner sofa will beautify your decor with brown PU leather upholstery and a svelte profile. An average-size adult with a maximum weight of 275 lbs can sit on it as the seat dimensions are 20″ (L) x 22″ (W) inches.

Durability is satisfactory since the frame is made of steel. Four plastic legs further protect it from the abrasive surface and offer some elevation. The PU material looks like original leather and cleans easily.

If you are thinking about comfort, this recliner could be a good option at a low price point. The padding is not plush, but it is enough considering that you don’t have any back issue or a medical condition.

Devoko offers a 30-day refund or free replacement offer for any type of quality issue. You will also get a free replacement for any defective or damaged parts within one year of purchase.


This recliner sofa is a basic unit that does not provide any storage. You have to keep a small table nearby to keep your drinks, snack bowls, gadgets, and accessories.

The manual recline allows the chair to lie down in three different positions from 90 to 180 degrees. You have to push back to move it into a sloping posture. The footrest automatically extends when the backside reclines.


  • Looks stylish
  • Sturdy metal framing
  • Waterproof PU upholstery
  • Good value for money
  • 30-day money-back offer
  • Inexpensive


  • Small size
  • Manual recline

15. ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Recliner

When you need a good old-fashioned recliner sofa, ACME Arcadia is just the right choice. It does not look like those ACME Arcadia Chocolate Microfiber Reclinersleek modern recliners, but something more homely that you will want to create a cozy corner. The less than $200 price tag is pocket-friendly.

Design & Materials

Measuring 35 (W) x 38 (D) x 40 (H) inches, the sofa is great for smaller rooms. The Oakwood chocolate microfiber exudes warmth and makes a corner or small place look cozier and more intimate.

The recliner is well-padded all across the body for crazy comfort. Although the polyester microfiber surface is somewhat rough, the adequate padding makes up for that downside. Hardwood frames give the structure durability and stability. The upholstery will stain with any kind of liquid spills so be careful around the sofa when you have drinks in your hand.

The seating area has pocket coils under the cushion. So, sitting on it may feel a bit springy.

The recliner requires some assembly, but it does not require more than a few minutes. You just have to snap the back on.


The chair does not have any cup holder or storage pocket. There is a side knob for pushing the chair back to a reclined position. A separate pull lever controls the footrest extension.

Closing the footrest is difficult and you cannot do it while sitting on the chair. It requires you to get up and use your hands to push it back.


  • Classic style recliner
  • Well padded across the body
  • Sturdy wood and steel framework
  • Side knob for easy reclining
  • A pull lever for footrest expansion
  • Reasonable price


  • Microfiber has a rough texture
  • Upholstery does not resist stain
  • Closing the footrest is hard
  • No storage option