We all love to spend time outside during the warmer months. But to transform the outside areas, such as your patio Top 15 Best Outdoor Lounge Chairs – Guide & Reviews for 2020or the poolside, into an inviting spot, you will need some comfortable furniture pieces. A couple of outdoor lounge chairs with plush cushions can transform the place into a second family room.

Just like indoor chaise lounges, these outdoor chairs provide a luxurious and cozy spot to sit back and unwind. Lying in an outdoor chaise lounge, you can work on your tan while reading a book, taking a nap, or eating snacks. With a chaise lounge, any outdoor place will beckon you outside during the summertime.

Tracing the origin back to the Roman period and being popularized in the Victorian era, chaise lounges have passed the test of time. They have now become a part of the outdoor furniture collection.

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Outdoor Lounge Chairs Defining Properties

A chaise lounge is a reclining chair, looking like a combination of a lounge chair and an ottoman. Available in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, you will always find a chaise lounge that will fit your personal needs and decoration of your outdoor areas.

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What Features Make High-Quality Outdoor Lounge Chairs?

Which chaise lounge is right for your patio or poolside area? A high-quality outdoor chair must have some properties that you need to consider before making a buying decision.

Design and Materials

As mentioned earlier, chaise lounge chairs are available in various designs. They could have armrests, an adjustable back seat, and a few other add-ons, such as umbrellas, cushions, and more.

The color and looks are not essential factors but should not be overlooked if you want to match the chairs to the aesthetics of other outdoor furniture pieces or your home’s exterior. You can choose a matching color for a seamless blending or a contrasting shade to make it pop up. Soft colors create a calm vibe while dark shades are good for hiding stains and scratches.

The next important things are the materials these chairs are made of. You will find wooden, metal, recycled plastic, Top 15 Best Outdoor Lounge Chairs - Guide & Reviews for 2020and resin chaise lounges. Some of them may have mixed materials, such as a metal frame and wooden slats.  The seat could be made of similar elements or wicker or something else. Some models may have cushioned upholstery on top of the slats and frame.

You should choose the materials depending on your comfort level, budget, and needs. The general weather condition in the area you live in is another factor. For example, aluminum is a great choice as the frame material because it’s lightweight and resistant to corrosion. This is definitely better than a wooden frame because you can move it frequently and maintenance is low. However, if you want something hard-wearing and sturdy, choose a chair with a wooden or wrought iron frame.

A high-quality outdoor lounge chair should withstand weather elements because it will be left in the open all the time. Due to the size and weight of these chairs, it’s not possible to keep them inside the garage or somewhere else during heavy rains or snow.

In the case of a metal frame, make sure that it’s powder-coated for resisting rust and other problems. A wooden frame should be polished so its color does not fade away quickly. However, no lounge chair can survive the harsh weather for too long. You have to either store them somewhere or protect them with a weatherproof cover.

Comfort and Other Features

An outdoor lounge chair is mainly for loosening up during leisure time. So, the comfort factor should be the utmost priority when you are buying this chair.

Don’t purchase a chaise lounge just because it looks good. Without being comfortable, it may cause back and waist pain. You need a chair where you can sit on for hours without straining your back. This is all about feeling relaxed and having a good time.Top 15 Best Outdoor Lounge Chairs - Guide & Reviews for 2020

The fabric of chaise lounges should be breathable and mesh materials are the best option for proper ventilation. If it doesn’t have upholstery, you can purchase cushions for additional comfort. To ensure the highest comfort, a chaise lounge should have armrests and adjustable backrest.

The size and weight capacity of chaise lounges are important too because they are just a mini-bed where you will spend time relaxing, reading, napping, or sunbathing. This chair has to be large enough to accommodate and hold an adult person. Remember that bigger does not always refer to heavy because modern furniture makers emphasize lightweight features.

Chaise lounges are versatile and some come with a small extension attached that you can use for keeping your drinks and snacks or other small items.

FAQs about Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Q 1: How to prevent lounge chair rusting?

A: Rusting is quite common in chaise lounges that are made of wrought iron or steel, especially if you leave you out in the open in all weather conditions.

If you cannot move it indoors, at least wipe down with a dry cloth every time it gets wet. Also, don’t cover it unless it’s completely dry.

Q 2: What’s the best cleaning method for lounge chairs?

A: You don’t need any fancy tools or chemical elements to clean these chairs. A sponge or a soft piece of cloth and a cleaning solution will be enough. A soapy water solution will be fine for metal and plastic frames. Be careful when Top 15 Best Outdoor Lounge Chairs - Guide & Reviews for 2020wiping wooden frames and don’t let water sit on the surface.

If it has a reclining mechanism, apply oil on the movable parts for smooth operation.

Q 3: Can I put the chair on a grassy patch?

A: If you put the chaise launch on your lawn or backyard and keep it in the same place for a long time, it will ultimately kill the grass. The simple solution is not keeping the chair in the same spot for months. Also, remove the chair immediately if you notice brown grass underneath.

Q 4: What’s the reason for the high price of lounge chairs?

A: Chaise lounges are made of metal or wood, which are not inexpensive. The cost jumps up when they are treated for being weatherproof. Even if the furniture pieces are made of plastic, they cost slightly more than other plastic furniture pieces because these chairs are treated to withstand UV rays and avoid color fading over time.

Q 5: How to prevent chaise lounges from sinking into soft grounds?

A: It’s common for these chaise lounges to sink into soft grounds because these pieces are heavy themselves and they carry the weight of an adult human. You can use slip-on pads at the end of the chair legs to protect the ground. Love DIY? Take a tennis ball and slit it according to the shape of the legs. Push it into the legs and the chair won’t sink again in soft ground.

Choosing a chaise lounge is a time-consuming task. You have to consider the weather in your area, the grounds to place it, and the decor scheme of the exterior of your home. We have rounded up a list of 15 lounge chairs to save your time and hassle.


Picture Name Features Rating
Picture Name Features Rating
Ulax Furniture Outdoor Woven Aluminum Chaise 1. Ulax Furniture Outdoor Woven Aluminum Chaise
Wheels on the backside legs 4.8
Best Choice Products 79x30in Acacia Wood Outdoor Chair 2. Best Choice Products 79x30in Acacia Wood Outdoor Chair
Holds up to 350 lbs 4.7
Kozyard Alan Full Flat Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise 3. Kozyard Alan Full Flat Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise
High-quality mesh fabric 4.7
Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair 4. Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair
All-weather materials 4.6
Esright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair 5. Esright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair
Several backrest positions 4.6
Best Choice Products Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair 6. Best Choice Products Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair
Comfortable cushions 4.5
Flamaker Patio Lounge Chairs 7. Flamaker Patio Lounge Chairs
Reclining options for customized comfort 4.5
Soleil Jardin Folding Outdoor Adjustable Chaise 8. Soleil Jardin Folding Outdoor Adjustable Chaise
No assembly required 4.4
Tuoze Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs 9. Tuoze Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs
Weather-resistant 4.3
Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair 10. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
Headrest pillow 4.3
Do4U Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounges Chairs 11. Do4U Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounges Chairs
Sturdy frame and padding 4.2
Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise 12. Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise
Breathable sling seat 4.1
Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Folding Reclining Chaise 13. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Folding Reclining Chaise
Various reclining postures 4.0
AECOJOY Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair 14. AECOJOY Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair
Carries up to 350 lbs 4.0
PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge Sets 3 Pieces Outdoor Lounge Chair 15. PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge Sets 3 Pieces Outdoor Lounge Chair
Stylish curved design 3.9

1. Ulax Furniture Outdoor Woven Aluminum Chaise

Ulax Furniture is a renowned name as a maker of top-grade outdoor furniture. They are well-known for Ulax Furniture Outdoor Woven Aluminum Chaisemanufacturing furniture pieces that have a simple but practical design. These aluminum chaise lounges are quality garden furniture pieces that have been tested rigorously for durability and safety. The maintenance-free design is a big relief for the urbanites.

Design and Materials

These chairs are crafted with wicker material that is resistant to weather and UV ray. The rust-free aluminum frame is highly durable and lightweight, further adding to the quality of the unit.

The rough wicker texture and chocolate brown color give the chaises a contemporary look. Such a dark shade, it can perfectly hide the stains and abuse of outside weather. These chairs can be an ideal decoration for your poolside or patio.

The chairs have curved arms, and the full-flat leg design makes storage hassle-free. Once put together, you can pick them up easily because they are not heavy at all. Also, the wheels on the back legs make it a breeze to move the chairs around.

However, assembly is kind of painful because of the poorly-drilled bolt threads. It’s difficult to access the bolt holes with the supplied Allen wrench.


Ulax Furniture guarantees a relaxing time, thanks to the high-quality materials and plenty of adjustable features. Ergonomic design features some curves that fit around your body shape. You can adjust the backrest and keep the forefoot open or folded due to the pneumatic support rod.

The entire chaise is padded with comfortable, quick-drying foam. Without adding any extra cushion, you can get the best comfortable experience while lying on these chairs. The foam is resilient and dries quickly after getting wet. So, you can leave the chaises outside during light rain as it will dry off quickly when the weather is sunny again.

The low-maintenance lounge chairs offer the best comfort for your leisure time. Use it for enjoying a sunbath or taking a nap — whatever you want.



2. Best Choice Products 79x30in Acacia Wood Outdoor Chair

This Acacia outdoor chaise from Best Choice can make your leisure time pleasurable with reliable craftsmanship andBest Choice Products 79x30in Acacia Wood Outdoor Chair cozy features. If you are looking for a chaise lounge to make the most of your summer vacation, this chair would be a great choice.

Design and Materials

Best Choice makes sure of superior lounging by adding some top-quality features. Naturally hard-wearing acacia wood frame guarantees longevity while the all-weather cushions make sure your outdoor relaxation all year round.

Talking about the style, this chair features a contemporary style with a light wooden polish and white cushion covers, which are water-resistant to ensure a long-running use.

The sleek framework features high armrests and an open backrest along. A set of wooden wheels with rubber tires makes maneuvering a breeze. Move it easily to enjoy your time in the sun or shade, as you like.

The chair is shipped mostly pre-assembled, but you have to join together six main pieces. Assembly is simple since all the holes are lined up precisely.


This modern chaise will enhance your outdoor relaxation. It comes with cushions covering all across the length of the chair. The cushions are thin and a little too firm to sit on for hours. However, combined with the adjustable backrest, it’s easy to find your comfort position.

The backrest uses a groove and peg system to provide four different angles. You can even lay on your stomach as it goes flat as a board. By adding extra padding, it’s possible to use this chair as an additional bed if necessary as it’s 79 inches long and almost 30 inches wide. Its weight capacity is 350 lbs, so almost everyone can lie on it with no issue.

Unlike many chaise lounges, this one has arms so you can have something to rest your arms. It also folds down nicely, so storing such a large chair is not a problem anymore.

A nice design touch is the pullout side table that slides out from either side of the chair. This wooden extension is strong enough to hold snacks, drinks, books, and electronic devices. A catch keeps it attached to the chair, preventing it from sliding all the way out.



3. Kozyard Alan Full Flat Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise

Kozyard has designed the Alan chaise lounge with one purpose in mind: to provide the best comfort to the users. TheKozyard Alan Full Flat Patio Reclining Adjustable Chaise price is expensive at more than $150 for one chair, but this won’t seem too much once you lay on it.

Design and Materials

The chaise lounge features an ultra-modern design with clean lines and a streamlined structure. Making a combo of sporty and durable, it looks stunning on your patio or backyard.

The frame is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum and the legs are built with polypropylene resin. These materials never rust and hardly deteriorate because they resist water and UV rays. The fabric part is breathable textile featuring a blend of mesh and polyester.

Being ideal for outdoor use, you can keep the chair outside all year long. You can take it anywhere since there are two wheels on the bottom. The slip-resistant design keeps it firmly in its place.

You need to assemble the chair, and the task does not take more than 30 minutes. Kozyard supplies a hex wrench, which is all you will need to put the pieces together.

These chairs are stackable. So, even if you have more than one, they will take the storage space of a single chair.


Built for comfort, lounging in this chair can give you all the relaxation and pleasure you can expect from an outdoor seating piece. The canvas allows ventilation to keep your body cool during the summertime.

Enjoy a highly personalized comfort with the backrest that slips into five different positions. It also goes all the way to a flat position, allowing you to lie down on your stomach to enjoy a sunbath.

This chair gives you the desired break every time you need it. Just close your eyes and pretend that you are resting on a luxury resort.

It would be better if the lounge has been padded. However, you can add extra cushions if the fabric seating does not feel much comfortable.



4. Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Aluminum Chaise Lounge Chair

Create the vibe of a luxury resort or Italian beach in your backyard with this pair of lounge chairs from Ulax Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Aluminum Chaise Lounge ChairFurniture. They are not inexpensive at around $400, but the style and simplicity they bring with are worth the price.

Design and Materials

With a white sleek frame and beige fabric, these chaise lounges look good everywhere — on the terrace or at the edge of a swimming pool. Use of all-weather materials allows you to just leave them out in the open when not in use.

Rust-proof aluminum frame does not decay under rain and the quick-drying fabric can withstand light rain and snow. The design and build are standard for home use and commercial purposes. Maneuvering the chairs is a breeze, thanks to the wheels built into the rear legs.

Assembly is required and Ulax Furniture provides a hex tool to make the task easier. All parts are labeled, so anyone can join the parts together.


Under the all-weather weave lies quick-drying reticulated foam, so you don’t have to lay on hard mesh fabric. The foam layer is not only comfortable but also low-maintenance. With 28 inches of width, these chairs are also wider than their cheap counterparts.

To enhance your comfort, there are four reclining positions. It also lies completely flat, which is convenient for taking a great sunbath.

You might be wondering if you could leave the chaise lounges outside since they have a foam layer. Well, you absolutely can. The foam is highly resilient, so it can take on weather elements without getting rotten.

Another impressive feature is the weight capacity. Despite weighing only 21 lbs, each chair can carry up to 500 lbs.



5. Esright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

If you want to kick back or enjoy your leisure time in a comfortable lounger, purchase this unit from Esright. BecauseEsright Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair of creative designs, you can lie back on this chair without feeling any pressure on the muscles and joints.

Design and Materials

The chair features a sleek design that ensures quick folding and adjustment. Despite being only 19 pounds, the chair is made of durable and long-lasting materials.

The powder-coated steel frame does not catch rust, even after being splashed with water. The structure has so much strength that it can hold up to 370 lbs.

Water-proof and UV-resistant textile mesh fabric is easy to clean and maintain. Because of its breathable weave, it will prevent sweating and won’t suffocate your skin.

The chair is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you can take it everywhere from the front porch to the beach.

Due to the foldable design, it does not take much space for storage. Esright offers a one-year warranty for this product.


The mesh fabric of this chair offers some comfort, but padded seating would be a better option if you want to spend a few hours sitting and lying on it. Also, the fabric does not stretch much, which may create pressure on the muscles.

One great feature of this chair is the multiple reclining options. You can set the backrest into seven and footrest into two reclining positions. Such a variety of postures allow everyone to find their own comfy position. It does not lay completely flat, but reclining back to 170 degrees means it can go “nearly” flat.

There are armrests too, which is good for people who like to rest their arms when sitting upright. Lifting the armrests changes the position of the backrest.



6. Best Choice Products Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

This chaise lounge from Best Choice will bring the beach to your backyard! Enjoy the summer days by relaxing on Best Choice Products Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairthis lounger while sunbathing. At around $200, this is an expensive product, but it promises the ultimate comfort.

Design and Materials

The chaise lounge is made to last for years, thanks to the weather-resistant steel frame that has a generous weight capacity of 250 lbs. This metal frame resists water and works well against rust because of having a powder-coated finish.

After the assembly, which requires nothing but attaching a few parts and tightening some screws, you just need to strap the cushions in place. The lounger will be ready for you to soak up the sun!

Both cushions (for the lounge seat and backrest) have polyester fabric covers and fasteners straps to stay in place. Because of being UV-resistant, they can withstand sun and heat without being faded away. Handwash the removable covers with soap and water if they get dirty.

As you can wash the cushions, they look new even after heavy use. However, it’d be better to move the cushions indoors during rain and snow because the foam inside won’t dry out quickly.


The padded cushions are highly comfortable, and the ergonomic design of the lounger offers the best postures. You won’t experience muscle or joint pain even after spending hours on this chair.

However, Best Choice does not sell replacement cushions and due to their odd shape, you are unlikely to find them elsewhere. It means that if new cushions are necessary, you have to purchase mismatched cushions or the entire chair.

The chair is ideal for relaxation because of having armrests and adjustable backrest. There are five reclining postures in addition to a fully flat position for taking a quick nap.



7. Flamaker Patio Lounge Chairs

Bring the comfort and luxury of a resort inside your home with these Flamaker lounge chairs. They could be yourFlamaker Patio Lounge Chairs great companions for whiling away a sunny day with a glass of margarita and a book of your choice. The price is reasonable as you get a pair instead of a single unit.

Design and Materials

The clean-lined frame that supports the mesh sling seat gives off a modern vibe. Made of alloy steel, the framework is sturdy and can hold an adult human without any issue.

It does not require any assembly, which is a big plus. Just pop the legs and handles into a stretched position, and it will be good to go.

Also, you can fold it into a compact unit. Due to the lightweight profile, transporting the loungers from one place to another is a breeze. If you want to take them for a beach outing or camping, just place them inside your car’s trunk.

The chairs promise a long-term service because of being made of steel frame and Textilene fabric.


Expect to spend your outdoor time in the best comfort while sitting on this lounger. The ergonomic curved design supports the shape of your body to ensure a cozy and snug feel. There is no padding, so you should use padded cushions for the entire chaise to make it more comfortable.

For customized comfort, there are five reclining positions. You can set it to almost upright (100-degree angle) to almost flat (170-degree angle) positions. Lock to your desired angle and enjoy complete relaxation or turn an afternoon lounging session into a catnap.

This modern chaise lounge is ideal for having a good time on the poolside or backyard. However, its low height is a problem for old people as they may struggle when getting in and out of it.



8. Soleil Jardin Folding Outdoor Adjustable Chaise

If comfort is your ultimate priority during outdoor relaxation, purchase this lounger from Soleil Jardin. Crafted fromSoleil Jardin Folding Outdoor Adjustable Chaise high-quality materials, this chair resists weather elements and rust. It adds contemporary style to your outdoor home.

Design and Materials

Featuring a curvy silhouette, this lounger looks undoubtedly modern with a dark, neutral color palette. A dark-gray rattan base and gray cushions, it allows you to catch the summer sun in style and comfort.

The construction of the chaise lounge is highly durable, thanks to the half-round resin wicker base and powder-coated steel frame. These materials are resistant to water and weather elements. The soft cushion is tied to the frame for stability and it comes with a headrest pillow for extra comfort.

No assembly is required because the chair is delivered as fully assembled. Also, you can fold it up into a box-like unit — a super space-saving design that is easier to move around. You can also use this box for sitting on or as an ottoman.

Due to its aesthetic looks, the chair has decorative values. It not only makes your summer days more fun, but also adds to the beauty of your home’s exterior. This furniture piece is also suitable for indoors, allowing you to rest in delight on your balcony or front deck.


The chaise lounge offers the ultimate comfort for passing quality outdoor time during holidays or whenever you want it.

It comes with soft cushions and a head pillow to make sure you feel cozy at any of the five reclining postures. The cushions are secured to the frame with ties.

You can simply soak up the sunshine, read a book, or just sit back and sip into a glass of sangria. Because of being UV-protected, neither the frames nor the cushions will fade away even after staying under the sun for hours and days.

The only problem is the height of the lounger. At only 14.6 inches in height, old and physically-challenged people will find it difficult to get in and out of the chair.



9. Tuoze Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

Tuoze chaise loungers can make your outdoor relaxation time much more enjoyable. The multifunctional loungersTuoze Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs can be your trusted companions not only during holidays but also during a lazy afternoon.

Design and Materials

Considering the design, these loungers have a sleek, modern style featuring a streamlined metal framework and fabric sling seat.

The high-quality aluminum frame ensures durability without adding weight to the chair. Its bearing capacity is up to 280 lbs. Textilene mesh fabric allows for adequate airflow, so you don’t feel uncomfortable and sweat much even on a particularly hot day.

Both the frame and fabric resists weather elements, so you can leave the chairs out in the open all year round. The fabric will dry out quickly after getting wet.

No assembly is required for these loungers. They also fold flat in seconds, which makes moving from one place to another a breeze and requires less storage space. Take them wherever you want, as the folded units will fit inside your car’s trunk.


Ergonomically designed sling seat provides the ultimate comfort along with the reclining backrest. You can adjust it to several positions, from 120° to 160° angles, to enjoy a customized comfy position. Unfortunately, it does not lay completely flat.

The fabric seat is great for relaxing, but it does not stretch much and there is no padding. Add some cushions if you want to make it snug and cozy.

These multifunctional pieces are perfect for camping, beach outing, or relaxing in the courtyard. You can use them as makeshift cots too, if necessary.



10. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Prepare for the hot weather with this pair of gravity lounge chairs from Best Choice. The price of this pair is slightlyBest Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair more than $100, making them an excellent budget-friendly purchase. The well-made chairs will make your summer days more enjoyable.

Design and Materials

With 32.5 inches length and 25 inches width, the chairs look huge but they are actually lightweight (16.3 lbs each one) and the foldable design makes it easier to carry them. Do you want to take them to your beach trip or park outing? Just fold and put them in the car’s trunk.

Each chair can carry up to 250 lbs of weight, which is enough for supporting an adult person. The textile fabric has a mesh weave for better heat transfer and ventilation.

The fabric is kind of coarse, but it does not fade away and grow mold and mildew. A steel frame supports the fabric seating and holds it together with a double bungee suspension system.


The PVC-coated polyester fabric is not the most comfortable thing to sit or lay on despite being promoting airflow. You can use separate cushions for extra comfort.

There is a headrest pillow and you can adjust the backrest to get the incline that suits you the best. It’s possible to remove it if you want to lie down without a pillow. Each reclining position is lockable and the elastic cords adjust according to the bodyweight of the user.

However, these chairs don’t lay flat and don’t recline as much as other more expensive zero gravity chairs.

You can separately purchase a detachable tray with two cup holders and two more slots for electronics. Keep your phone and favorite drinks at hand!



11. Do4U Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounges Chairs

This set of two lounge chairs can transform your backyard or poolside into a perfect relaxation spot. Water-resistantDo4U Outdoor Patio Chaise Lounges Chairs cushions and wicker panels make sure that your summer vacation goes without any hiccup.

Design and Materials

A combination of dark brown frame and turquoise cushions creates a stylish charm in your outdoor home. A steel frame and PE wicker panels guarantee a long lifespan. Cushions are cozy enough to provide you complete relaxation.

Each chair has four pairs of legs, but there are no wheels for easy moving from one place to another. They are non-foldable, so they will take up a large storage space when not in use.

Assembly is required, but the company provides an instruction manual and all the necessary tools to make the task easier. Be careful about tightening the screws. Keep them half-tightened until all screws and holes are connected.


The sturdy frame and cozy padding make sure that you have a great time during your vacation. High-resilience thick sponge inside the cushions makes you feel like you are lying on your bed. The cushions are tied up to the frame, eliminating any chance of sliding out.

Made of 250G polyester fabric, the cushion cover is water-resistant and you can remove it for machine washing. However, the cushion covers feel a bit sticky under a scorching sun and they cannot withstand rain and snow for too long.

Five different reclining angles make sure that you get customized comfort. You can also lay it flat for a sunbath or taking a nap.



12. Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaise

With this Crestlive chaise in your patio or poolside, you can make the most of your summer days. Unwind, take rest, Crestlive Products Aluminum Adjustable Chaiseor snooze, this chair is designed to provide comfort in all situations. Made of durable materials, it will be your summer companion for years to come.

Design and Materials

Crafted with a powder-coated aluminum frame, this chair will stay rust-free in humid weather. Using aluminum keeps it lightweight (only 14 lbs) but it’s still capable of carrying 270 lbs. Any adult person can use this lounger without any problem.

The Textilene fabric is long-lasting and easy to care for its quick-drying nature. This UV-resistant mesh fabric is great for proper ventilation, and it can resist water and oil due to its synthetic nature.

The combination of a dark frame and beige sling seat blends easily into any natural setting.

You need to assemble the chair, which involves nothing complicated. Just put the pieces together and tighten some screws with an Allen wrench or hex key.


The sling seat provides comfort in combination with an adjustable backrest. You can set it up to five reclining postures, including a completely flat position to lie on your stomach.

There is no padding for the seat, so not everyone will feel comfortable to lie on it for hours. Purchase additional cushions to ensure the ultimate comfort.

This is a great outdoor cot for relaxed sunbathing. You can also use it for camping for its lighter weight.



13. Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Folding Reclining Chaise

There could be no better way to spend a sunny summer day than catching sun rays on the patio. This reclining chair Kozyard Cozy Aluminum Folding Reclining Chaisefrom Kozyard will help you prepare for the rising temperature. Primarily designed for outdoors, you can also use it for indoor areas, such as the balcony, living room, and the front deck.

Design and Materials

Give your outdoor areas an update with this reclining chaise from Kozyard. The combination of aluminum framework and Textilene fabric cover has given it a durable profile. Despite being hard-wearing, it weighs only 13.2 lbs, so moving it from one place to another does not break a sweat. Also, the frame is durable enough to carry an adult human weighing up to 260 lbs.

The UV-resistant mesh fabric of the sling seat does not fade away under the scorching heat. Cleaning it is also an easy task since you can just take it off and wash with soap and water.

Easy storage is another great advantage of this chaise lounge. It folds into a compact unit within seconds, so you can keep it anywhere you want as it doesn’t take much space.

Unlike many loungers in this list, this chair doesn’t need any assembly. You just need to stretch the footrest and the back part to make it ready for sitting or lying on.


Your holidays will be more enjoyable with this lounger, thanks to the ergonomic design, mesh sling seat, and five different reclining postures. You can add to the comfort factor by bringing extra cushions since sitting on non-stretchable fabric for a long time might be uncomfortable.

There’s nothing like kicking back in a cozy lounger after a day’s hard work. This chair is great as it puts no pressure on your muscles and joints. Its reclining back and leg rest provide the ideal posture and pressure to your aching body.

The multiple reclining positions allow you to use this chair for various purposes. Whether you want to sunbathe or take a carnap, this one is the perfect option.

Unfortunately, the lounger does not recline to a completely flat position. Also, its length is just less than 6 feet, so tall individuals won’t find it comfortable.



14. AECOJOY Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair

Want to have some quality time during your summer holidays? This lounger gives you complete freedom. Recline,AECOJOY Adjustable Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chair unwind, or stretch out — this versatile chair is suitable for everything. Curl up on this chair with a book or your favorite drink to get the vibe of lazy summer days.

Design and Materials

The chaise lounge looks modern with a sleek structure. It has a PE rattan wicker base holding a steel frame. On the black frame lies a cozy blue cushion, covering the entire length of the chair.

Designed for outdoor use, it’s no surprise that the materials are weather-resistant. The wicker base can survive all types of weather conditions while the polyester cushion cover is water-resistant. However, you still should not keep the cushion outside when it’s raining or snowing.

On the other hand, the top-grade steel structure makes sure the chair’s durability and ability to carry a load up to 350 lbs. Despite having such a hardwearing frame, transportation from one place to another due to two back wheels.

The chair requires assembly, which involves doing nothing complicated. It takes two people, but all you need to do is lining up the holes and putting the screws. The labeling is not accurate, so you have to figure out which hardware goes where.


A contoured profile adds to the overall ergonomics and comfort factor of this chaise lounge.

You lie on this lounger for a long period, thanks to the 2.5-inch thick padded cushion. The cover is easy to clean since you can remove it for handwashing.

One problem is the cushion is not available for separate purchase. You have to either find one with similar measurements or buy the lounger again.

Adding to the comfort factor is the adjustable backrest. You can recline it to five different positions, including a completely flat posture, which is suitable for taking a nap or lying on the stomach.



15. PURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge Sets 3 Pieces Outdoor Lounge Chair

Looking to tan your skin under the summer sun? This pair of resort-worthy style loungers will help you to enjoy thePURPLE LEAF Patio Chaise Lounge Sets 3 Pieces Outdoor Lounge Chair perfect time on a hot sunny day. At less than $250, this pair is the perfect perch.

Design and Materials

Elegant and modern — these are the perfect words to describe these chaise lounges from Purple Leaf. Both of them have a curved structure along with a streamlined profile, which casts an amazing look on any poolside, porch, or courtyard.

The solid aluminum frame is another plus point as it’s lightweight despite being highly durable. It can support up to 265 lbs, which means most adult humans can lie on the chairs.

These loungers are specially designed for outdoor use. The powder-coated frame, PVC-coated mesh-polyester fabric, and stainless steel nails can survive under weather elements without getting rusted or faded.

However, you can bring them indoors too if you have enough room in the balcony or living room.

Storing is a breeze since they are stackable. You need to assemble the chairs, which could be annoying because the hardware has no identifying labels. The poor instructions don’t help much in this regard. However, once you sort out the bolts and nuts, it’s easy to figure out what goes where.


The chairs have a curved profile that holds a polyester seat and dedicated headrest. You can choose among four reclining positions, suitable for all kinds of recreational activities, such as reading a book or tanning the skin.

The canvas fabric adapts to your body but you should add extra padding for more comfort. Unfortunately, you cannot push the backrest back to a flat position, although there is an angle that allows you to ‘almost’ lie down.

There are curved armrests for added comfort. This pair comes with a small table where you can put your accessories or snacks.




An outdoor chaise lounge is the best furniture piece to achieve ultimate relaxation on the poolside or patio during summertime. These chairs are a mixed breed, come in various shapes and designs. To get the best one that offers a relaxed seating posture, you should follow the buying guide and product suggestions mentioned above. Remember that the lifespan of the chair depends on proper care and maintenance. If you take good care of it throughout the time when the weather remains harsh, you can enjoy its full service when the weather is hotter.