Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Ever dreamed of warm winter nights that are spent gazing into glowing flames?

Maybe you’ve thought of getting a stove with a glass window to heat your home on those cold nights.  You need a Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2020 - Ultimate Guidestove that not only gives efficient heat but also fits right into your space.

While researching, you’ve probably come across pellet stoves with great pictures and reviews of these eco-friendly heat appliances. And now, you need a little more information before choosing one.

Well, rest easy. We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, you will find information about pellet stoves and their benefits. At the end of this post, you’ll also see why you should consider buying a pellet stove for your home.

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What’s a Pellet Stove?

To understand pellet stoves, we must first define a pellet.Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019

In simple words, a pellet is a type of fuel that is produced by compressing wood or biomass. Pellets are small in size and have a uniform cylindrical shape. They are fed into burners to generate heat in pellet stoves.

Because of the uniform size of pellets, you can expect a steady output of heat and a steady flame from your stove. Plus, these stoves require little intervention on your part to keep the flame going. Once you fire them up, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the comforting warmth.

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Understanding the Basic Categories of Pellet Stoves

The truth is that buying a pellet stove is not an easy task. To choose the best stove, you must delve into the details. First, let’s check out three different categories of pellet stoves.

Uses Wood as Fuel

These stoves burn standard wood pellets. The pellets are made from sawdust or waste wood pieces from furniture production and logging.  You put the pellets into a hopper (loading space) from which they are fed into a burner. These pieces of fuel are very dense and are capable of producing a powerful flame. Stoves that use wood pellets are easy to clean.

Uses Electricity as Fuel

Electricity is required to operate pellet stoves. The electric current helps to heat the pellets inside the stove. If you choose a pellet stove that requires electricity, ensure that you check if it has a battery back-up.

An Advanced Pellet Stove

Modern pellet stoves can now be used to conveniently heat your entire house. You link the stove to vents so that the warm air can flow easily to other rooms.

The setup of advanced pellet stoves is more complicated. But these stoves come with easy to follow instructions. Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019Electricity is also essential if your stove will be connected to fans and vents in your home.

The Perks of Having a Pellet Stove over Wood Stove

The main difference between pellet stoves and wood stoves is the heating medium. Wood stoves use everyday firewood and dry wood materials while pellet stoves use compressed wood or biomass.

This may seem like a small difference. But you may be surprised to know that pellet stoves have been found to have great advantages over wood stoves.

Here are some of them:

Offers More Control

Those who own a wood-burning stove know that the wood can burn out pretty quickly. You might settle in front of a roaring flame, only to have to refuel the stove sooner than you expected.

Well, the good news is that, with pellet stoves, there’s more control over the heat output. There are modern designs that offer digital controls so you can customize the heat settings. You can get steady heat by controlling the amount of wood that is fed from the hopper into the stove burner.

Greater Heat Output

As we’ve mentioned before, wood pellets are very dense. Burning them not only gives consistent heat but also more heat output compared to traditional wood stoves.

Remember to take into consideration the size of the room or home that you want to heat before investing in a pellet stove. Also, check the BTU ratings provided by the manufacturer. A stove with a higher BTU rating will give you more heat.

High Efficiency

With modern pellet stoves, you can get efficiency ratings of up to 95%. This rating is higher than that of basic wood Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019stoves and other traditional stoves. Wood pellets are a clean fuel and they burn for longer.

Easy to Maintain

In addition to being simple to use, pellet stoves are easy to maintain. Burning pellets produce less ash. This reduces the chances of ash being clogged up in the stove.

Many pellet stoves have an ash pan that is easy to remove and clean. Plus, you can purchase a model with self-cleaning glass.

Safer to Use

Because of the viewing screen at the firebox, you can enjoy watching the flames in a pellet stove without worrying about sparks. There’s no chance of the fire coming into contact with other items in the room.

Additionally, pellet stoves have exhaust vents that can be directed outside or to a chimney. Hence, there’ll be no smoke in your house as you enjoy the warm fire.

More Eco-Friendly

Those who are environmentally conscious will love pellet stoves. These stoves deliver a complete and efficient burn of wood pellets. Remember that wood pellets are a renewable fuel source.

The pellets are low-carbon. Burning them produces low carbon emissions. Choosing a pellet stove over a wood stove will reduce your carbon footprint.


Wood pellets are not only widely available, but they are also affordable. Plus, the prices of pellets do not fluctuate with the seasons. Additionally, the overall cost of purchasing and installing a pellet stove is less than that of a traditional wood stove.

How to Choose the Right Pellet Stove for Your Home

Now that we’ve seen the perks of pellet stoves, let’s check out the factors you must consider before you make your purchase.

Design and CapacityTop 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019

There’s a wide variety of stoves available in the market. Modern designs and fantastic finishes are on display in many stores. Before you head out, think about the decor of your home. Choose a style and design that will fit right in.

To enjoy the beautiful flames, go for stoves with large viewing glasses. Also, ensure that the stove is made with high-quality materials. Plus, going for a stove with higher capacity will give you a long-lasting fire. You’ll cut back on the number of times that you’ll need to refuel the stove.

User-Friendly Controls

Imagine owning a stove with a remote control? Changing the intensity of the heat would be as simple as pressing a button. That’s super convenient, right?

Well, pellet stoves are designed to be easy to use after installation. The incorporation of digital controls makes the stove easy to customize and operate.

Load it up, set it up, and relax. Even models without remote control are fairly easy to customize. Ensure the controls are easy to understand and execute.

Coverage Area

With all stoves, you must consider the amount of space that you want to heat. Larger spaces require higher power ratings. With pellet stoves, you have the advantage of heating your whole house by feeding the heat into fans and vents.

Placement of the Stove

Before you choose a pellet stove, consider the layout of the room in which it will be placed. You want the heat to be evenly distributed.

The stove should be placed at a spot that is free of obstructions.  Plus, you need to place pellet stoves near electrical outlets.

Preferred Fuel Type

The pellets you use can be from wood or biomass. They also come in different grades. Before buying a pellet stove, Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019ensure that you can get a consistent supply of pellets. The supplier should also specify the weight of pellets. You should be able to load up all the pellets in a bag into the hopper of your stove.

Desirable Heat Output

Are you going for a powerful roaring fire or gentle flames? How warm do you like your room to be? The answers to these questions will help you when choosing the power rating of your pellet stove. The heat output you desire will determine the kind of stove that you’ll buy.

Warranty and Durability

Always check the reviews of the pellet stove that you want to buy. You can determine its durability from the experience of others. In addition, ensure that it has a warranty so that you can return or get it fixed in case of any issue or damage.

Safety Certifications

All stoves are subject to industry standards and regulations. They must be safe to use in the house and should be environmentally friendly.

Check the pellet stove that you are about to buy for EPA certification. Never compromise on compliance to standards. An unsafe stove can result in a fire hazard in your home.

Easy to Manage

After installation, your stove should be easy to use, clean, and maintain. Loading up pellets should be a simple task. Setting up the controls should not be difficult. And cleaning it up should be simple.

A Quick Installation Guide for Pellet Stove

A pellet stove is an excellent addition to your home. Your family will be excited for the warm nights spent in front of the fire.

But how do you install it when it arrives? Here are a few simple steps:

  1. We know you might be tempted to skip over the manual. But don’t! Use it to familiarize yourself with the Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2019features and workings of your new pellet stove.
  2. Once you decide where to put your stove, place a fireproof pad on the floor. Never put your stove directly on the floor.
  3. Connect the vent pipe of your stove to a ventilation duct. Ensure the vent pipe is secure on both ends.
  4. Load up the right amount of wood pellets in the hopper. Turn it on. Adjust the controls to determine the loading speed of the pellets into the combustion chamber.
  5. Ensure the heat output matches your needs. If not, adjust accordingly.
  6. Enjoy the warm fire.

Pellet Stove Maintenance Tips

After purchasing and installing your pellet stove, you need to maintain it to get the best out of it.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Frequently check the air inlets to the firebox to ensure that they’re not clogged with ash. Clean out the firebox regularly.
  • Always empty the ash pan before you light up the stove. Some stoves may require you to empty the ash pan once a week or every two weeks. Check your manual to confirm this.
  • Clean out the tubes that connect the components of the stove of unwanted particles and ash. This determines how well heat is transferred from your stove.
  • Frequently clean the glass viewing screen using a glass cleaner.
  • Check the hopper frequently to ensure it’s free of sawdust and any residue that may collect at its bottom. Always allow the pellets to burn completely and to fully deplete.

Now that we have prepared you well, let’s read about the top Pellet Stoves in the list.

Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves in 2022

1. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove
Large viewing area $$$$ 4.8
2. US Stove Bay Front Pellet Stove
6 heat settings $$$$ 4.8
3. Napoleon TPI35 Pellet Stove Insert
120 CFM convection fan $$$$ 4.7
4. Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Large Pellet Stove
up to 46 hours of non-stop heat $$$$ 4.6
5. Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove
Operating Wattage 77 Watts $$$$ 4.6
SOLOMARK Wood Pellet Stove 6. SOLOMARK Wood Pellet Stove
143.3lb Weight $$$$ 4.5
7. US Stove King Pellet Burner
120 CFM blower with automatic circulation $$$ 4.5
8. Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stove
EPA Certified (NSPS Phase 1 Approved) $$$ 4.5
9. Vogelzang Hopper Pellet Stove
LED display with thermostat $$$$ 4.4
10. US Stove Mini Pellet Stove
25 lbs hopper capacity $$$$ 4.3

1. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

Take care of your home’s heating needs with this quality product from Comfortbilt. The pellet stove offers 55-Comfortbilt Pellet Stovepound hopper capacity and comes with 5 different power settings to allow for a maximum of 24 hours burn time without interruption.

There’s also a thermostat that can be programmed to ensure constant heating temperature. The pellet stove weighs 320 lbs. and its dimensions are 24”(w) x 35”(h) x 30”(d). It is available in Red, green, metallic black, apricot, and charcoal grey colors to fit any décor scheme you may have.

Heating Area and Output

This HP22 pellet stove from Comfortbilt relies on its 55-pound hopper for generating a maximum of 50000 BTUs of heat. And even though this hopper may be smaller compared to various other units, you can still expect it to pump out the same amount of heat as you can expect with any larger model. The heat it generates would be enough to keep around 2200 sq. ft. of space warm and that’s exactly why this stove makes an ideal choice for your home.

Emission and Efficiency

This product is quite an efficient being CSA and EPA certified with 86% efficiency at the very least. With its 2-stage burn process, it ensures that any and all BTUs get extracted completely from the pellets.

It relies on a big convection blower that pumps out any heat to reach 86% efficiency rating. With this high rating, it can generate a huge amount of heat despite its small profile.

Durability and User Friendliness

The product is quite durable and user-friendly. It is built with a metal exterior of heavy gauge and it is quite easily cleaned as well. There’s a big ash pan which only needs to be cleaned or emptied after three months.

There is a remote control that comes along and ensures easy operation. The product is available with a 1-year warranty for its parts and also offers post-purchase technical assistance.


  • It offers 5 different power settings for maximum burn time.
  • With its 55-pound hopper, it can generate a maximum of 50000 BTUs of heat.
  • Despite the small size, the hopper produces an equal amount of heat as any larger model on the market.
  • It can be used efficiently to warm around 2200 sq. ft. of space.
  • The big ash pan only requires you to empty it after 3 months.


  • It may need some maintenance after a while.

2. US Stove Bay Front Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

This one from US Stove is a completely automatic pellet stove that comes with easy to operate electronic US Stove Bay Front Pellet Stovecontrols and automatic ignition. It relies on temperature control circulation blower to spread heat across space evenly to make for a perfect overall experience. The sleek design and durable construction make it one of the best products on the market.

With dimensions of 26.2×24.2×30.5 inches, it weighs 270 pounds and is good enough to achieve desired levels of warmth even when used in the coldest climates. Its 55 lbs. hopper allows for uninterrupted 24 hours use and doesn’t really ask for a refill before that.

Heating Area and Output

Pellet heaters use a control board that is driven by software in order to precisely dispense pre-determined fuel amount into the burn chamber. The pellets are heated until ignition with the help of some electric heating element at the time of startup.

After ignition, the air is forced through burn chamber with the help of combustion blower to offer active combustion for ensuring the very little amount of ash. It offers a maximum of 48000 BTUs clean heat which certainly puts it among some of the best products around.

Emission and Efficiency

As the heat and exhaust passes through a single side of the air chambers, the heat is gathered on the other side by variable-speed blower that distributes it throughout the space.

It leads to a clean-burning and efficient heating experience that is second to none. The heat tube scraper and damper control integrated into the product to ensure maximum efficiency. The product is approved for modular or mobile homes.

Durability and User Friendliness

The product is as user-friendly as it can ever get. It comes with an air wash glass and digital control board to allow for heat adjustments as well as draft control in a single button push. There’s an LED display which makes the use of this product even easier.

It also presents a perfect view through its big bay front window. With digital heat settings, you are able to adjust it to your desired heating requirements. The product also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for the firebox and 1-year warranty for all the other parts.


  • It is a completely automatic pellet stove.
  • Its 55 lbs. hopper allows for uninterrupted 24 hours use.
  • It offers a maximum of 48000 BTUs clean heat.
  • It is perfect for modular or mobile homes.


  • The burner pot might clump up with the burn pellets.

3. Napoleon Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

The Wolf Steel started operation in 1981 and since then they have pioneered innovation in design and Napoleon Pellet Stoveengineering. Currently, they are the biggest privately owned manufacturers from North America providing homeowners with gas and wood fireplaces, charcoal and gourmet gas grills, and different cooling and heating products.

This economizer pellet insert is just another masterpiece creation from the manufacturer and it’s definitely going to be an economic and stylish addition to your living area. The pellet insert has been built with sturdy cast iron and has a beautiful black iron door.

The two-door stoves turn into a single glass door unit with the help of Pyroceram high-temperature ceramic glass. The product dimensions are 21.25” (w) x 25.875” (d) x 30.3125” (h).

Heating Area and Output

The Napoleon TP135 gives you a maximum of 38250 BTUs heating power with a capability of heating around 2000 sq. ft. of space. You can expect a lasting burning experience with its pellet fuel.

The insert also boasts of a 45-pound capacity of the hopper and a maximum of 30 hours burn time. The least fireplace opening you can get with this product is 22” (w) x 21” (h). The depth is adjustable between 10 ½” and 12 ½”.

Emission and Efficiency

The TP135 boasts of 76.3% efficiency rating and burns quite efficiently. It also comes equipped with thermostatic control and 120 CFM convection fan. Its 45lbs hopper can burn 50 percent mixture of pellet and corn. It is also EPA certified as well.

Durability and User Friendliness

The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. It comes equipped with a flashing having black trim. As an owner, you will need to do minimal maintenance while it doesn’t even require you to refuel too often either. It’s easy to operate with a digital control panel and offers 2-inch depth adjustment of the black flashing to offer installation versatility to the users.


  • It is an economic and stylish addition to your living area.
  • It has a maximum of 38250 BTUs heating power.
  • It can heat around 2000 sq. ft. of space.
  • It boasts of a 45-pound capacity of the hopper.
  • It offers a maximum of 30 hours burn time without interruption.


  • It may be too loud to your liking.

4. Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Large Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

Looking for a convenient stove to warm your home? You might want to consider this Pleasant Hearth pellet Pleasant Hearth Large Pellet Stovestove. Besides being more comfortable than a wood stove, it has some exciting features.

The stove has a steel framework with a cast iron door and a ceramic glass window for viewing the inside of the firebox. While this pellet stove engages the air system to keep the interior of the glass clean, it doesn’t do enough when it burns the brightest.

There’s a dial to alter the level of heat produced within the firebox. The Pleasant Hearth is believed to have a smart capability to detect and maintain your chosen temperature for the interior of your home. Also, you can select a specific temperature for a different day even way ahead.

Heating Area and Output

The Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove has dimensions 26.5” W x 34” H x 23.75” D when assembled. Its heating compartment measures 23.25” D x 24.25” H x 22.25” W in dimension.

This pellet stove has a coverage area of up to 2200 sq ft, but this would only be attained if your home is adequately ventilated. Its 80lbs capacity is exaggerated, but it’s still capable of supplying heat for several hours without having to refill the firebox with more pellets.

Emission and Efficiency

This Pleasant Hearth appliance has an emission rate of 0.69g/hr, which is smaller than most wood stoves, but it’s not the lowest in the pellet stove category. An impressive 85% efficiency rating paints a clearer picture of the minimal emission produced by the stove.

Durability and User Friendliness

Pellets serve as fuel for this stove. The durability of this unit depends on how you maintain it. Unfortunately, certain parts might need replacement regardless of your meticulousness in the care of the stove.

Setup isn’t difficult. There’s a chromium handle on the cast iron door for access to the firebox. The stove has a switch on the door which you can fiddle to feed the pellets into the heating compartment. This stove lacks an ashtray so you will have to find a way around it.


  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly design
  • Wide heat coverage


  • Lacks an ash collector
  • Noisy

5. Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

Interested in a compact pellet stove? This Castle wood pellet stove is one that might fit that description. And it Castle Serenity Wood Pellet Stovecomes loaded with features you’d find handy.

The stove consists of a top-grade steel build with a secure locking mechanism to prevent a fire hazard. It has a ceramic glass window which tends to get soiled up quickly, but wiping the glass clean is no problem.

The pellet stove uses a combination of electric power and the burning of pellets to supply the heat you seek. The stove moves the pellets into the firebox depending on the feed-rate you opt for.

This pellet stove has a thermostat for regulating the temperature of the heat within your home, but it’s not very accurate. The built-in fan though noisy does an excellent job of spreading the heat evenly around your home.

Heating Area and Output

The Castle Pellet Stove has dimensions of 23.75″ D x 34″ H x 18.25″ W which is an indication of its compact size. The firebox measures about 8.74” D x 33.39″ H x 17.83″ W which is quite tight. Little wonder it can only support about 40lbs of pellets.

This pellet stove has a heat coverage area of 1500 sq ft which is okay for any moderately sized house. Unfortunately, it’s 31,960 BTU/HR is much lower than many pellet stoves out there.

Efficiency and Emission

The Castle Serenity pellet stove boasts of thermal efficiency of more than 69%. For a pellet stove off its kind, you would expect more. Also, this raises the possibility of more emissions being released.

Durability and User-friendliness

The stove uses fuel for supplying the heat needed. But the adjoining parts like the built-in fan and the programmable controller depends on electric power.

Installation isn’t difficult. It comes with an articulate manual to assist even a novice put the stove together. Its programmable control temperature adjustment knob makes it easy to use. Also, there’s a detachable ash pan which collects ash deposits.


  • User-friendly pellet stove
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Substantial emission rate
  • Design flaws

6.  SOLOMARK Wood Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

Need a small pellet stove? This Solomark pellet stove could be worth considering. It’s relatively more modest than SOLOMARK Wood Pellet Stovemost pellet stoves, and this could be handy if there’s not enough space in your home.

Its light steel build makes it much more comfortable to move around. There’s a ceramic glass window, so you can see the interior of the heating compartment. The stove has a concealed area through which the pellets can be fed into the firebox.

Connecting to a chimney is as easy as using the port at the back of the stove. The infusion of electrical compartments makes it easy to control the fire. The auto-ignition setup makes starting a fire in its firebox possible with just the touch of a button.

Heating Area and Output

With dimensions 20 x 28.5 x 18.25, this Solomark serenity pellet stove is relatively small in size. The firebox is even lower – it can only support about 17.6lb of pellets. Its 7 hours – 13 hours burn time is stunning when you consider the pellet capacity of the stove.

With a heat coverage area of 431 – 646 sq ft, its output is rather low. However, this is to be expected due to the size of the pellet stove.

Emission and Efficiency

For a stove of this size, its 0.769g/hr emission rating is on the high side. Fortunately, there’s no carbon-monoxide emissions to worry about. The 86.5% efficiency rating is decent, which should leave near-zero ash remanent in the heating compartment.

Durability and User Friendliness

The Solomark pellet stove feels like a durable unit. Its steel build is sturdy enough. The auto-ignition features make it easy to start a fire though you need to ensure the pellets are in place.

The digital panel at the top of the stove makes it easy to set and regulate the temperature within the area of your home covered. There’s an adjustable handle to gain access to the heating compartment.

The stove has two pairs of adjustable feet, so direct contact with your floor covering is further limited.


  • Easy to clean
  • Portable unit
  • Durable
  • Impressive burn time


  • Limited heat coverage area
  • Thermostat accuracy could be better

7. US Stove King Pellet Burner

Construction and Capacity

If you are looking for a fully automated stove with easy to use electronic controls and auto-ignition, then US US Stove King Pellet BurnerStove 5500M is the best option. It’s built with an exhaust blower for negative draft to pull the fuel products through and out to eliminate smoke spillage.

At the same time, it also has an automatic circulation blower to ensure that the heat is spread evenly.  Measuring 25 x 34 x 26 inches and having a weight of 250 pounds, this stove’s digital controls will provide you with an easy way to change the settings.

Heating Area and Output

This unique stove burns carbon-neutral green fuel that is clean, easy to store and handle and are otherwise waste products from the agricultural and timber industries. To spread the heat quickly, it’s fitted with 120 CFM blower and automatic circulation. Its total output is up to 48,000 BTU’s of clean heat with a heating area of 1,800 square feet.

Emission and Efficiency

Since it has a large burn box that can hold even up to 120 pounds of fuel, it means it can easily burn up to 60 hours when under certain environmental conditions. To ensure that it’s efficient, it also comes with five easy to use settings that will allow you to adjust the heat according to your needs and requirements. Although it does not have installation materials, the product comes with an LED display that makes it easy to use and operate.

Durability and User Friendliness

Its sleek and durable design has not only been built for several years of performance but also to ensure that it blends nicely and well with any room setting. This is also meant to provide any room with the required warmth even during the coldest months and climates. Apart from its manufacturer’s limited warranty, it also has an air wash glass and a large window for viewing.


  • Has a large heating area.
  • Five heat settings.
  • The digital control board that allows you to adjust the heat.
  • LED display that makes it easy to operate.


  • One of the biggest complaints is that the parts deteriorate.
  • The two holes may also be hazardous
  • It does not come with installation materials.

8. Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stove

Construction and Capacity

As a highly effective and efficient stove, Pleasant Hearth no catalytic wood burning stove will warm both your Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stovehome and heart. Since it requires a very simple assembly, it’s the most suitable stove for a small family.

It features chrome handles, a brick-lined firebox and an air wash system that will automatically maintain the cleanliness of the glass window. Measuring 1.5 x 22.9 x 28 inches and weighing 243 pounds, this special stove also has front loading cast iron door with large ceramic glass viewing area.

Heating Area and Output

As an EPA certified stove and NSPS Phase 1 approved, this stove has a total output of up to 50,000 BTUs/hr and heating area of 1200 square feet.  Plus, it has a separately sold variable-speed blower that will provide you with quiet yet strong heat distribution. Due to its control system, the temperature that you initially set will remain constant

Emission and Efficiency

Since it is EPA certified, it produces emissions at 3.9 grams/hr. If you want it to work well, it should be fueled with seasoned cord firewood. If you are looking to warm a large area, then this model has what it takes.

Even in 5-degree temperatures, it will ensure that your space remains warm. Since it can hold up to three bags of pellets, you can wait for three days before refilling it again. As compared to other stoves, this is almost three times the capacity.

Durability and User Friendliness

To provide an amazing view, it has a large ceramic glass window.  To make it easy for you to assemble and operate, it has an instructional DVD. Since it requires very minimal assembly, it’s quite ideal for use at home.

Unlike other stoves, it takes a relatively small footprint in the house. Overall, with its brick-lined construction, it’s not only easy to use but can also last longer, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it quickly.


  • It has an exclusive comfort control system.
  • It has a large ceramic glass window to provide good viewing.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry.
  • Instructional DVD for easy use.


  • It’s a bit small as compared to other stoves.

9. Vogelzang Hopper Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

Vogelzang VG5790 pellet stove is a fully automatic stove with an easy to use electronic controls and an auto-Vogelzang Hopper Pellet Stoveignition. Some of its features include pellet capacity of up to 12 lb, LED display thermostat, steel construction air wash glass, 200 CFM blower, and US home approved. Having product dimensions of 27 x 27.8 x 35 inches and an overall weight of 245 pounds, this fully automatic pellet stove is perhaps the best stove to have at home.

Heating Area and Output

With its 65,000 BTU, it’s made in such a way that it will have a heating area of up to 2,800 square feet. To ensure that the heat is distributed evenly, it uses temperature control circulation.

Due to its extended burning time, it can burn using one filled hopper for even up to 60hours. This means, if you are looking for a large hopper, then it’s the best option out there.

Emission and Efficiency

As compared to other stoves out there, it’s also easy to operate and clean. Apart from that, it comes with an LED display that’s easy to read and use. Also, its 200CFM blower will ensure that the air is constantly circulating inside the stove.

Durability and User Friendliness

With its steel construction durable design, it’s built to ensure that it provided several years of performance. Also, it comes with a large Hopper VG5790 for less time consuming and easy operation. Unlike other stoves out there, once you fill it up, you can sit down and enjoy the heat instead of refilling it every now and again.


  • It has a durable modern design.
  • Has 120-pound hopper capacity.
  • It has electronic controls.
  • It comes with an LED display.


  • It does not have an ash pan.
  • When being used it somewhere loud hence can irritate some people.

10. US Stove Mini Pellet Stove

Construction and Capacity

If you are looking for a stove with a simple design, easy to install and close clearance tolerance, then King 2000 sq ft. US Stove Mini Pellet StoveMini Pellet Stove is the best one out there. By combining a small cabinet, hopper, and full-size burning system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with this stove.

To ensure that it’s easy to adjust it’s designed with upgraded digital controls. More so, to keep the fire viewable, it has ceramic glass window. Plus, it has 25 LB hopper capacity. Having a product height of 30.25 inches, length of 23.75 inches and a weight of 131 lb, this is perhaps the best stove to use at home.

Heating Area and Output

Although its clearances and small footprints allow it to comfortably fit in small areas, it can be used to heat up to 2000 Sq.ft.  With its 25 LB hopper capacity, it can offer you with up to 24 hours of burn time. Due to its size, you’ll get fewer augur jams. Also, on the lowest setting, you can enjoy up to 13 hours of comfortable heat.

Emission and Efficiency

Designed for small homes, it can hold up to 25 pounds of premium hardwood pellets. Also once the fire temperature heats 110 degrees F its fan will kick on to circulate up to 100 CFMs of warm air all over the room. Its high-temperature Thermo disc will also detect high temperature and shut it down to prevent it from overheating.

Durability and User Friendliness

For easy access, it’s fitted with top-mounted controls. Also, its air wash glass will help keep soot and creosote from spreading out cleanings and accumulations, thus making it easy to maintain. Since you can easily view the temperature on the digital LED screen, you can comfortably select your preferred settings.


  • It has a compact space-saving design.
  • Its body is durable.
  • Can heat up to 2000 square feet area.
  • It comes with thermostat for choosing the best level of heat.


  • You need to check for the safety features.
  • Reviews companies that the materials used are not eco-friendly.