Top 15 Best Shovels for Gardening in 2022

If you have a knack for gardening, you’ll surely know the importance of good and durable gardening equipment, andTop 15 Best Shovels for Gardening in 2020 it is highly likely that you’ve worked with a shovel. You will be surprised to know that there are actually many types and kinds of shovels that can be used for different purposes around your garden. To keep up with the maintenance of your garden and truly care of it, you should opt for the best shovels for gardening and recognize different kinds available in the market.

What is a Shovel?

Shovel is a gardening tool, used primarily for the purposes of digging into the soil to plant seeds. The soil is scooped, lifted or shoveled to another location. It can be used for dirt, sand, gravel and snow as well. Shovels are an important part of a house with a backyard and is a very resourceful tool in case of heavy snow. Remember that the ground needs to have a soft or medium consistency while digging as a shovel won’t work on hard ground.

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Difference between Shovel and Spade

People often mix up between a shovel and a spade and it’s important to know the difference between the two before buying a product that serves best for gardening. The key difference between a spade and shovel is their design and usage. A spade is more sharp and pointed so as to dig up into hard ground efficiently, whereas a shovel has flatter front that’s ideal for digging into soft to medium ground. Don’t strain your shovel by digging into hard ground with it, as it might end up breaking or wearing it out.

Parts of a Shovel

Cutting edge and blade is the heart of the shovel and serves the main purpose of digging up the ground. It is Top 15 Best Shovels for Gardening in 2021constructed with metal and found at the end of the tool. The cutting edge effectively cuts through the ground and the narrowness of the blade directly effects the efficiency of digging. Welded steel is the highest quality a blade can have and makes a shovel durable and easy to use.

Step is the part where you keep your foot. It is good to have a large step as most of us have our crocs or flip flops on while gardening. This help the tool stay in place and dig deep into the soil.

Shaft is the long part of a shovel, usually made from wood. It is a long bar which connects the handle of the shovel to its blade. There is a socket at the blade end of the shaft where the blade and cutting edge are secured in place.

Handle is placed at the outer end of the shaft, made of the same material as the shaft or secured in place with anther socket. There are two types of handles. The simpler one is fashioned with plastic or rubber grip around the outer edge of the shaft. The other type is like a bar fixed perpendicularly to the shaft. Some handles are T shaped and some have a wishbone (D-Handle) to connect them with the shaft.

A shovel with long handle gives more leverage but you need to be careful to not put a lot of pressure on it as it is prone to breakage. The shorter handles are stronger and easier to work around tight spots with swift working time.

Coating is the most important feature of a shovel as its durability depends on the quality of coating over it. The Top 15 Best Shovels for Gardening in 2021coating prevents rusting, tarnish and limits wear and tear. It also makes the shovel look clean and preserve its quality as digging up solid ground can have a very abrasive effect. Powder coating is the best type and lasts for several years, as compared to clear coats and paints which can chip away sooner.

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Types of Shovels

There are four main types of shovels that you can use around your garden.

Long Handle Digging Shovel is the handiest kind and you’ll find it in most garden sheds. It has a pointed tip that admirably cuts into soft to medium hard ground and even work its wonder around the stubborn roots of old trees. This is the best shovel for gardening as it is multipurpose and works well around the entire garden. It has a straight handle and shaft that doesn’t put strain on your body and you wouldn’t have to use your feet while digging. The most important thing to look out for is the construction. A strong metal shaft welded securely into the step and blade will last you several years even with repeated use. A large step is preferred along with powder coating. You might think the opposite, but heavier shovels are much easy to use while digging.

D-Handle Digging Shovel is another type which is quite similar to the long handle shovels with a difference in their handle design. This shovel comes in use when you have to dig up a hole and then throw or transfer it to another location. It is ideal for digging holes for planting seeds, or removing soil and sod from your pathway in the garden.

H-Handle Transfer style Garden Shovel has a square blade and a larger surface area. It is used mainly to move around the soil that has already been loosened. You can also move dirt, sand, compost, fertilizer or pea gravel easily. As its main purpose is not digging, you will need another shovel besides it to do the actual shoveling. As a result, it’s also not necessary to find the one with larger step as that comes in handy mainly for digging. It’s best to go for a lighter shovel for this type.

D-Handle Transplanting Spade is also known as a Sharpshooter Shovel. It is used for harder grounds, loosening hard soil, transplanting, precision digging and removing crushed and packed rock. Look out for a big step, strong Top 15 Best Shovels for Gardening in 2021metal shaft and welds, and a thick heavy blade. This is the toughest shovel out there.

Choosing the Best Shovel for Gardening

When looking for the ideal tools for gardening, you not only have to think about the garden but yourself too, as you are the one who’ll be working around the equipment. Shovels are pretty handy around the garden and make your work very easy, but you must keep your own strengths in mind. For instance, go for a handle and shaft length that wouldn’t strain your back while you work around the garden. Prevent unforeseen injuries by buying a study material, strong metal, parts that are strongly welded together, durable coating and a good value for your buck!

It is also important to keep the purpose in mind. If you need to dig up hard ground, go for a sharp spade shovel, not a flat one. D-Handle is the best choice for moving material and soil around the garden. Always go for big steps if you are not specifically buying a transfer shovel. This will help you dig deeper and lessen your load. Most importantly, look out for the warranty of the shovel you purchase and invest your money on the one that will beautify your garden for years to come.


Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel, 43″ D-Handle 1. Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel, 43″ D-Handle
Extra Large Foot Step $$ 4.8
All-Steel Closed Back Shovel, 54-Inch Tubular Handle 2. All-Steel Closed Back Shovel, 54-Inch Tubular Handle
54-Inch Tubular Handle $$ 4.8
Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel 3.Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel
5 years warranty $$ 4.7
Truper 31206 Tru Pro Short D-Handle Square Point Shovel, 19-Inch Fiberglass, 20-Inch 4.  Truper 31206 Tru Pro Short D-Handle Square Point Shovel, 19-Inch Fiberglass, 20-Inch
20-inch pro grade fiberglass handle $$ 4.6
UnionTools Poly D-Grip Round Point Shovel – 43106 5. UnionTools Poly D-Grip Round Point Shovel – 43106
#2 carbon steel blade $$ 4.6
Seymour S710 48-Inch Long Fiberglass Handle Notched Super Shovel Round Point 6. Seymour S710 48-Inch Long Fiberglass Handle Notched Super Shovel Round Point
Steel ferrule $$ 4.5
Bond ManufacturingBlack & Decker BD1515 Mini D-Handle Garden Shovel 7. Bond ManufacturingBlack & Decker BD1515 Mini D-Handle Garden Shovel
Rust resistant powder coating $$ 4.5
AMES COMPANIES, THE 163118800 Thumb D-Handle Round Point Mini Shovel, Green 8. AMES COMPANIES, THE 163118800 Thumb D-Handle Round Point Mini Shovel, Green
Length: 26 Inches $$ 4.5
M. Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel with 48 Inch Handle 9. M. Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel with 48 Inch Handle

Non-stick surface

$$ 4.4
Radius Garden 600 Mini Digger Shovel 10. Radius Garden 600 Mini Digger Shovel
Powder coated blade $$ 4.3
Fiskars Ergo D-Handle Steel Shovel (49″) 11. Fiskars Ergo D-Handle Steel Shovel (49″)
Welded boron steel blade $$ 4.2
FRUITEAM Camping Shovel Portable Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool Gardening Job Site Survival Kit Military Grade 12. FRUITEAM Camping Shovel Portable Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool Gardening Job Site Survival Kit Military Grade
Powder coated rust resistance $$ 4.1
13. Remco 6981RG Grey Polypropylene Industrial Hygienic Shovel, 24″ Blade
Durable 14-gauge steel blade $$ 4.0
Truper 31200 Tru Pro Round Point D-Handle Fiberglass Shovel 14. Truper 31200 Tru Pro Round Point D-Handle Fiberglass Shovel
48-Inch yellow fiberglass handle $$ 4.0
Ace Little Pal Shovel (7135049) 15. Ace Little Pal Shovel (7135049)
Blade Length: 5-3/4 in. $$ 3.9

1. Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel, 43″ D-Handle

The Root Assassin is a one shot shovel for all purposes! Enjoy working around your garden and get your work done Root Assassin One Shot Garden Shovel, 43″ D-Handlein no time with the excellent features and design of this shovel. You’ll find the surface area of the blade to be larger than most other shovels in the market. Therefore, it holds more soil at one go and makes your working time shorter and easier. With excellent leverage and support, say goodbye to your back problems and hand blisters!

 Features and Design

The shovel has a long shaft and a length of 48 inches. The cutting edge and blade is 16.5 inches long with a width of 6.5 inches which tapers down sharply to 2.5 inches, making it easier to dig the soil. The end is round which renders the shovel unusable for prying.

The long handle is D shaped and lightweight, making it easier to work around. It is made from a high quality and strong fiberglass material that won’t chip away or rust like other shovels. It also has an extra-large foot step so style up with your best crocs, nothing will hinder this shovel from digging up effectively in a shorter time and giving you excellent results.

Superior Wing Technology

The Root Assassin has an innovative feature with an expertly designed wing technology. The shovel comes with ‘wings’ which are smooth elevations on either side of the blade. This helps hold up more soil and dirt and transfer it without spilling. You can move the Earth around the garden in a single shot!

It has a very sturdy material that can hold up extra load. It has at least 25% higher capacity to hold dirt than any other standard shovel in the market. As a result, you will have a cleaner dig with no spillage on the grass and no extra clean up required! Get your work done at twice your normal speed while putting in less effort! Avoid any back strains or blisters and enjoy safe and happy gardening. It is ideal for digging trenches, holes, shoveling coal and snow, camping, fixing up the garden and removing sand, mud or dirt.


  • Wing design of the blade holds more dirt.
  • High-strength fiberglass handle.
  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • An extra-large foot step.
  • Sleek design and easy to use without straining the back.


  • Can’t be used for prying.

2. All-Steel Closed Back Shovel, 54-Inch Tubular Handle

Say goodbye to all your gardening troubles with the All-Steel closed back shovel. It is fashioned with superior All-Steel Closed Back Shovel, 54-Inch Tubular Handlematerials and a design that yields greater results with less effort. The large surface area coupled with a strong finish shortens your working time around the garden and gives you enough leverage and support to not strain your back muscles or joints when you work. Enjoy the excellent design and unique features of the product, you will not be disappointed!

Features and Design

The King of spades, all-steel closed back shovel has a unique closed back design and is manufactured with 12 gauge original and solid steel. The blade measures 11.5 inches in length and 9.25 inches in width which is excellent for plowing and digging, holds enough soil to make your work easier and shorter and doesn’t bend or wear out. Make sure that you use it on soft to medium-hard ground. The low blade lift is excellent for vertical cutting and can be used to lift up roots and cut through gravel.

The past versions of this particular shovel had a diamond point spade with defined angle blades on either side. This design has now been improved to give you traditional round point tapering blade which is more efficient in cutting and digging! The professional rank spades have a smooth and even zinc-plated rust-resistant finish without any sharp edges and rivets. The alloy tubing construction turned steps is of excellent aircraft quality.

The handle length is around 54 inches which makes it easy to use. The length is ideal for working around loose soil and digging up the ground without putting strain on your back. The product weighs 6lbs and is pretty handy around the garden. It also comes with a one year warranty! The shovel is quite sturdy and can be sharpened with an angle grinder when required without any wear and tear. Make sure that you are not digging around any wires or cables.


  • Sturdy and long lasting material.
  • Excellent for vertical cutting.
  • Rust-resistant coating.
  • Good quality alloy tubing construction.


3. Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

Bond is a very credible brand for gardening tools and equipment. Their products are sturdy and long lasting, yieldingBond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel the best results. Their LH015 mini D handle shovel is no exception! It surely deserves to be titled the best short-handled shovel out there. The short and handy design of the shovel makes it quite easy to use. The mini shovel can also be comfortably carried around in a backpack when you are out and about. You can take it along your camping trips as well as it can efficiently be used for several light-duty tasks.

Features and Design

The shovel has a light weight, strong steel construction with a comfortable and soft non-slip grip. The whole shovel accounts to around 26.5 inches in length. The head is solid metal with a durable enamel coating. The blade is ideal for light-duty cutting and lifting up soil. It works well around loose soil with soft/medium consistency.

The handle is very strong and durable, easy to grip and made with fiberglass. The heat resistant head makes you work freely without worrying about any blisters or skin irritation. The design is fairly compact which makes it easy to carry around and store. You can carry it along for outdoor activities and even for the beach!


The mini shovel is made of strong and sturdy material that’s hard to break. Wear and tear is minimal over time and rest assured of any tarnishing as the product has a rust resistant powder coated paint. The heat-treated heads further add to the durability of the product, reducing friction and limiting wear and tear. The shovel is fairly light in weight, and its main purpose is for small lifting and plowing. Make sure you don’t use it on hard soil or for excessive vertical cutting around roots or on hard ground as it may damage the product. It comes with a 5 year guarantee.


  • Compact design.
  • Rust resistant powder coating.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Tough and durable material.
  • Heat-treated heads.


  • It is a bit pricey.
  • Handle is too short and not ideal for harder tasks.

4. Truper 31206 Tru Pro Short D-Handle Square Point Shovel, 19-Inch Fiberglass, 20-Inch

Tru Pro-Square point shovel is a light weight product with a short and handy structure and design that serves many Truper 31206 Tru Pro Short D-Handle Square Point Shovel, 19-Inch Fiberglass, 20-Inchuseful functions. Superior quality manufacturing under a reliable brand makes it an excellent purchase. Truper has the most progressive and modern technology that is efficient and guarantees supreme quality and value with excellent customer service. The contractor-grade tools will last you several years with flexibility and resistance along with a life time warranty and dedicated service! You really can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Features and Design

The shovel features a heavy duty 14 gauge steel blade offering maximum toughness and ruggedness to carry out hard tasks efficiently. The shovel is around 27.5 inches in length, making it compact, easy to carry and store. The handle length is a short 19 inches and the shovel head is 8.5×6 inches. It has a good surface area to hold soil or snow and makes your task quicker and easier to carry through.

The 20-inch excellent quality fiberglass handle has a D grip to give you full control and balance over the shovel along with a protective sleeve to prevent any sort of mishaps or splintering while you work. It is connected to the shovel with a rivet-less, solid crimpled-steel collar ring, securing the handle firmly in place.


The reinforced resin feet of the shovel is so impactful that it can hold up to 400 lbs. of handle strength without breakage or any wear and tear! Truper has over 40 years of dedicated experience to back up this excellent product with supreme quality and durability. It is geared for customers who wish to upgrade their equipment to high end tools. The heavy set gauge and firm handle will make the product last you several years along with a lifetime warranty by Tru-pro!


  • Supreme quality fiberglass D-grip handle.
  • Protective sleeve.
  • Tough solid steel construction.
  • Can be used for heavy duty work and plowing.
  • Up to 400lbs of handle strength.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Can be fatiguing if used for light-duty tasks.

5. Union Tools Poly D-Grip Round Point Shovel – 43106

Union Told is one of the top brands for lawn and gardening tools and equipment. Their products are trustworthy, UnionTools Poly D-Grip Round Point Shovel – 43106supreme in quality and design, durable and long lasting. The Round point, poly-D grip shovel is one of their top products and designed specifically to carry out light to medium duty tasks efficiently and quickly without tiring yourself out or straining your back. It is an excellent digging tool for both gardening and snow shoveling. You can also use it for plowing and work it around soft to medium consistency soil.

 Features and Design

The shovel has a heavy duty blade made of carbon steel of 8.5×11.5 inches dimensions. The round point makes it easy to vertically crack and cut up the soil and dig out gravel and loose rocks and stones. It has an adequate surface area to hold soil and snow and make your work easier and quicker in a single go. The forward turned-step is excellent for secure foot placement and can hold a good amount of weight while giving you balance and stability.

The D handle of the shovel is made with 28 inches North American hardwood and a strong Poly D-grip. It is excellent for beginners who are just starting to learn how to work their way around a garden. It is a very useful tool for digging, plowing, and can even be used for prying if the roots aren’t too hard set. It’s compact and stout but not too small to carry out big tasks! You can carry it along for outdoor activities or snow plowing. It can also pop out rocks and gravel easily. Make sure to not use it on ground that is too hard and firm, or around wires and cables.

The handle is made from good quality wood and is resilient to wear and tear when used correctly. The product comes with a 5 year warranty with excellent customer service to back up the product.


  • Strong poly D-grip
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Wood of the handle is not high quality.

6. Seymour S710 48-Inch Long Fiberglass Handle Notched Super Shovel Round Point

Seymore brings you this top notch high quality shovel with a saw tooth cutting blade to help you around the most Seymour S710 48-Inch Long Fiberglass Handle Notched Super Shovel Round Pointdifficult and time consuming tasks. This super shovel cuts down your gardening time in half with its excellent features and design without straining your back or tiring you out. It is a premium quality and durable product with Seymore’s excellent customer service to back it up. Get this stylish and useful shovel and make a long lasting and valuable addition to your garden tools.

Features and Design

The shovel is 58 inches long, offering ample leverage and stability while carrying out heavy duty tasks. The head size is around 8.8×11.2 inches in dimension and has round pointed saw tooth design that’s unique to this shovel. Made from steel ferrule, the shovel has a square socket to securely connect the parts together. The #2 front turn step head style gives you plentiful space for feet placement and can take a heavy load without wearing out or breakage.

The handle is constructed from fiberglass and has a cushion grip to prevent blistering. It has an excellent grip and provides comfort and support. It is fairly easy to use and store. The 48 inches fiber glass handle provides stability and flexibility during heavy duty work.

 Applications of Saw tooth Shovel

The sharp rounded teeth running around the blade isn’t just for show but comes in handy for a number of things. It will help you with the back-breaking work that comes with gardening. If you need to dig up a large shrub or bush completely, this saw tooth shovel will get the job done in no time. It is designed to easily cut through roots. It will also help you prepare the area for expanding the garden by digging up hard and compact clay-like soil. You can pry up old gravels and nails off the roof easily, chip through ice and work your way through heavily forested areas easily and effortlessly!


  • Cutting teeth to penetrate hard surfaces.
  • Sturdy and tough construction.
  • Cushion grip on handle.
  • Easy to use.


  • Weak stomp pad.

7. Bond ManufacturingBlack & Decker BD1515 Mini D-Handle Garden Shovel

Black and Decker is a household name with their reputable and supreme quality products for daily use. The Bond ManufacturingBlack & Decker BD1515 Mini D-Handle Garden Shovelinnovative design and construction makes life easier. The mini garden shovel is a great product that is well received and has many useful applications. The cutting edge product is backed up by their dedicated customer service. The shovel is fairly easy to use and doesn’t strain the back muscles. It is light weight, rust resistant and easy to store and carry around due to its compact design.

Features and Design

The mini shovel is 26.77 inches in length and is best for light-duty work around the garden. It has a light weight steel handle and heat-treated head that cuts through soil easily and effectively. It is ideal for plowing and digging. The blade has a good surface area to hold large quantity of soil and makes work quick and easy. It reduces fatigue and provides good control and stability while plowing. The heat treated steel adds years to the durability of the shovel.

The D handle has a soft grip and doesn’t cause blisters on the skin. It is constructed with fiberglass and has a firm, non-slip grip. It is designed to absorb varied degrees of shock generated as a result of digging up hard soil or gravel. It is easy on the joints and doesn’t strain the back. The shovel is powder coated with rust-resistant finish which further adds to the durability of the product.

You can use this shovel for soft to medium consistency soil. It can also vertically cut through hard soil but due to its length it can pose difficulty in doing so. Make sure that there is no cable or wire at the area of plowing. It isn’t the best option for prying or digging up around old roots either. Works well for snow shoveling as well or a beach day.


  • Non-slip D-handle absorbs shock while digging.
  • Rust resistant powder coating.
  • Durable and sturdy material.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Not useful for heavy-duty tasks.

8. AMES COMPANIES, THE 163118800 Thumb D-Handle Round Point Mini Shovel, Green

Ames is a very reputable brand, well known for their durable and supreme quality products. It is a very credible source for buying gardening tools. The mini shovel of Ames Companies is a sturdy and resilient product that yields AMES COMPANIES, THE 163118800 Thumb D-Handle Round Point Mini Shovel, Greengreat results when worked around the garden. It prevents back strain and doesn’t let you tire out easily. It is one of the best short handled shovel in the market. The compact design is easy to use and store. It can be carried for outdoor activities and fits well in small spaces. You can also take it along to the beach or camping. It can help with many light-duty tasks efficiently.

Features and Design

The mini shovel is only 26 inches in length. With a width of 6 inches and a 2.5 inches height, it is an ideal and convenient shovel to carry out everyday tasks and dig through tight spaces easily. The round pointed blade edges are simple to work with. The green thumb, D-handle is made from plastic. It is soft and has a non-slip grip that absorbs shock in case of tough gravel and tight spaces, preventing blisters or high impact on joints while digging.

The comfortable grip makes it safe to work around the garden. The blade is great to carry out light-duty everyday tasks like plowing, digging, scooping, planting seeds and moving the soil. It is also useful for snow shoveling and can be used at campsite or at the beach.

The shovel is made from sturdy and resilient material that add years to the durability of the product. Wear and tear is minimal with a resistant coating, which also reduces friction and tarnishing with time. It’s not recommended to use the shovel on hard ground, cables or wires and around strong and old tree roots. It comes with a 5 years guarantee with excellent customer service.


  • Compact and sturdy design.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Ideal for digging in tight spaces.
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Can’t carry out heavy duty tasks.

9. M. Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel with 48 Inch Handle

AML’s poly scoop shovel is a revolutionary design with a solid one piece deeper blade shape and a pioneering, M. Leonard Poly Scoop Shovel with 48 Inch Handletasteful design. The shovel is excellent to carry out a number of activities around your garden or snow shoveling as the deeper blade has a high capacity for moving soil and snow and making the work swift and easy. The long handle and an overall longer reach facilitates working without having to bend, thus preventing any strain on the back muscles or joints. It is an excellent tool to have in your garden shed to reduce your workload in half!

Features and Design

The bright orange, vibrant poly scoop shovel has a high quality construction with a high impact poly molded body. The head is 14×17.75 inches in dimensions with 20% extra holding capacity due to its scooped shape. The 20 inches D-grip handle is soft with a non-slip grip to prevent blisters and absorb shock upon impact with hard Earth or gravel.

The fiberglass core of its handle increases the sturdiness and rigidity of the shovel, making it a great choice for unloading. Be it pickup trucks, landscaping or cleaning decks, all scooping tasks can be brilliantly and safely carried through with the Leonard poly scoop shovel. It is great for animal care too.


One-piece poly molded design ensures a lifelong prevention of rot, rust, tarnish or breakage. The entire shovel works as a single compact unit with high strength and resistance. It holds up well to extreme weather and temperatures. It is safe to use and has a non-stick surface so you can easily scoop up snow and soil without worrying about cleaning it. It is fairly low maintenance and easy to store. The non-marring poly material doesn’t scratch any stone or wood surfaces and it is quite safe to use on most surfaces because of its non-damaging exterior. It is a durable shovel which comes with a lifetime warranty!


  • Single piece construction prevents rusting and rot.
  • Holds up well in extreme weathers.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Non-stick surface.


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks.

10. Radius Garden 600 Mini Digger Shovel

The Radius Garden Mini Shovel is fun to use and a durable tool to store in your garden shed and work around for Radius Garden 600 Mini Digger Shovelyears to come! It is a user friendly shovel with a super lightweight construction, ideal for people of all age. It can be used by kids and senior citizens with limited upper body strength, as it takes minimal effort to use and yields great results. You will love this shovel and enjoy working with it with its patent design and bright color. It is great for raised flower beds and lawns.

Features and Design

The mini shovel has a compact blade which measures 7 inches across and 10 inches in length. The entire length of the shovel measures around 37 inches with a sturdy and resilient construction. It is made from patented carbon steel and powder coated exterior that holds well against rusting and tarnishing. The blade tapers to a sharp edge which is excellent for vertical cutting and digging. It can also be used around hedges and bushes with deep roots.

The sharp blade cuts efficiently through soft to medium consistency ground and is easy to use by kids and adults alike. The fiberglass shaft of the shovel alone with an ergonomic paddle handle is contoured to make your work easier. It makes great use around raised beds and square foot gardening. Even seniors can use it as it requires minimal upper body strength and doesn’t strain your back.


The powder coated exterior is rust resistant and can be worked in extreme weathers. You can store it in your garden shed without worrying about rot or tarnish and still find it in its original condition after years of use. The sturdy and robust material prevents any wear and tear or bending and breakage with repeated use. The product comes with a lifetime guarantee when purchased within US. Make sure to not use it around cables, wires and old roots.


  • Compact design, easy to use for all ages.
  • Rust-resistant, powder coated blade.
  • Lifetime guarantee.


  • Doesn’t work on hard soil with roots and rocks.


11. Fiskars Ergo D-Handle Steel Shovel (49″)

Working around your garden has never been this easy before with a durable and high quality shovel featuring Fiskars Ergo D-Handle Steel Shovel (49″)cutting-edge ergonomics. It has a simplified design that is easy to grip, use and carry around. The welded steel material used for its construction is far superior and more durable than a wood handle or fiberglass that can flex and bend. The ideal D-handle keeps your wrist in a stable, neutral position at all times, maximizing safety and reducing strain on joints or formation of blisters. It is an excellent tool for digging and cutting vertically through medium to hard consistency soil. It also works well around thick roots and gravel.

Features and Design

The shovel measures 49 inches in length with a welded boron steel blade that is sharp and sturdy. It holds well on hard ground and the steel shaft provides ample flexibility and resilience that would easily outlast its wood or fiberglass constructed counterparts! The steel blade is sharp and cuts well through medium-hard soil without breakage. It can also penetrate through hard and tough soil and cut through deep and thick roots and hardened dirt clods.

The soft D grip handle is angled to reduce strain and give you a secure grip. It also absorbs shock that comes with heavy digging, preventing high impact on joints. The foot platform further maximizes the force and drives the shovel blade deep into the soil. The shaft has a tear drop shape that fits the natural shape and motion of your hand offering exceptional control and comfort while working on heavy duty tasks around the garden.

Mid grip neutralizes your position, providing stability and insulation in cold weather. The powder coated steel prevents rust and tarnish and makes it easy to clean. The shovel is designed for convenient storage and hanging in a garden shed or garage. The product comes with a life time warranty.


  • Sharp blade to carry out heavy duty tasks.
  • Powder coated exterior.
  • Mid grip for control and comfort.
  • Life time warranty.


  • The handle is weak and requires an extra screw.

12. FRUITEAM Camping Shovel Portable Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool Gardening Job Site Survival Kit Military Grade

Life is simpler with portable and compact tools! This extraordinary and innovative shovel has a lot of unique featuresFRUITEAM Camping Shovel Portable Folding Shovel Entrenching Tool Gardening Job Site Survival Kit Military Grade packed in one design to give you the ultimate tool to be used for various purposes. The handy size tool is foldable and easy to carry around and store with you for small work and emergency situations.

 Features and Design

The folding shovel is 22.4 inches in length and light in weight, and can be used straight or bent at a 90 degrees angle. The robust carbon steel used for its construction is high in quality and gives it a thick and smooth texture. It also makes it easier to clean and store after usage.

The blade has both a sharp cutting edge and a saw tooth edge that can be used for various purposes! The triangular ergonomic handle makes you have excellent control over the shovel and keep you in a stable and neutral position without straining your back or joints. It is connected securely to the shaft and has solid rivet. The quality of the shovel is excellent and comes with a 2 year money back guarantee and an excellent customer service!

 Multi-Purpose Applications

This is the ultimate tool that combines multiple functions in a single shovel. The saw tooth edge is perfect for cutting through branches and roots. It can be brought along the wilderness adventures where you need to cut through branches to have a safe passage or dig trenches. It digs up well with minimal efforts and the carbon steel of the blade is wear resistant. It is also a great tool to have while climbing mountains as it can be inserted step by step helping you ascend to the peak. Dig, chop, saw, hammer, shovel or cut with this all in one tool!


  • Sturdy design with 2 years money back guarantee.
  • Multi-purpose and easy to use.
  • Compact design and easy storage.
  • Powder coated rust resistance.


13. Remco 6981RG Grey Polypropylene Industrial Hygienic Shovel, 24″ Blade

Remco is a worldwide name with its excellent and durable line of products. The safe and hygienic components Remco 6981RG Grey Polypropylene Industrial Hygienic Shovel, 24" BladeandFDA compliant materials make their products universally accepted and multipurpose. The industrial shovel by Remco is a one-piece molded product made of polypropylene material which is sturdy and tough but lightweight. It was manufactured 30 years ago and since then there have been various innovative additions and restorations made to it. The high quality, sturdy and durable shovel is resilient and rigid and can be used in varying temperatures of -22F to 176F and has several industrial and chemical applications.

Features and Design

The single piece, grey polypropylene shovel is light in weight, with a length of around 37.75 inches and 10.25 inches width. It has a scooped design which increases its holding capacity making it ideal for digging and snow shoveling as well as industrial usage. It cuts the working time in half and doesn’t strain the back. The 24 inches blade is flat and sharp which vertically cuts through tough and hard consistency materials. The handle of the shovel has a triangular shape, making your position stable and neutral, exerting no pressure on joints and balancing the forces required for gardening or other activities.

The shovel has a regrind additive incorporated in it which is a cost effective solution for many industrial uses which don’t require food grade constituents. It is a heavy duty shovel owing to the polypropylene construction that is lightweight so it’s fairly easy to use. It is non-sparkling and corrosion, chemical and tarnish resistant. It has a high temperature range and sporadic use of the shovel further increases its temperature range. The shovel can be used for general food handling, is metal detectable and can be used for meat, seafood, dairy and poultry as well as for industrial applications. It is hygienic and safe to use without any toxic components.


  • Sturdy and robust polypropylene material.
  • One-piece construction makes it resistant to breaking, corrosion and rust.
  • Has a high working temperature range.
  • Lightweight and easy application.


14. Truper 31200 Tru Pro Round Point D-Handle Fiberglass Shovel

Trupro shovels are well known for their supreme quality and durability. The round point shovel is your solution to allTruper 31200 Tru Pro Round Point D-Handle Fiberglass Shovel the gardening needs. It’s hard and tough steel blade works its way through the toughest most compact corners and digs efficiently through gravel and rocks. The long handle will give you good leverage, so you don’t have to excessively bend while using it. This in turn protects your back and joints and give you the comfort and support you deserve. Enjoy this shovel and make a great addition to your gardening tools that is long lasting and worth every penny.

 Features and Design

The shovel has a durable 14 gauge heavy steel blade that tapers to a round point. It is sharp and tough, facilitating deep and heavy shoveling, cutting through medium-hard consistency ground and working well around deep set roots and gravel. The shovel has a soft cushioned, non-slip grip that gives you good control and stability. The blade has a large surface area with elevated edges that increase its holding capacity. It simplifies moving soil, gravel or snow, making it easier to plow and reducing your working time significantly without any added stress.

The shovel has a 48 inch yellow resilient fiberglass handle on its long handled tools and a 29 inch handle on its D-handled tools. The D handle is ideal for plowing and digging, has a soft grip that doesn’t cause blisters and doesn’t wear you out. The reinforced resin makes the shovel sturdy and gives you a 400 lbs. of handle strength during dynamic loading. It has a rivet-less steel ring to connect the head of the shovel with its long handle, making it one tough and compact solid unit. The product is durable and resistant to rusting. Make sure to not use it around a hard ground or underground cables and wires. It is fairly easy to clean and store.


  • Long handle with added leverage.
  • Soft cushion and non-slip grip.
  • High strength cutting steel blade.
  • 400lbs of handle strength.
  • High quality and lightweight.



15. Ace Little Pal Shovel (7135049)

Good things come in small packages. This statement can’t be truer for the Ace Little Pal Shovel. It is a fun sized Ace Little Pal Shovel (7135049)product that is fairly light in weight and easy to use. It is a durable garden equipment and an excellent addition to your tools that you can store in the shed or carry around with ease. It is user friendly with a lightweight design and can be used for multiple purposes. Take it along your outdoor activities, camping, and beaches and use it for snow shoveling and gardening. It is fun to use and low maintenance!

Features and Design

The entire length of the shovel is around 27 inches and it weighs only 1.2 pounds! You wouldn’t even feel it in your backpack. It has a square/round steel blade with 5.75 inches length and 8.25 inches width. The sharp blade is excellent for light to medium duty tasks like digging, plowing, shoveling, lifting snow and soil and cutting through soft to medium consistency soil.

The handle is made of wood and connected to the head of the shovel firmly and securely to make it a single compact unit. It has a D-handle that makes your position stable and balanced during gardening. The soft and comfortable non-slip grip prevents blistering and absorbs shock during digging. It can be worked around varying degrees of temperature. The material is durable and sturdy.

The shovel is resistant to rust and tarnishing. Its compact and mini design makes it easy to store. Use it for all sorts of outdoor activities, camping and even at the beach. The strong and sturdy material is resistant to breakage but make sure that you don’t use it on a hard consistency ground as it is not designed for heavy duty tasks. Take care of any underground cable or wires while using the shovel, and don’t use it for prying or around deep heavy set roots as it can damage the blade and edges.


  • Compact design.
  • Tough and robust material.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Easy to use and carry.


  • Can’t be used for heavy duty tasks.