Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2022 – Complete Guide

It’s time to take a break and explore some of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. Camping can be a great way to Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2020 - Complete Guidestrengthen family ties and bring a whole new outlook to otherwise dry life.

To make this year’s camping trip a marvelous success, you must plan everything in advance. This article brings you a guide on how to pick the most important aid you’ll ever need while camping with your family! – A Tent Air Conditioner.

These compact, portable devices are the life of any camping journey. They help prevent allergies, keep the in-tent temperature cozy and comfortable, purify air, and the list goes on! A portable air conditioner is truly a life saver, especially during the summer months.

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Let’s see why a tent AC is so important for when you go camping.

Why invest in a Tent Air Conditioner?

Tent Air Conditioners are truly a blessing during the hot months. One little device can offer a host of benefits, Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2019making it a truly resourceful device for campers. Here are some important reasons to invest in a tent air conditioner.

  1. Portability

Most air conditioners designed for camping tents are small in size and portable. These are light in weight, and occupy minimal space in the tent. They can also be easily carried in a backpack, or in a car while car-camping.

Due to their light weight and small sizes, these devices are ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor/camping use.

  1. Optimal cooling

Most tent air conditioners offer strong and steady cooling benefits to the areas they are designed to work in. While some tent air conditioners are just made for just 45 square foot tents, some are made for larger areas.

Most tent air conditioners use different techniques to cool the surrounding air, and to provide a steady stream of fresh air. They help maintain a comfortable micro-temperature inside the tent, and prevent strokes and other heat-related conditions, thus helping the inhabitants stay cool, safe and healthy.

  1. Easy installation

Most tent air conditioners are extremely easy to set up. The ones that use water may require to be filled up every few hours. Some water-filled tent ACs may be required to be kept upright, since tipping over could cause leakage. Many of these ACs come with water injection bottles for easy, leak-free refilling.

  1. Energy efficient

Most air conditioners manufactured today claim to be energy-efficient. Low consumption of electricity can be a major advantage.

In addition to this, a lot of them do not use Freon or other toxic refrigerants for cooling, but use plain water instead. This makes them all the more safe and risk-free.Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2019

  1. Versatile power sources

Portable mini tent ACs are becoming more and more self-reliant. Devices with rechargeable batteries, USB charging are all being made available to ensure that they are truly hassle free while on a camping trip.

These are especially helpful in cases where there is no ready power supply available while at a camping site, or otherwise.

  1. Helps you stay dust and odor-free

In addition to cooling, tent ACs provide various levels of purification and filtering of air. With filters and other technologies to filter out dust, impurities and odors, they provide access to fresh and clean air at all times.

If you or someone in the family suffers from allergies or infections, this feature can be of great help while camping in the wild.

  1. Cost-effective

The cost of tent ACs varies depending on the level of cooling, and the features and benefits it offers. That said, straightforward air conditioners are often quite affordable, and do not need you to shell out a large sum from your pocket.

  1. Multiple add-ons and benefits

Manufacturers are now increasingly upgrading simple tent air conditioners to include add-ons like humidifiers, LED, emergency lights and music players to make them more appealing to the traveller. A good tent AC that cools and also offers some extra benefits is something no camper can say no to.

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Things to consider while purchasing a Tent Air Conditioner

Tent Air Conditioners are smart little saviors designed to add value to any camping experience. Here are some of theTop 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2019 most important things to keep in mind if you’re planning on buying a Tent Air Conditioner.

  1. Tent space

The most important aspect you should be considering while choosing your tent air conditioner is your tent area. Tent air conditioners are manufactured based on tent area, and this is one important factor that decides which one you should buy.

A tent AC designed for a larger tent can cause extreme cooling if used in smaller tent areas, and an air conditioner meant for small tents will not provide sufficient cooling for large spaces.

  1. BTU Rating

You may come across something called a “BTU Rating” when you go AC Shopping. This is an indicator of the cooling power of the device. If you have a large tent, it is advisable to go for an air conditioner with higher BTU rating, if not, a lower BTU will suffice.

  1. Noise generation

Some portable air conditioners generate enormous amounts of noise, and are a pain to use, especially at night time. So, if you’re planning on using it all the while, or specifically at bed time, ensure that the level of noise generation is minimal.

  1. Size and weight

Always, look for something that’s easy to move around. While camping, you do not want to be stuck with a large air conditioner that is difficult to move around. You want something that’s light, sleek and that easily fits inside your bags/car.

  1. Ease of use

Always buy an air conditioner that’s simple to operate and easy to use. Make sure that the assembly is fuss-free. This will save you a lot of energy, time and nerves. You do not want to miss out on the fun of camping with an attention-Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2019seeking machine!

  1. Affordability

Look for a balance between cost and quality. You’re likely to use the AC only in the summers, so be wise and do not splurge unnecessarily. Buy a simple, affordable unit that works and offers a good level of cooling.

  1. Camping venue

The temperature at your camping venue will decide the kind of cooler you may need. If you’re going somewhere extremely hot, you may have to invest more in a device that offers a higher level of cooling. Always consider the temperature of the place you will be visiting in advance, before buying a cooling device.

Now that you’ve gotten your basics right, let’s delve right into it. To help you further in your search, here are ten popular tent air conditioners exclusively picked and listed for your next camping trip.

Top 10 Best Tent Air Conditioners in 2022

1. WEINAS Personal Air Conditioner Fan
2. ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner
3. TOCOOL Personal Space Air Cooler
Built-in LED soothing night light $$ 4.7
4. Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier
5. Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner
only 12.8 LBS $$$ 4.6
6. Personal Space Air Conditioner
Built-in LED light with 7 colors $$ 4.5
7. Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier
8. Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan
swamp cooling system $$ 4.5
9. Ontel Arctic Personal Air Cooler, White
Easy-Fill Water Tank Lasts Up to 8 Hours! $$ 4.4
10. KUUOTE Portable Air Conditioner Fan
Low power consumption $$ 4.3

1. WEINAS Personal Air Conditioner Fan

Weinas is your very own personal mini air cooler- a companion to take along on any camping journey!WEINAS Personal Air Conditioner Fan

You love camping. But come summers, you most likely prefer to stay in because of the heat. What do you do? Get a mini, portable air cooler! The Weinas Personal Air Conditioner Fan is a brilliant 3-in-1 answer to all your woes.

Construction and working

This Weinas personal air conditioner cum fan is an answer to all you heat-distressed folks. The mini device offers three brilliant benefits in one little power packed unit that weighs about 1.8 lbs. Apart from acting as a powerful personal air-conditioner cum fan, it can also double up as a humidifier on dry days. The device also has an LED lighting system that offers as many as 7 pretty colors, perfect as a bed side lamp to help you fall asleep!

This mini unit is equipped with an easy-to-fill water tank to help it function as an air-conditioner, and without the water, it operates as a powerful fan to use inside your tent.

Light, portable and small in size, the Weinas personal air conditioner can be easily carried along on your camping journey to help you with some extra cooling on hot days. Its small size makes it great to use in small and stuffy spaces.


The Weinas air conditioner does a good job of adding a fresh burst of cool and fresh air to your space. Unlike full-fledged air conditioners, these little devices are designed for more concentrated airflow, working on their immediate surroundings for quick, effective cooling.

If you’re someone that likes to cool off when it’s time for sleep, but wake up cold in the middle of the night, this device will help you a great deal. It has a cool timer function to auto switch the device off after a 2 or 4-hour period. This is great for power-saving too! The device in itself is designed for low power consumption.

The water tank lasts for 5 full hours per fill, and is easy to access and clean. Regular cleaning of the water tank will always ensure a fresh supply of clean and cool air, keeping you healthy and energized all through your trip.


  • Offers three functions in one unit
  • Simple design- light and portable
  • Powerful air flow- both in fan and air-conditioner mode
  • Low power consumption
  • Has auto-turn off timer


  • Has to be plugged in always and is not rechargeable. May be a con for camp sites with no electric outlets.

2. ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner

Stay cool and comfortable in your camping tent with this incredibly handy mini cooler from Enklen!ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner

Planning for a trip in the wild, but afraid the heat may play spoilsport? Don’t worry! The Enklen Portable Air Conditioner is made just for you.

Construction and working

Light in weight, tiny and handy – the Enklen air conditioner is something that’s made for taking along on any journey. The compact unit comes complete with a sturdy handle, making it easier to carry.

Like the air cooler discussed above, Enklen too provides three useful benefits – air cooling, humidification, and colorful LED lighting. A centrally located water tank can take up to 380ml of water, while its cooling fan helps convert the water into mist, to aid cooling. The water tank is easily drainable with a vent at the bottom of the device, making handling on the go utterly easy.

If you’re worried about the quality of air your family inhales during your camping trips, this smart little cooler also has a purifier/filter too. This is especially useful where the surroundings maybe dusty, or if your child has increased sensitivity to pollen for instance. It’s great for odor-removal too!

The Enklen air conditioner is truly portable- i.e. it can be plugged into devices with USB ports such as a power bank, which can be a huge plus while traveling.


This mini air-conditioner is lovely for cooling you off while at a campsite. It provides a steady stream of fresh, purified and misty air, for a cool and humidifying effect.

A fully filled water tank on the device can last for a stretch of 6 hours, saving you the hassle of filling/refilling at shorter time intervals. It also has a water scale based design to help identify the water volume at any given time.

The Enklen air conditioner is designed for low power consumption too. Makers claim that using it over a period of 7 days would cost the user just 1kW-h.

Enklen’s air vents are adjustable, which means you can adjust the wind direction (up/down) for a concentrated, unidirectional flow. The unit is designed to prevent finger pinching with its safe and intelligent air outlet design.


  • Small, light and portable (with a handle)
  • Three-function operation (humidify, cool and LED lighting)
  • Features purifier/filter for clean air
  • USB compatible
  • One fill lasts for 6 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable air vents and safe air outlet design


No cons to mention

3. TOCOOL Personal Space Air Cooler

Cute, compact and convenient – the Tocool Air cooler is great for both camping and home use!TOCOOL Personal Space Air Cooler

The Tocool personal air cooler is a little powerhouse that can do big things! It sports a nice, compact design that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Construction and working

Tocool has an incredibly compact design. With dimensions of 4.7x5x5.1 inches and a weight of just under 1lb, the unit makes a great companion for practically any space. If you’ve often packed for camping trips, you most likely know how important saving space is. This unit is perfectly designed to take minimal space, and comes with a soft leather handle for comfortable carrying.

The unit is designed to cool, purify and humidify air, along with which are three wind speed options for extra control and comfort. Tocool can function as a standalone table fan without its water tank filled, and an air cooler upon filling. With the help of its powerful fan, the cooler blows mist into the air for an instant cooling effect.

Like the air coolers we discussed above, this one also features a soft LED night light. It is rechargeable and comes with a Lithium Ion battery that gives up to 8 hours of working time. The unit is USB compatible, and can thus be charged effortlessly while on the go.


The Tocool air cooler offers optimal air cooling in a short span of time. It doesn’t have adjustable air vents like the one above, but still offers a continuous, concentrated stream of cool air to the surrounding space.

Options to change the wind speed make it ideal if you’re someone that likes more control. The water tank is smaller in comparison to the above two air coolers already discussed. This may mean more frequent refilling, but this can be safely traded off against its sleek, compact and space-saving design.


  • Cordless, rechargeable (up to 8 hours working time), USB compatible
  • Three functions in one (cooler, humidifier, LED)
  • Very sleek, light and compact
  • Easy to carry, comes with soft leather handle
  • Three wind speeds


  • Limited capacity water tank (may require frequent refilling)

4. Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

The Evapolar personal air conditioner packs several benefits into one sophisticated cooling unit!Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Slightly bigger than the ones above, the Evapolar air conditioner is a sophisticated, powerful device. If you don’t mind giving up on a little storage space while packing for your camping trip, this air conditioner could prove tremendously useful!

Construction and working

The Evapolar air conditioner is slightly larger than the air conditioners discussed earlier in this article.

This device offers cooling, humidification, and an LED lighting system in a set of pretty colors.

One possible disadvantage would be that the Evapolar Air conditioner does not have a rechargeable battery and requires to be plugged in all the time in order to work. This maybe a deterrent for campers if a power source is not readily available in a remote location.


The Evapolar personal air conditioner uses the EvaBreeze purification technology to bring forth fresh, clean and bacteria-free air. The evaporative material is made up of special nanoparticles and uses non-organic material to prevent bacteria and mold growth. In addition to good air quality, the device has superior air flow strength and cooling, thanks to its innovative evaporative technology. This is further customizable with different fan speed options.

This device has the power to instantly cool an area of 45 sq. ft. and can be ideal for a camper’s tent.

If you’re concerned about energy usage, Evapolar has an eco-friendly design. The device is Freon-free and is designed for low energy consumption. Its makers claim that the cooler consumes only 10W of electricity, and offers a temperature reduction of 39 – 63°F.

Since the device only works while plugged in, this may be best recommended for indoor use.


  • Offers cooling, humidification and multicolor LED lighting
  • Uses the EvaBreeze purification technology for bacteria and mold prevention
  • Fan speed options
  • Designed for low energy consumption and Freon-free
  • Powered using any USB device


  • Requires to be plugged in all the time
  • Bigger in size, maybe a con for portability

5. Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner

Zero Breeze Z19-B is a heavy-duty air conditioner designed especially for the outdoors!Zero Breeze Z19-B Portable Air Conditioner

Made for the outdoors, the Z19-B has a traditional design. It incorporates a lot of useful benefits ideal for outdoor use or while camping with family and friends!

Construction and working

Z19-B has a build that’s all for outdoor use. Slightly on the bulkier side (weighs 12.8lbs) when compared with the air conditioners discussed above, the Z19-B is still a good choice because of the features it incorporates. Though weighty, it may still be stored in the trunk of your car without occupying too much space.

The device does not come with a rechargeable battery, but offers a wide range of powering options including USB, wall outlet, or even a gas/lithium/propane powered generator. The Z19-B has a compressor on/off button. When switched on, the device works as an air conditioner, and when off, as a regular fan.

The unit comes with a drain tube and an exhaust hose that have to be set up during installation. Though this maybe a little cumbersome, the Z19-B seems strong, durable and heavy duty.

Now coming to the fun features, the device features a Bluetooth music player complete with volume and song switch buttons. It also has an LED lighting system and 2 USB charging slots, which can be very useful during camping.


Performance wise, the Z19-B seems to do a great job of cooling its surroundings. Its makers claim that it has the ability to bring down the temperature of a 50sq.ft closed tent to 72℉. It is powered by a 1100 BTU patented micro compressor for efficient cooling.

An emergency red flashing light is also a part of the Z19-B to help you stay safe and out of danger. Z19-B is well suited for the indoors as well, and can cool off any space quickly.


  • 5 features in one device (music, LED, air conditioner, fan and USB charging station)
  • Wide range of powering options
  • Includes emergency red flashing light


  • A little bulky
  • No built-in battery

6. Personal Space Air Conditioner

Designed for travel, this sleek mini air cooler does exactly what it claims!Personal Space Air Conditioner

Though this compact personal air conditioner doesn’t offer many fancy features like others listed here, it sure knows its basics. With steady cooling and strong purification capabilities, this is a good choice if you prefer something simple.

Construction and working

This personal air conditioner is built keeping hassle-free portability in mind. Sleek, lightweight and comfortable to carry, the device comes with a great handle for easy carrying.

In addition to the cooling unit, it also incorporates a 7-color LED lighting unit. This can come very handy during travel and camping trips, as well as to match the unit with room décor.

The device uses a one-button touch system to deliver fresh, cool air whenever desired. The water tank is of 750ml capacity, and one full tank can run up to 8 hours at a stretch.

Though this personal space air conditioner does not have a rechargeable battery, it can be powered with any USB device – phone, laptop, adapter or a power bank.


This convenient air cooler does not do much except cool, humidify and purify, but whatever it does, it does well! Offering a steady stream of cool air, the device is great for any closed space, including your study, office desk, as well as your camping tent. This can be great for campers to help maintain a steady, cool micro-climate inside your tent (especially during summers).

The device makes use of a special Hydrocooling technique that uses filters to transform regular air into a fresh, cool stream of breeze. The device does not use Freon and other toxic material, and the makers make claims for its low power consumption.

This mini personal air cooler also produces minimal noise, thus making it ideal to use while sleeping. It has three wind speed modes for more comfort and control.


  • Good cooling, steady stream of clean, fresh air
  • Includes 7-color LED lighting unit
  • USB powered – ideal for travel
  • Sleek, light and comfortable handle for carrying
  • Full tank running time of 8 hours
  • Low power consumption and safe (no Freon usage)
  • Three speed options
  • Whisper quiet operation


  • No rechargeable battery

7. Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Simple and minimalistic, the Evapolar mini cooler is highly functional and easy to use!Evapolar evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Would you like a compact, simple, yet highly functional air-conditioner to take along wherever you go? This Evapolar air conditioner is minimal looking, but gets the job done well!

Construction and working

Look-wise, the Evapolar mini air conditioner is an absolute winner. It is sleek and just the right size for campers to take along on their trips, or anywhere else, really.

It has a highly intuitive one-button interface for easy handling. The design of the air cooler is user-friendly as well. In addition to the size and weight, the addition of a handle, a slot for refilling water, and a leakage-free build are what makes the Evapolar air conditioner hassle-free to use. The water tank is of 800ml capacity, which is fairly large in comparison to the air conditioners discussed earlier.

The device is designed to cool, humidify as well as filter out dust from the environment. It is equipped with a paper-like evaporative filter (Eva Breeze), made strictly from non-organic materials to prevent harboring of bacteria and germs.

The Evapolar mini air conditioner has an LED lighting unit as well which can be doubled as a night light. It has three wind-speed modes and easily works on any USB power supply.


Going by the user reviews for this Evapolar unit, the device seems to do a good job of cooling down personal spaces of up to 45 sq. ft. This makes it ideal for small camping tents and personal spaces. The device does not make use of hazardous liquids like Freon, and its makers claim that the device consumes minimum energy.

Its user-friendly design makes it great for both indoor as well as outdoor use, and the intelligent one-button control panel is easy to understand. The large water tank makes refilling process less cumbersome and infrequent, and one full tank lasts for about 9 hours (a whole night).


  • Portable, minimalistic and compact
  • Good cooling effect in a small space
  • Intuitive one-button interface
  • Large tank for long running hours (9 hours running time)
  • Safe filtering system
  • Three-speed mode
  • Low-energy consumption, no-Freon
  • Leak proof design


  • Expensive in comparison with other mini air conditioners

8. Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Here’s a functional, portable unit with some extra nice-to-have features!Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan

The Spantron portable air conditioner unit is designed for easy movability, and generates a good stream of cool air for personal spaces. With some extra good-to-have features, this one is a nice add to your list of summer go-to’s.

Construction and working

The Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan is slightly less compact in comparison with the previous units we discussed, but is highly functional nevertheless.

The device comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charging slot, which makes it ideal for any purpose including travel and camping. It can be readily powered with your mobile phone, laptop, or USB adapter, adding brownie points in terms of portability.

Apart from the cooling and purification/filtering it offers, the device also works as a humidifier. The Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan is great for small spaces such as personal study spaces and camping tents, as it provides a steady stream of cool air in a radius of 3 to 4 feet. There is a convenient three-speed cooling option as well.

The large capacity water tank reduces the hassle of frequent filling. It comes with a filling bottle to prevent spills while filling. Spantron is great design-wise, but the makers advise that the device always be kept upright since it can leak if tipped over.


The Spantron portable air conditioner delivers a steady stream of cool, clean air up to 3 or 4 feet. There is a provision to change the direction of air flow, thus adding more control and usability to its daily use. Three-speed cooling options to readily switch between, adds more comfort and convenience.

Spantron is designed with safety in mind. In addition to purification filters, the unit also features a pair of UV sterilizer lights which help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria on the filters. However, the makers recommend that the device be drained and dried after every use.

In addition to these, there is an additional essential oil diffuser system too. Useful during camping or otherwise, the oil diffuser helps freshen spaces and soothe you wherever you are. An LED lighting system (in multiple colors) is versatile, and can be a good travel companion.


  • Purifies, cools and humidifies
  • Powerful and steady cooling for small spaces
  • Includes essential oil diffuser
  • Includes LED lighting set
  • Includes UV Sterilizer lights
  • Large water tank for less frequent filling
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Comes with rechargeable battery and USB slot for convenient charging


  • Can leak if tipped over

9. Ontel Arctic Personal Air Cooler, White

This powerful little device is brilliant for a quick supply of fresh, cool air!Ontel Arctic Personal Air Cooler, White

If all you need is a little companion that cools air perfectly wherever you go, here is a simple yet powerful air conditioner. It is petite, but can do wonders to freshen things up!

Construction and working

This personal space air conditioner fan is a mini delight to have. It has the perfect size, lightweight, and will sit comfortably wherever you want to place it.

In addition to effective purification, it also humidifies air and cools it. There is a pretty 7-color LED unit that gives out soft, ambient light to help you relax. This lighting unit can be set to auto-cycle mode or turned on/off at just the touch of a button.

Though the device does not feature a rechargeable battery, it has easy and multiple power options like standard wall outlet and USB ports. The provision for USB charging makes it great for travel and camping.


This little air cooler has a powerful system for cooling the surrounding air. It is equipped with three speed options to give you control over the amount of cooling it provides.

It also fares low on energy consumption, and uses no Freon. With its light weight and compact size, it is an absolute delight to take on camping trips and picnics. The makers claim that the device has an ultra-quiet operation making it great for your sleeping with in your camping tent.

The water tank is large enough to last about eight hours, and thus can last the entire night as you sleep in peace without refilling.


  • Compact, light and easily movable
  • Soft ambient 7-color LED lighting
  • Purifies, humidifies, and cools air
  • Multiple power options
  • Three-speed options
  • Low energy usage and uses no Freon
  • Water tank lasts 8 hours


  • No rechargeable battery

10. KUUOTE Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Simple, straightforward and no-fuss – the Kuuote portable air conditioner gets the job done!KUUOTE Portable Air Conditioner Fan

While this one isn’t as sophisticated and fancy as the ones listed above, it serves its purpose well. With excellent cooling capabilities, it sure knows how to get the job done!

Construction and working

Moderate in size, and weighing about 800gms, the Kuuote portable air conditioner is your pick if you would like a no-fuss deal that knows how to cool. While it doesn’t offer fancy add-ons like LED lights among other features, the device offers cooling and humidification.

The air outlet comes with 120 degree adjustability and the device offers three wind speed levels. The device is powered and comes with an external DC adapter.

It features a water tank that can be filled at the device’s rear end, and a water tray to prevent water spillage from the air vents. There is also a water tank lock switch to help avoid leakage.


The Kuuote portable air conditioner offers an impressive level of cooling and humidification. This is great for a family that prefers a simple air conditioner that cools well.

With an ability to run for three to five hours on a full tank, the device fares low on energy consumption. It uses no Freon, and thus is safe and non-toxic.

A water level indicator helps keep one prepared for necessary refills.


  • Good cooling and humidification
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers three wind speed levels
  • 120 degree adjustable wind outlet
  • Includes water level indicator
  • Low energy consumption, no-Freon
  • Water tray to prevent water leakage


  • Basic unit – No add-ons like LED lighting
  • Will leak if tipped over when full

Care and maintenance of your Tent Air Conditioner

Taking care of your tent air conditioner and following regular maintenance tips will go a long way. Here are some tips to help keep your unit in top shape.

  • First and foremost, make sure to read everything on the manufacturer’s label. Religiously follow everything on the manufacturer’s label to ensure the health of your unit.
  • Keep the unit in a clean, dry space, away from dust.
  • Clean the filters regularly. This will help prevent dirt build up which can reduce the cooling capacity of your air conditioner. Follow the manufacturer’s label for information on how to clean the filter specific to your unit. If your unit looks like it is in need of a filter replacement, or if the manufacturer advises periodic replacement of the same, do so without fail.
  • If your portable AC unit is water-refillable, always make sure you drain the water and dry it thoroughly after every use. Never leave a machine unused with water inside the tank.
  • Clean the exterior of the unit once in a while. Dust and dirt build up can cause issues in the long run.
  • Service your tent air conditioner regularly. This can help detect as well as prevent issues in the long run.
  • If your portable air conditioner uses condenser coil, regularly check and inspect if they are in proper working condition.