Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2022 – Complete Guide

You are most probably already aware of what a ceiling fan is, and you probably know that it is a real savior duringTop 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2020 - Complete Guide summer. Ceiling fans are usually made from iron, aluminum, plastic, and other materials. One of the best materials for a ceiling fan is, however, wood.

The main advantage of having wooden blades instead of other types of blades is the fact that wooden ones are much quieter than other models. Thus, making them suitable for bedrooms, or in case you would like to diminish the amount of noise produced by your fan.

If you have already decided to purchase a ceiling fan, keep on reading to find out why wooden fans are the best option for everyone.

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Types of Wooden Ceiling Fans

There are several types of wooden ceiling fans to choose from. Here are the four main types.Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2019

Based on Finishing

The types of wooden ceiling fans, according to their finish, is literary immense. The finishing is an important feature, as it allows you to select the best ceiling fan to fit the overall style of the room and the whole house or flat.

Concerning that, we have rustic wooden fans which suit modern homes and even student dorms. The antique ones fit a more extravagant home, furnished with beautiful old furniture. Contemporary styled wooden fans suit modern homes, and even tropical wooden fans with leaf-shaped blades, for bohemian houses and beach villas.

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Based on Lighting Styles

The diversity of lighting styles for wooden ceiling fans is enormous, just like the diversity of suitable light bulbs. CFL light bulbs are usually preferred by people, as they save more energy than some types of bulbs and have a longer lifespan.

On the other hand, LED bulbs are the best energy-saving option on the market but are more expensive than other types of bulbs. Halogen lights are also suitable for wooden ceiling fans. These can easily be distinguished by the warm light, which makes them perfect for living rooms and dining rooms.

On the Basis of Number of Blades

Depending on the preferred type of blade, one can have different results for different environments. As already mentioned, wooden blades are quieter than other types and prove to be better for bedrooms and a calm environment. What is more, longer blades perform better than shorter ones, but this is not the case for the number of blades.

Based on Controls

There are several control mechanisms to choose from. Some fans are linked to the electric switch which allows you to turn them on or off by simply switching the lamp on. Other types of fans are located in an electrical box that is not controlled by a wall switch and is usually operated by remote control or a pull chain mechanism.Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2019

Advantages of Having a Wooden Ceiling Fan

Style and Elegance

Without any doubt, wooden ceiling fans are much more elegant than any other type of ceiling fan due to the material of the blades. Moreover, they take less space than an air conditioner and can be an excellent addition to the style of a room.

As they take a central space in a room, their style and design are of the utmost importance. Luckily, there are plenty of well-designed ceiling fans with different color and style, which will give your room the finishing touch needed.

Added Comfort

Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans provide you with a cool breeze and are perfect for people with allergies or with a lower immunity who catch colds due to air conditioners quickly. On the other hand, wooden ceiling fans move the air around the room during winter, thus providing an equal distribution of the heat.


A ceiling fan is already a much better decision than an air conditioner due to the lower energy use and lower expenses. However, Energy Star-rated fans are even more energy-efficient. Such fans reduce the work of an air conditioner for cooling the house during summer.

They also foster air circulation during winter, which allows hot air to circle the house and distribute the heat equally. To make it all a bit clearer – ceiling fans could consume up to 70% less energy.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Wooden Ceiling Fan

Indoor or Outdoor Use?Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2019

If you want to purchase a wooden ceiling fan, you must first make it clear in what environment are you going to use it – indoors or outdoors.

The most crucial difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans is the material they are made of. Usually, outdoor fans are made of materials that do not deform or spoil due to the wind, moisture, temperature, and other types of weather conditions.

Therefore, fans with wooden blades are not quite recommended for an outdoor environment, since the wood will rot due to its exposure to rain, snow, wind, sun, and others. They are usually better for an indoor environment.

It is from great importance to use an indoor wooden fan for the indoor area, and an outdoor fan for the outdoor space, due to the danger of getting an indoor ceiling fan wet and thus creating a real fire hazard.

With or Without Light

When it comes to lighting, there are several options available, depending on your personal preferences. One can choose between ceiling fans with uplights, downlights, both, and even fans with no lights at all. This should all be coordinated in accordance with the way a room is going to be used. So, think about that in the first place.

Style and Finishing

Another crucial factor to consider before purchasing a wooden ceiling fan is the style of the fan. Modern ceiling fans can add a more personal and sophisticated touch to a room. Moreover, the immense variety of style options allows you to opt for a fan that would create contrast in your room.

Thus, making this piece of furniture a more distinguishable part of the décor. Alternatively, if you don’t want your ceiling fan to stand out, you can always search for one with a light fixture in color, similar to your walls. It is totally up to you!

Number of Blades

The number of blades varies between three and five blades, depending on the specific model. Usually, the most Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2019common number of blades is four. However, one must note that the number of blades does not play a crucial role in terms of performance.

Fan Size

The size of the fan depends on the length of the blades. One can choose from blades from 30 up to 60 inches long. The length of the blades, however, affects the amount of air moved, as longer blades move more air than shorter ones. Bigger rooms, of course, require two or more fans to be utilized.

Type of Mounting

As wooden ceiling fans are often a massive construction, strong support is required to keep the fan on the spot. Also, allowing the people in the room to enjoy a fresh and stress-free experience. About that, wooden ceiling fans should be mounted to a conventional ceiling light fixture box.

Afterward, they should be securely fixed to framing members or attached to hooks, metal crossbars, or specific types of hangers. As a rule, fans should be installed at a particular height above the ground depending on the size of the room (not less than 7 feet).

Speed Controls

As already noted, there are three main types of speed controls. One can switch on or off their ceiling fan via a remote control, a pull chain mechanism, or via a wall switch. Some remote controls are extremely user-friendly and provide you with an incredible amount of options and programs to choose from and even adjust the speed of the blades automatically.

However, picking the best type of speed control is a personal preference and is not considered a crucial aspect when choosing your wooden ceiling fan.

Energy Rating and Efficiency

Energy rating and efficiency are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a wooden ceiling fan. Especially for people on a tight budget. Since the main advantage of ceiling fans is the fact that they utilize less energy. One can easily compare the energy rate of the different models and select the best option for himself.


Usually, one would prefer a famous brand when purchasing a wooden ceiling fan. However, this is not always the best advice, as some not as renowned brands offer fantastic quality and features for a more reasonable price.


Prices for wooden ceiling fans vary, which makes it quite easy for people on a budget to find a suitable option without spending too much money. Fundamental models can be found for the price of approximately $40-50. However, to get the best quality and the most out of your fan, you should go for options above $100. Prices can reach up to $500-600. However, these models are not quite affordable for an average user.

Top 15 Best Wooden Ceiling Fans in 2022


Name Features Price Rating


Name Material/Features Price Rating
1. Monte Carlo Maverick Dark Walnut Ceiling Fan
Energy-efficient DC motor $$$ 4.8
2. Casa Vieja Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan
60″ blade span $$$ 4.7
Casa Vieja Sleuth Modern Ceiling Fan 3. Casa Vieja Sleuth Modern Ceiling Fan
Variable blade pitch $$$ 4.7
4. Matthews Fan Company Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan
Decora-Style Wall Control $$$ 4.6
5. Minka-Aire Koa Blades Ceiling Fan
17 W Dimmable LED Light Module $$$ 4.6
6. Royal Pacific Lighting Modern Ceiling Fan
3 speed reversible motor $$$ 4.5
7. Rivet Modern Ceiling Fan
Simple assembly in 15-30 minutes $$$ 4.5
8. Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan
ceilings angled 21° to 45° $$$ 4.4
9. Rivet Ceiling Flush Mount Fan
Brushed nickel $$$ 4.3
10. Prominence Home Bali Breeze Ceiling Fan
11. Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan
12. Minka-Aire Rudolph Ceiling Fan
Beautiful distressed Koa finish $$$ 4.1
13. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan
Exclusive Hunter motor technology $$$ 4.0
14. Honeywell Palm Island Tropical Ceiling Fan
4 speed, reversible motor $$ 4.0
15. Honeywell Rustic Ceiling Fans

1. Monte Carlo Maverick Dark Walnut Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Ceiling Fan is a unique ceiling fan specifically designed for damp and patio Monte Carlo Maverick Dark Walnut Ceiling Fanlocations. Coming with an extra-long lead wire to be used with long down rods, this transitional ceiling fan is designed with a sleek silhouette and balsa wood blades which are hand-carved.

Since it has three blade sweeps, whether you are in a great room or cozy room, it will offer you the best airflow for your space. Ideally, it can cover up to 60 inches, 70 inches, and even 88 inches of an area. Moreover, it is available in Grey, Koa, quicksilver, and Rubberized White; hence, you can choose the one that suits you well.

Overall, this wooden ceiling fan is an excellent piece of the art fitted with impressive power, thus making it ideal for any covered or large area.

Blades and Speed

There are blades for wobble-free operation and balanced motor top to make sure that it produces ultra-efficient energy, thus saving up to 6 speed reversible motor. For it to optimally provide air, it has a 13-degree blade pitch.

Also, its soft curve of the hand carve balsa wood blade will maximize the airflow. Plus, its three-blade design and the 60-inch blade will ensure that it has a distinct profile and provide one of the best speeds.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

When it comes to efficiency, its quieter DC produces more torque and power while using 70% less energy. Although this extraordinary ceiling fan is suited for use in both indoors and outdoors, it is meant for sheltered environments such as a covered patio.

Also suited for 350-400 sq. Ft. Rooms that are 20’x 20′ room or more. To further boost its efficiency, it comes with a handheld remote and is available in either matte black housing finish or brushed steel.


  • It looks stunning.
  • As compared to others, it comes with a damp rating.
  • It has a handheld remote that can help boost efficiency.
  • You can use it well in covered outdoor areas such as porches and gazebos.
  • Energy-efficient DC motor.
  • Available in 3 blade sweeps.


  • The fans are made of wood.

2. Casa Vieja Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

If you are shopping for a ceiling fan that’s finished in oil rubbed bronze and solid wood walnut blades then 52″ CasaCasa Vieja Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan is the best option. This ceiling fan is also a damp-rated fan perfect for covered locations.

Its oil-rubbed bronze finished motor paired with solid wood blade finish not only creates a cohesive look and feel but also makes it look smooth and handsome. It also has a motor size of 153 x 18 mm, and a fan size is 52 in 60 in 52 in 52 inches.

Blades and Speed

To offer it the best size it has a 52″ blade span, 9-degree blade pitch including 6″ wide and 2″ high, 6″ down-rod and weighs 14 lbs. Coming with three speeds, namely high, medium, and low, its airflow speed is 5723 Cubic Feet Per Minute.

As compared to others, it also has a manual reverse airflow. With dimensions of 27.2 x 12.9 x 8.5 inches, it can be set to work in maximum speed. More so, you can easily toggle the speed between low, medium, and high.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

Although it’s UL listed for damp locations such as covered patios, unlike others it’s not meant for areas with saltwater exposure and humid climates. It also has a handheld remote control to improve its efficiency.

By using the energy of 62 watts, it provides an airflow efficiency of 103 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt. To make it more efficient, it also comes with a handheld remote control.


  • It moves a lot of air with its speed.
  • It has a handheld remote control.
  • The fan operates quietly with no wobbling at both low and medium speeds.
  • It has a mix of both utility and style


  • It’s not suitable for locations with saltwater exposure or humid climates.
  • Some customers complained that the sensor could fit in the third part mount.

3. Casa Vieja Sleuth Modern Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Sleuth Modern Ceiling Fan is a modern ceiling fan with oil rubbed bronze finish motor with painted koa molded ABSCasa Vieja Sleuth Modern Ceiling Fan blades. This energy-efficient ceiling fan is not only easy to control but also comes with a handheld remote to make it efficient.

If you are looking for that refreshing breeze and style, then this Sleuth LED ceiling fan is the best fan to use. Paired with three painted Koa Finish molded ABS blades and a rich oil rubbed bronze, it has a handsome design.

More so, with its integrated LED downlight, it provides the added advantage of ambient lighting. Weighing 20.2 pounds, the package dimension is 30.3 x 16.3 x 9.9 inches.

Blades and Speed

Coming with four speeds and three molded Abs blades, Its airflow speed is 5062 Cubic Feet Per Minute. Plus, it has a variable blade pitch of 56″ blade span and 188 x 20 mm motor size.

Besides, the blades have a maximum slope of 15 degrees when the canopy is included and a maximum slope of 18 degrees with extra slope and optional adaptor. Since it has a motor size of 188 x 20 mm you can expect it to offer the best speed while running.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

For efficiency and smooth operation, it comes with a handheld remote. Also, with an electricity usage of 53 Watts excluding lights, it has an airflow efficiency of 105 Cubic Feet per Minute per Watt.

To further boost its effectiveness, it comes with manual reverse airflow. More so, it’s integrated with 17 watts LED light and 3000k color temperature. Its overall light output is 1300 lumens as compared to a 75-watt incandescent bulb.


  • It has three silver finish molded ABS blades.
  • It comes with variable blade pitch.
  • Manual reverse airflow.
  • Four speeds hence more airflow.
  • It comes with integrated light.


  • The three-speed remote has not been made well
  • Automated or specialized wall switches can’t control speed.

4. Matthews Fan Company Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Made using cast aluminum and heavy stamped steel, with a textured Bronze finish, this Matthews Outdoor Hugger isMatthews Fan Company Outdoor Hugger Ceiling Fan one of the best ceiling fans out there. Cutting a figure that cannot be compared to any other fan out there, this ceiling mount fan is not only rustic but also strikingly modern as it comes with three neatly joined solid walnut-stained wooden blades.

Although it’s been streamlined it still appearing natural and warm. With its damp location finish, it comes in polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and textured bronze. Its dimensions are Diameter 42″, Height 10″ that’s From Ceiling to Bottom of the Fan Housing, Including 10 inches down rod and Flush Mount Base 7″ Diameter and weight 11 lbs

Blades and Speed

It has three solid wood walnut-stained machine-cut blades measuring 42″, 52″ or 60″ diameter and 42″ Span / 15° Blade Pitch); DC Motor CFM: 3742.69(High Speed). Plus, its reversible DC motor means that it will provide high torque at low speed, thus more excellent airflow with very little energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

As an energy-efficient ceiling fan with six-speed and reversible motor fitted with new reliable technology, it’s extra quiet. It also has 6 speed fan remote control with reverse function. Since it’s suitable for ceilings of heights 7’10” or Greater and ETL approved for damp locations installation is very easy.


  • Very well balanced, smooth, and quiet.
  • It comes with in-wireless wall control.
  • Although it’s a bit expensive, it’s worth the price.


  • It’s a bit expensive as compared to others in the market.

5. Minka-Aire Koa Blades Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Made with a distressed koa body, Minka-Aire F843-DK Protruding Mount is perhaps one of the best indoor fans outMinka-Aire Koa Blades Ceiling Fan there. Measuring 13.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan, this contemporary fan also comes with blade sweep diameter of around 52” with 48° blade pitch and 6″ downrod.

If you are searching for a unique design, then this modern contemporary fan by Minka-Aire has everything that you need. Drawing inspiration from the ocean’s tubular and graceful formations and combining this with its sleek design it has everything that you would need from Minka-Aire. With this ceiling fan, you cannot easily mistake its functionality, design, and convenience.

Blades and Speed

With its three-speed remote control, it means that the power is in your hands. Hence you can control the speed the way you like. You can manage both your cooling and lighting level. Its toque by royal pacific is three-blade 52 inches ceiling modern fan that’s meant for larger rooms.

The torque also has a unique design with wood blades that will significantly improve the style of any room. Measuring 52 x 52 x 11.5 inches, this item also weighs around 14 pounds. It’s, therefore, the perfect bedroom fan with unique and sleek blade design that will offer you comfort all year round.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

To improve its efficiency, it has a three-speed handheld remote with full-range light dimming. Whether you prefer a lower profile or you want to explore the potential of installing it in larger rooms, the optional downrods and design allow you to customize it the way you want.

Downrods are also available in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12 & 3.5″ configurations with 6″ included. If you are looking for a ceiling fan that provides consistent comfort even when you are sleeping, then it’s the best.


  • Its DC motor is energy efficient.
  • For total comfort control, it comes with six speeds.
  • For aesthetic needs, it has a single blade design.
  • Easy to install.
  • High airflow.


  • A little bit wider than expected.
  • It must be installed with downrod.
  • No light kit included.

6. Royal Pacific Lighting Modern Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

If you are looking for unique or modern ceiling fan for larger rooms, then Royal Pacific Lighting 1073OB Torque 3 isRoyal Pacific Lighting Modern Ceiling Fan the most suitable. It has a unique design with wood blades that will significantly improve the style of your space.

Measuring a 52 x 52 x 11.5 inches, this fantastic fan also includes a handheld remote control in the package. If you are shopping for the first time, what will immediately stand out is the look. More so, its quietness and low profile are just suitable for any room.

Blades and Speed

It has 52″ wood blades with a 3-speed reversible motor. Its three speeds are just impressive because even at high mode you will still enjoy plenty of air at a tranquil sound. It also has 60″ blade sweep. With this ceiling fan, you can use a remote control to extend the wood blades to get a 36-inch sweep.

Overall, if you prefer wood blades, then it’s one of the most perfect ceiling fans out there. It will not only deliver a lot of airflow at the correct speed, but you’ll also enjoy the quietness that it brings along.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

The box comes with remote. It also contains directions on using the fan in the best possible manner. As long as you are used to the installation process, you’ll figure it out within no time.

Also, the remote control comes handy, especially when you want to control the speed of the airflow that you want for the room. This means it will provide you with the airflow that you need.


  • It has terrific three speeds that you’ll enjoy using.
  • It comes with a handheld remote control which is an excellent feature for such a ceiling fan.
  • The installation process is straightforward.


  • Its remote is a bit bulky and cheap.
  • It has a separate button to operate light that does not exist in this model.
  • It’s decent but a little bit costly for what you get.

7. Rivet Modern Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Rivet Ceiling Fan is a black modern ceiling fan that has a unique design with eight wooden fan blades, black steel Rivet Modern Ceiling Fanhousing, and a simple LED-illuminated center. As a modern style fan, this fantastic ceiling fan is suitable for medium to large areas.

Measuring 72 x 72 x 9.8 inches and weighing around 19.95 pounds, this ceiling fan is meant for indoor use only. However, if you are not sure about the installation process, it’s better to get a professional.

Blades and Speed

It has a DC motor type, 18 watts integrated LED light and 6-speed full function control. Coming with black steel housing, it has around eight black wood blades. More so, for you to control the speed in a better manner, you can use the reverse button on the remote.

Although it can take some time to balance the fan, once you are done, everything works quite well. Although after powering it might have a little delay on the speed, in the long run, everything works just well.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

As an indoor-only fan, this fan is the best one if you are looking for excellent energy efficiency. Since it’s meant for indoors, it’s advisable to use it in medium or large rooms. It also comes with its remote control to make it easy for you to control. More so, as compared to other fans out there, it moves more air thus more efficient. Overall, if you are searching for a good ceiling fan, it’s one of the best.


  • As compared to other it moves more air.
  • It’s light and easy to install.
  • Even on the highest setting, it’s hushed.


  • The LED light glows even when it’s off.
  • The blades are made of light wood materials.
  • The sensor is a bit big.

8. Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Designed with oil rubbed bronze body, Minka-Aire F1000-ORB is a unique ceiling fan that has been crafted with fiveMinka-Aire Ceiling Fan medium maple blades and reversible dark walnut.

Although it requires a bond hub to work with Alexa, it includes 17 Watt dimmable LED light module in an Etched lens light with an incandescent equivalent or equal to almost 75 Watts. It measures 12.5 inches from the ceilings to the bottom of the fan, including 3.5 downrod. This contemporary fan also has a handheld remote control.

Blades and Speed

Although it has a three-speed handheld remote control, it does not include a manual reverse switch on the motor. Apart from this, it has a blade sweep diameter of 52 inches with 12 degrees Blade pitch.

With its 52 inch blades, it will generally provide you with a look that can define any room or space. It will add style and flair that will leave your guests inquiring where they can get one.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

Generally, its unique and modern style blade design can be used to move air in almost any room. Nonetheless, it also adds some versatility and sleekness to any living space. To provide efficient and soft visual aesthetic, it has dimmable LED lights that also eliminate the constant replacement of bulbs.

This means if you are looking or a ceiling fan that’s easy to install and a great addition to your home, you should not look further but choose this one. Irrespective of the time of the year you’ll get the kind of comfort that you want. You can customize it the way you want if you wish to install it in larger rooms or you are looking for low profile design.


  • It’s a beautiful fan.
  • It offers you great value.
  • It’s quite easy to install.
  • As compared to others, it’s relatively quiet.


  • The remote transmitter is a bit big.

9. Rivet Ceiling Flush Mount Fan

Size and Looks

Rivet Modern Remote Control AC Motor is a beautiful modern ceiling fan that features medium of lights kept inside Rivet Ceiling Flush Mount Fana steel cylinder with a brush nickel finish. To give it striking aesthetic, it’s surrounded with three dark maple-finished wooden blades.

Measuring 52″W x 52″ D x 7.6″H and weighing 13.5 pounds, this is a modern style fan with an exquisite casual feel. Since it’s a bit complicated if you are not sure, it’s good to invite a professional to help you with the installation processes.

Blades and Speed

Apart from its 3-speed full-function remote control it also has 18 watts integrated LED light. It also has three dark maple-finished wooden blades. Although at low and medium speed its relatively quiet when you set it at high speed it may start to rattle.

Coming with only three blades, it’s quite a beautiful and a modern-looking fan. There are a lot of things that you’ll like about it such as the blades look like something of World War II aircraft.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

Just like other models out there, it’s only meant for indoor use. Since it comes with a handheld remote, you will not have to touch or pull the switch if you want to change the speed or want to turn on the light.

You can handle all these using the remote control. More so, if you turn off the power switch, it will still remember the settings when you put it on next time. So, you won’t have to set it up again. Overall, it’s a great fan that comes in a tiny package.


  • A sharp-looking fan.
  • It comes with bright lighting.
  • It comes with 18 watts integrated LED light.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has a super low profile as compared to other fans.
  • You get value for your money.
  • Extra wire caps and screws.
  • Produces air quietly


  • It comes with vague instructions.
  • The light dimming feature on the remote is a bit hard to use.

10. Prominence Home Bali Breeze Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Long gone are the days of plain ceiling fans. Though they’re still used for the same function, modern fans have Prominence Home Bali Breeze Ceiling Fanamazing and customizable features that make their older counterparts appear dull. A great example of a gorgeous and practical modern fan is the Prominence Home Bali Breeze Fan.

This beauty has a charming design with a bronze finish. It features custom hand-carved leaf blades that will add a touch of elegance to your space.

The blades are made from basswood. They are lightweight. Plus, they look rustic and classy.

Not only that. The Bali breeze fan has Tuscan sand glass fixtures for your light bulbs. The attractive fans and lightbulb fixtures make it a great focal point in any room.

Additionally, this fan is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, making it easy to control.   To benefit from this, you must buy a Bond Home Smart Hub.

It measures 52 inches by 19.5 inches. And it weighs 17 pounds.

Blades and Speed

The Prominence Bali Breeze ceiling fan has five blades. It also has a reversible motor that runs quietly. Using its remote control, you can choose from three speeds and control the light bulbs.

In the cold winter months, run the fan in reverse to ensure that the warm air circulates evenly. During the cold season, warm air remains at the top of your room. Combining your air conditioner and a fan will ensure your room stays warm.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

The Bali Breeze fan is great for rooms that are about 350-450 square feet. It is energy efficient and is ideal for indoor spaces. It will add a hint of tropical charm to your space.

Additionally, it has a 3-position wood mount. You may choose a close-mount, downrod, or angled mount. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions that make installation a breeze.


  • Quiet and reversible motor
  • Durable hand-carved leaf blades
  • Comes with remote control
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


  • Does not have pull cords
  • Has a slight hum

11. Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

What comes to mind when you hear the word tropical? Do you think of cool climates with gorgeous leafy palm trees? Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical Ceiling FanWell, the Honeywell Sabal Palm Tropical ceiling fan aims to bring some tropical ambiance into your home.

With its leaf blades and a sunset bowl light, this ceiling fan will make your home feel cool and relaxing. Its island look will make your summers feel like a tropical vacation.

It has a beautiful bronze finish. And the blades are hand-crafted to add a unique style to your home that all your guests will love.

Better still, the Honeywell Sabal Palm has Tuscan stained glass that adds to the warm tropical features. The fan diameter measure 52 inches. It weighs 18.45 pounds and has a maximum height of 19.5 inches.

You can mount it in either of 3 configurations: close-mount, angled, and downrod. It comes with a 4-inch downrod.

Furthermore, you can install light bulbs to produce a warm, soft glow. With its gorgeous blades, this tropical fan looks like a beautiful piece of artwork right in your space. You may not stop looking at it.

Blades and Speed

With its 52-inch blades, the Honeywell Palm fan is perfect for medium to large spaces of about 350-450 square feet. It has five blades that move air around quietly.

With three different speeds and a reversible motor, this fan ensures you’ll be comfortable in every season. It has an airflow capacity of 5038 CFM. This ensures that it will keep you fresh in the summer. And you can run it in reverse to stay warm in the winter.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

This tropical palm ceiling fan is great for indoor spaces. But you can also try it on your porch and still experience a cool breeze.

The fan connects to an AC power source. And at 66 wats is considered energy saving. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Unique tropical design
  • Quiet and reversible motor
  • Sturdy hand-carved leaf blades
  • Compatible with Honeywell ceiling fan remote control


  • Its pull chains are 4” long which some may find short
  • Some find the 40-watt bulbs dim

12. Minka-Aire Rudolph Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Looking for a fan that has a mix of traditional and modern styles? Then, the Minka-Aire Rudolf might be the fan for Minka-Aire Rudolph Ceiling Fanyou. It adds a perfect dash of contemporary style to any space.

The Rudolph fan is designed to deliver form and function in your home or small office.  This ceiling fan has a gorgeous distressed Koa finish that makes it fit right it into any room.

Additionally, it features three distressed Koa blades that glide effortlessly to bring comfort into your home. Plus, you can customize the look of your fan. There’s a 6-inch rod included so your fan can hang lower in rooms with high ceilings. Its total height is 10.43 inches. It’s 52 inches long and weighs 3.5 pounds.

Better yet, it has a sturdy solid construction that guarantees that it will serve you for a long time.

Blades and Speed

The Minka-Aire Rudolph fan has the advantage of running powerfully yet quietly. Its 52-inch blades move air efficiently to keep your room cool and comfortable.

You’ll have the option of choosing between 3 speeds. It has an air control that allows you to select your desired cooling level. Plus, it has an airflow of 6664.63 CFM, and the motor speed is reversible.

Note that the speeds work backward with level 1 being the highest and level 4 being the lowest. Some people find this reverse feature a bit annoying. But with time, you’ll get used to it.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

You can enjoy this powerful ceiling fan in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or in a little office. It also works great on the porch.

Additionally, it comes with an electric cord and wall control. It consumes power efficiently. Installation is simple, but you can work with an electrician for the best results.


  • Reversible quiet motor
  • Beautiful distressed Koa finish
  • Comes with two extension rods


  • No lifetime warranty (1-year warranty)
  • No light kit included

13. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

The looks may not impress many, but this Hunter ceiling fan can impress. Its brushed nickel color makes it appear Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fanbland. The housing for the light comes with a steel finishing. This ceiling fan is equipped with an 800 lumen LED that illuminates a wide area.

The speed control is as good as its pair of pull chains hanging from the downrods provide. The Hunter ceiling fan comes with downrods measuring about 2” and 4” in length which puts some distance between the ceiling and the blades.

Blade and Speed

This hunter ceiling comes with three wooden blades. The blade span of about 36” gives the ceiling fan its compact size, which makes it the perfect fit for small spaces. With natural wood blades, you are less likely to worry about damage from moisture, but the durability might be an issue.

The 13-degree angle of the blade results in improved airflow regardless of its compact dimension. Besides the angling of the blade, the Whisperwind motor delivers more airflow without an adjoining increase in noise generated. The fan has three different speed settings, which can be adjusted using the pull chain.

Energy Efficient and Preferable Environment

It’s no longer the case of switching off the fan during the winter season as this Hunter unit’s motor supports a change in the direction of airflow to match the weather. By regulating the route of the air within the room, excessive heating during the winter season is minimized.

The motor is excellent at ensuring good airflow with this fan. But it performs even better at energy efficiency. So, you don’t have to worry about a massive energy bill when using this ceiling fan. The diminutive nature of the fan blades makes them suitable for rooms with not enough space. It breathes life into the phrase ‘less is more’.

The 800-lumen LED light provides lighting in the room, so you’d save more on your energy bills by using only this Hunter ceiling fan. If you are looking for a fan to improve airflow in your room without adding noise to the equation, this Hunter fan could be precisely that.


  • Impressive airflow
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan
  • Near-noiseless operation
  • Great for different seasons
  • Great for small spaces


  • Pull chain is noisy to operate
  • Installation can be tiresome

14. Honeywell Palm Island Tropical Ceiling Fan

Size and Looks

Looking for a truly stylish ceiling fan? This Honeywell fan is worth looking at. Ignore the claim of being hand-carved Honeywell Palm Island Tropical Ceiling Fanbasswood blades as these are made of Polyvinyl Chloride – a plastic polymer, but it’s lightweight and robust.

It can be mounted in three different styles, and its 4” downrod is compatible with these distinct forms. Depending on the nature of your ceiling, this is something you would find helpful.

The combination of its sandstone color and palmetto blade finish will surely improve the appeal of your home aesthetically. The blade housing is made of steel, which raises the durability of the ceiling fan.

Blade and Speed

More blades don’t always translate to more airflow, but this Honeywell ceiling fan works differently. The blades explore the toughness and lightweight nature of its PVC makeup to guarantee an improvement in durability.

The five blades are flattened, so power requirement doesn’t leave the motor burnt out. This ceiling fan has a blade span of 52”. The 14.3” max distance from the ceiling is rather high. With a 12-degree blade pitch for each of the five blades, airflow should be impressive.

Unfortunately, you might have to tweak the blades to make this happen. The ceiling fan has three-speed settings for alternating the speed of the blade movement, and this change is possible using the pull string provided.

Energy Efficiency and Preferable Environment

This ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor, which powers the blades flawlessly. The fan can be made consonant with the weather just by adjusting the blade, and such an arrangement can help in warming your home during the cold.

This ceiling fan isn’t desired for small spaces as indicated by its five blades. However, the variable mounting improves its adaptability to whatever ceiling kind you might have. It’s worthy of note that the fan can’t be flush mounted which reinforces its non-compatibility with small rooms.

It can be used indoors and within any covered platform. Its damp rating says a lot about its resistance to heat and humidity. The structure of the blade and the nature of the motor help the fan stay energy efficient. The working fan isn’t noisy despite the number of blades.


  • Looks good
  • Noiseless
  • Variable mount positions


  • Design flaws

15. Honeywell Rustic Ceiling Fans

Size and Looks

If looks were the only criteria for picking a ceiling fan, this unit would go beyond just making the cut. Considering itHoneywell Rustic Ceiling Fans comes from the Honeywell stead, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The blade color varies with the side – one side is a darker brown than the other.

Just beneath the blade is the mesh drum which holds three sets of smart bulbs. The drum is made of steel to keep it durable. The motor is housed in a bronzed colored surround. While this ceiling fan comes with a 4” downrod, it can be mounted in three different ways. This makes it compatible with varying types of ceiling.

The smart bulbs can have their brightness altered if you only issue a command. The ceiling fan comes with a remote control device so you can change the speed of the revolving blades.

Blade and Speed

This ceiling fan has five blades with a blade span of 52” – it’s excellent for both average-sized and large rooms. The 13.7” distance between the ceiling and the blade in a downrod supported setup is good enough to deliver quality airflow.

This Honeywell ceiling fan has three-speed settings for a variable blade speed. You don’t have to pull any ‘strings’ to adjust the speed, as the unit comes with a remote control. Thus, providing you with the freedom to operate the ceiling fan from anywhere within the limiting range.

Energy Efficiency and Preferred Environment

This Honeywell ceiling fan is equipped with a reversible motor. This is great for different weather conditions. With 3 LED smart bulbs, this ceiling fan provides lighting in addition to improved airflow.

The intensity of the bulbs can be varied, which is excellent, especially during situations that would require light of low magnitude. You can control the intensity of the smart bulbs using devices like Alexa and Hub through voice commands.

The dry rating of this appliance indicates it’s not to be used outdoors, but you can always decide to do the reverse. The flexibility of the ceiling fan’s mounting options expands the places where you can use this unit.


  • Silent operation
  • Great appearance
  • Smart ceiling fan


  • Difficult to install